Skyrim’s ‘Dragonborn’ DLC Confirmed for PlayStation 3

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Skyrim Dragonborn PlayStation 3 Release

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim DLC is finally coming to the PlayStation 3. Over a year after critics hailed its multiplatform release, over six months after Xbox 360 audiences fought (or became) vampires with Dawnguard and three after they furnished homes with Hearthfire, and over two months after Bethesda appeared at an impasse with downloadable content for Sony’s consoles (the two teaming up even seemed futile), it was announced by the studio today that Dragonborn, the third iteration of Skyrim DLC, will be available to PC and PlayStation 3 owners in early 2013.

Venturing to the province of Morrowind, perhaps on the wings of its newly mountable dragons, Xbox 360 owners of Skyrim will be suiting up with Dragonborn as early as tomorrow, December 4th, when the content can be downloaded over Xbox Live for 1600 Microsoft Points ($20).

Presumably it was just the right time, then, for the official Bethesda blog to reveal that they won’t soon be alone:

“We’re also happy to announce Dragonborn will be available on PS3 and PC early next year.”

We had our first inkling that Dragonborn was PS3-bound this October, when decoded patch files outing the DLC’s existence made reference to an update for the console’s compatibility. A month later, shortly after its Dragonborn trailer landed, Bethesda teased that new Skyrim content for the system was “close.” If close is a 30-day, limited-360-exclusive waiting window, then it appears as though both reports carried every semblance of truth.

And while the dates might not be solid, they’re concrete compared to what PlayStation 3 owners are accustomed to: Dawnguard‘s ongoing technical follies, Hearthfire’s outright disinterest, and Bethesda’s indirect communication regarding both. While the PS3 future of the aforementioned two remains unclear, we’re hoping today’s announcement means that a door has been opened, that the studio can now finally offer support to its entire spectrum of Skyrim users, regardless of how refractory their hardware may be.

Furthermore, Bethesda did go on to say that Dragonborn wasn’t the end of the line for new Skyrim content. As with Dragonborn on the PlayStation 3, however, the details won’t be arriving until next year. But in either case, Skyrim’s legacy hardly seems finished, and if the sizeable scope of tomorrow’s DLC is any indication, neither are we.

Ranters: Better late than never, or too little, too late — how would you phrase Skyrim DLC finally arriving on the PlayStation 3?

Dragonborn will be available for download for 1600 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE on December 4, with PC and PS3 versions expected in early 2013.

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Source: Bethesda Blog

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  • fanofgames

    So is it morrowind and solstheim or just solstheim?

    • Kholdstare89

      Just Solstheim.

  • Charlieholmes

    As an Xbox owner and avid addictee to Skyrim, all I can say is, thank god! Why any company would not want to give every platform the same content to allow everybody to equally experience everything their product has to offer is beyond me! That said though, I am getting sick and tired of different content for pre-orders, time exclusives for anybody, and the console makers trying to create a monopoly for their systems!! As for the game company execs who are usually complete morons, you can decide against this crap business model and do the right thing for consumers. I know I know, it’s the all mighty chase of the dollar but at some point consumers are going to get pissed off, as in this case with Skyrim, and really will boycot any of your future products meaning your bottom line will be taking a Big F’ing hit. I can’t imagine a creative artist of anything would ever really want to limit whom their audience is. But I am sure it’s probably business execs who are mucking up this form of entertainment and quite possibly going to take it, if it continues, in a direction that will cost them much more in the future then the gain they are getting in the short term.

  • Matt

    I’ll believe it when I see it. They seem confident that they can get Dragonborn to work on PS3, but not Dawnguard. Inconsistent and unreliable.

    • Marc Glave

      This is exactly what I was thinking. I was also hoping that we could at least get one of the other DLCs while we wait for “early 2013″.

    • Dovahkiin

      They have said things like this many times before…

  • Daniel Carlson

    hmm well if it pans out hooray! bout effing time. if not.. meh

  • David

    Playing on the PC, it’s not fun to wait for XBOX exclusivity windows to expire. Still I have it much better than PS3 users who are really getting the short end of the stick. I sometimes wonder if the money Bethesda/Zenimax got from Microsoft for XBOX timed exclusivity is paying for the development of the DLC we are getting, it makes little business sense to pass on sales of DLC over the christmas holiday season otherwise, and some people will have little money left for such DLC to start the new year.

  • bleeples

    Damn I was hoping for more crybaby Sony kids.

    • Tremeos

      I’m a PS3 user and I could care less. The core experience was worth the purchase price (even with the bugs). I wasn’t planning on purchasing DLC and even if I was, none of them seem worth the time to me. I have no interest in a “vampire” experience and Hearthfire seems more like something that should have been included with the core game.

      Dragonborn might be worth while, but I’m gonna wait for reviews and videos of people playing it first before buying.