Skryim: ‘Dragonborn’ DLC Trailer Travels to Morrowind on a Dragon

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Bethesda – much like BioWare – can’t keep a secret when it comes to DLC. We’ve known about every piece of additional Mass Effect 3 single-player and multiplayer content before the officially unveilings and the same goes for the expansions for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

First there was ‘Dawnguard‘ expansion which told the story of Lord Harkon, the ruler of the Volkihar Vampire clan who players could join or fight against with the Dawnguard hunters. Then there was the minor ‘Hearthfire‘ addition which let players build their own home and family. Now it’s time to return to the franchise roots with ‘Dragonborn.’

Bethesda just revealed the first official trailer for the next Skyrim expansion and like the DLC before it, there’s little room for surprise thanks to savvy gamers who found very revealing code hidden in the source files for the 1.8 update. That doesn’t take away from the satisfaction of seeing a variety of widely desired features added to the core game experience finally, including a return to the fan-favorite land of Morrowind from The Elder Scrolls III – A game that many of us on Game Rant still believe to be the best in the series.

Watch the trailer up top – here are the highlights:

  • Environments and objects from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
  • A Dragon Priest
  • Bonemold armor!
  • Silt Striders!
  • Dragon Mounts!
  • Mounted enemies


Skyrim DLC Dragonborn Teaser

Ever since PC gamers were able to disable clipping and travel through the invisible walls on the outskirts of Skyrim and all the way to the empty modeled lands of Vvardenfell and Cyrodiil, we’ve suspected that Skyrim’s “substantial” DLC add-ons would eventually let players travel beyond Tamriel’s northern borders, since Bethesda very intentionally put those assets in the game for future use. Dragonborn may then just be the first step in a long-line of environmental expansions. At least, we hope that’s the case.

With this content adding even more features we’ve seen teased by Bethesda’s developers and even built by the community via mods, what can Bethesda do next to improve the core game experience in addition to added story-based missions?

More importantly, what would you like to see from the next Elder Scrolls game?

Dragonborn will be available for download for 1600 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE on December 4.

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  • Gooch

    coming to the ps3 never!

    • Dovahkiin

      Hey, just heard the release date for the ps3 version of this, Never nth two thousand Never. yay im going to hold my breth, stare at a bethesda logo, and hope it explodes.

      • bio

        As long as you guys read up on why its takeing so long for dawnguard to come out on the ps3 I wont complain about the complaining.

  • Chris

    Whaaaat?! The first Dragonborn ever is the bad guy?

    That’s a sick-awesome plot. I’m officially excited

  • brandon

    Thank God I have a 360. I still feel sorry for the PS3 users. Dawnguard was awesome, and this looks like it will be even better.

    Gonna go to GAMESTOP today and Ill be pre-ordering this (at least 1600 MSP).

    • Rob Keyes

      Ya, it’s a shame.

      Not a big fan of timed exclusives on diff platforms, but the bugs behind the Skyrim PS3 port have been troublesome since the get-go.

      • brandon

        For how HUGE Skyrim is (and its getting bigger and bigger, if we get to go to Morrowind) bugs are to be expected.

        But it sucks for PS3 users, I feel bad for them, maybe playing this DLC the day it comes out in honor of them will make me happy? 😉

      • Jeff

        On one hand, I hate timed exclusives. On the other, I’ll be enjoying the millions of mods while the xbox users get another beta version. I look forward to the PC release of the non-bugged-to-hell version of Dragonborn.

  • kyle coley

    i hear a new song

  • Matt

    Looks epic! Good thing it won’t release on PS3! 😀

  • guitardz

    1:09 is that Red Mountain?

    • brandon

      OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!


    • Styled

      Not at 1:09, that looks like throat of the world, there’s no snow on the island of Morrowind.
      At 1:05 (behind the little shit on the boar) is def the red mountain.

      • bigice164

        if u look really close like i did it is high Hrothgar.

  • Jak Frost

    sucks to have skyrim on playstation lol

  • Son of Prometheus

    The Dragonborn Trailer was EPIC 😀 It was like seeing Neo be in conflict with the First One! I am really looking foward to this. Bethseda could make a movie out of this story if they wanted too.