‘Skyrim’s’ ‘Dragonborn,’ ‘Hearthfire’ & ‘Dawnguard’ Finally Confirmed for February PS3 Release

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Bethesda can never completely whitewash the legacy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s DLC on the PlayStation 3 — the obfuscation and frustration brought on by months of development latency; a myriad of struggles and mysteries (which weren’t entirely of the company’s own doing); and a lacking, even misleading level of communication with anxious fans (which kind of was).

But they can build on it. Bethesda began setting the stage for post-release Skyrim content on the PS3 late last year when they confirmed Dragonborn, the game’s second and most recent expansion, for an “early 2013″ release and promised it would be followed shortly by Dawnguard and Hearthfire. Today the developer validated that promise, revealing the month of February as the release window for all three.

Posting on their official blog, Bethesda announced February 5th as Dragonborn’s PC release date on Steam, adhering to the Xbox 360’s  month-or-maybe-two exclusivity net. While no specific dates were mentioned with regard to the PlayStation 3, Bethesda says that Dragonborn will be February’s first release, followed by Hearthfire and then Dawnguard within same month. Skyrim update 1.8 will precipitate the process, appearing for download “just prior to Dragonborn.”


And so the wait will be over. Ending a process that began when Dawnguard released on the Xbox 360 last June, PS3 owners will finally be au courant with Skyrim DLC — and (let’s hope) ready for whatever might still remain in the Bethesda reservoir (Redguard?).

That Bethesda persisted through what had to be an arduous ordeal — the developer, even with Sony’s aid, appeared gridlocked in getting DLC to run on the PS3 last September — is quite admirable. It says a lot, even with the fair criticism that they said little. The only question lingering now is how large a market still exists for Skyrim content on the platform: Is the PlayStation 3, over a year later, still teeming with Tamriel adventurers? Or is its Skyrim user base as dwindling and desolate as Dawnguard’s Soul Cairn, a few ethereal stragglers wandering the premises confused about why they were forsaken?

Skyrim PS3 DLC Releasing february

Either way, though, the old adage of better late than never probably applies here. As our reviews for Dawnguard (3.5 out of 5), Hearthfire (3 out of 5), and Dragonborn (4.5 out of 5) illustrate, Skyrim’s post-release content has treated Xbox 360 owners amiably since its November 2011 debut — the Morrowind-venturing latest also being the greatest while the nadir was a non-sequiting home-building add-on. Assuming the content is running smoothly, there’s nowhere left to go but forward.

PS3 owners, will you be occupying yourself with Skyrim’s DLC when it bombards the month of February?

Be sure to check back with us when Bethesda outlines the official dates.

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Source: Official Bethesda Blog

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  • Marc

    Finally. I’ve been waiting on this. My only question is, will the dragonbone weapons be available in Dragonborn for PS3 users, since they were introduced in Dawnguard? Here’s hoping.

  • Bobby

    Still probably won’t download any of them until March once other people have found most of the devastating bugs it will no doubt ship with.

  • AJ

    All PS3 users deserve to have all of these DLCs for free. If not all at least Dawnguard since we’ve been waiting 6 months for it. We need something in exchange for all that waiting we did.

    • yodarlz

      I wouldn’t say free for all of them, but definitely half off for Dawnguard and Hearthfire. Maybe a little off Dragonborn, because it hasn’t been out for TOO long. Maybe 20-25 percent off.

      • mackaveli96

        They will be all 50% off so that means estimated at best that Hfire($2.49), Dawnguard($9.99), and Dragonborn($14.99). This just estimate I don’t know for sure but what I seen so far.

    • xmisfit666s

      all 3 are going to be 50% off when they hit the stores, bethesdas blog already said that, and why sould any of us get it for free???…its not like you went through any hardship to get it, just because they have had problems getting it to everyone doesnt mean they owe anyone anything, you diddnt pay for the dlc yet, so you dont have any sort of valid complaint about the price, were finaly getting it, and at 50% off when they release, so get over it

    • mackaveli96

      They will be all 50% off so that means estimated at best that Hfire($2.49), Dawnguard($9.99), and Dragonborn($14.99). This just estimate I don’t know for sure but what I seen so far.

  • clown baby

    and after today and yesterdays maitnence we deserve something free

    • B


  • http://bryantann.weebly.com Bryan

    I think I am going to stick with my plan of waiting for the Game of the Year edition. As far as getting it for PS3 or not again, I don’t know. I repurchased Oblivion for X-Box, I will probably keep my Elder Scrolls visits to one system.

  • Brandon

    Got bored of Skyrim long before any DLC came out. Though I wouldn’t have bought any DLC anyway, it was disappointing that PS3 had so many glitches followed by the content delay. I traded mine in and haven’t looked back.

  • Ryuhza

    Dragonborn and Dawnguard are both priced at what translates to $20.00 on the Xbox store, so both will be $10.00 during release week.

  • forget bethesda

    Bethesda can suck it.
    if its not free, I won’t pay for something that A: was 6 months late
    B: something that was worked out for a substandard system first.
    Microsoft sux and if I have to pay for dlc for skyrim I WILL trade in every single bethesda game I own and will never,NEVER buy anything from them again.