Microsoft Talks Exclusive DLC; Announces Skyrim Timed Exclusives

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Elder Scrolls Skyrim DLC Xbox 360 Timed Exclusive

Breaking: New horse armor will be first available on Xbox 360!

Microsoft just announced that DLC for what may be the most anticipated game of the year, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, will first show up exclusively on the Xbox 360 as a timed exclusive, further emphasizing company’s push towards gaining the competitive advantage in multi-platform triple-A games.

Just like we saw with the expansions for Grand Theft Auto IV and the overpriced DLC of Call of Duty, Microsoft is bringing their A-Game in getting a head start on additional content for the industry’s biggest multi-platform titles and we’re not surprised by this news of their partnership with Bethesda for Skyrim in the slightest.

A week ago, Microsoft’s Chris Lewis told Eurogamer of their goals with signing deals with major publishers to bring content to the Xbox 360 platform first, as a way to entice PS3 owners who also have an Xbox 360 to make a favorable purchasing decision.

“They are important. DLC windows of exclusivity are critical for us for differentiation. We’ll continue to bring those exclusives through our own studio work, Gears and Forza and other titles.

We’re also pretty confident the cross-platform experience is better on Xbox. We enjoy great success with Call of Duty. Live is the oxygen that runs through our business. The experience users have through Xbox Live is a fundamental differentiator for us versus other platforms. FIFA is another one. Certainly here in Europe football is a religion. Our ongoing commitment to experiencing better and playing better on Xbox is partly a function of what we do with Xbox Live.”

Whether or not timed exclusives are good for the industry can be debated forever – Why should some gamers get access to something before others if they pay the same retail price on the same day? But it’s a business-minded reality that’s not going away. Lewis continues, explaining their expanding network of publishing partners:

“We have good, healthy partnerships with all the publishers around the globe, now,” Lewis said. “Over the last 10 years those have developed and they like the momentum we have. It’s hard to trivialise 55 million units out there. Everyone loves the install base. We did grow 20 per cent last year in Europe. We want to grow even more this coming year. If you think where we are in the life cycle that’s a fairly unusual ambition at this time.

Our publishers, they see that, they see that ambition, they know how much money we’re going to spend. They know the depth of the partnerships. They love the technology. And they understand we want to differentiate ourselves through DLC or the beauty of the integration across the different device types that we have and are uniquely placed to be able to offer versus our very good quality competition.”

For a company so inclined to offer the best experience for multi-platform titles, it’s a wonder why they bring fail to the issue of cross-platform play, brought to light with Valve offering Portal 2 and the upcoming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with the ability to join Steam and play against PC gamers from the PS3. In that instance, PS3 players are getting motion control support as well as support for keyboard and mouse place which Xbox 360 will not have.

As for the Skyrim DLC, there’s no word on what the DLC will entail, what form it will take or how much they will retail for, but we know the deal will cover the first two add-ons for the game and that each will be timed for 30 days. We never really enjoy hearing about DLC beforehand because it means they’re working on content that’s intentionally being left out of the main game, but Skyrim is a big province with plenty of quests to explore so there’s no reason to complain here… Unless of course, this DLC is overpriced cosmetic stuff like Oblivion’s infamous horse armor rip-off.

To see what we do know is in the game, check out our gallery of playable character screenshots, close-ups of preset faces from the Skyrim character creator and most recently, the inclusion of same-sex marriage in the game.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim releases November 11, 2011 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Sources: Eurogamer

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  • Kieran

    😀 finally a good reason to use when i get slagged off for using the xbox 360 over pc

  • AverageJoe

    Even more reason to hate Microsoft. They get time exclusives and bitch when their competitors get timed exclusives’ by threatening publishers about not allowing their game on live if their competitors get timed exclusives. But then again I can see why they are doing this, they practically have no market in Japan anymore and they need some type of advantage.

  • ATG

    A prime example that not all industry competition benefits the gamer. EA being number one with this! Lol

  • cellChaos

    It’s not personal, it’s business.

  • J.C. Reeves

    I don’t expect to need DLC for Skyrim anytime soon, but it’s a cool bonus of buying the Xbox 360 version.

  • Nofxmike06

    Power corrupts.

  • z

    Ok…I’m a gamer but maybe I’m missing something. Why is this a big deal? You wait 30 days. Why is that such a problem? If I was addicted to gaming maybe it would be a problem but why not wait 30 days to buy the game then have your DLC instantly and in the mean time play the other games you still have that you haven’t finished? Why do you have to have any DLC the day it comes out? It’s always going to be there. Relax…take a downer. Smoke some weed and chill out if you have too. Skyrim is a huge game. Why do you HAVE to have DLC right out of the gate? There’s tons of regular gameplay you can do until the DLC comes out.

    If the ps3 gets DLC a month sooner than the 360…so what. Never understood what the big deal was with this stuff. It’s only a month. It reminds me of two little 7 year olds that want an ice cream cone. One gets their cone and the other one is crying because they have to wait 5 minutes. Again, I am a gamer. I’m not addicted but I’m not a casual gamer. Maybe I don’t understand because I’m not addicted. Every time I read something about this it reminds me of immature kids whining about “he got his first(whaling crying on the floor).”

    People have no patience at all. Looks like drive thru McDonalds did more damage than I thought.

  • Time Lincoln

    Why? I feel more and more like Bethesda is catering to the console gamers, and casual gamers with every release, its been a PC game since the begging, and I’m not trying to be a PC elitist here (even though i am) but it sucks having to wait for DLC when Xbox gets it first because they buy people out. its really stupid, but that’s my opinion. But by the time it does come out, and here’s where my PC elitism comes in, ill have had far more enjoyment with all the mods that have come out for the PC version.

    • orian

      pc gamers don’t need dlc u can make Ur own with the creation kit if anyone has a right to complain its console gamers we don’t have that luxury and not everyone can afford the high end pc it takes just to play the game

  • Nuck Chorris

    I agree with ‘z’, i played OBLIVION (for the PS3) for 2 years, never getting bored. I got Shivering Isles after that even though it had already been out a year, i didn’t mind because it was a huge game, and yapping about 30 days about DLC is senseless. The only 30 days to be worried about is if Skyrim is delayed, i bet you’d rather wait for the DLC then. Or maybe you’d rather go back to the old PS3 days in which Bethesda gave us no DLC outside of Shivering Isles (Which was only in the store for a month) but i had to uy it as a disk. At least Bethesda are giving PSN DLC in this installment of the Elder Scrolls, and possibly even downloadable Mods via steam. Just be happy to be getting Skyrim and DLC, or don’t get it at all if you’re going to lose sleep over it. 50 days to Skyrim!!!

  • Nuck Chorris

    Sorry for that big chunk of text (Which of course had a few spelling mistakes), but i typed that (and this) on my PS3.
    I sent it as i would a message, so have fun reading that bih wall of text that dwarves the rest. 😛

  • Mardigan

    microsoft has the money to burn to try and keep the 360 on the playing field especialy after the HD war and loosing.

  • Solamon77

    Not a big deal. The PC is still the best place to play Skyrim. I can’t even imagine this game without mods.