Skyrim: Guide to Dawnguard’s Dragonbone Weapons

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Dragonbone Weapons Guide

Dragonbone Weapons Guide With the first expansion for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim releasing this week as Dawnguard became available on Xbox Live (timed 3o-day Microsoft exclusive), there are quite a few details to examine. Outside of the obvious inclusion of new quest content and the ability to become a vampire lord with a new skill tree, there are a lot of little cool additions that haven't received as much attention. Yes, Dawnguard finally brings Crossbows back to The Elder Scrolls franchise, and it adds a few cool new Dragon Shouts, but it also lets players craft mighty Dragonbone weapons. Let's see what's now available to smith in Skyrim.

Dragonbone Arrow

Skyrim Dawnguard Dragonbone Arrows Dawnguard allows players the ability to craft all arrow types, and the Dragonbone arrows may be the most costly.
  • Base Damage - 25
  • Weight - 0
  • Value - 9
  • Ingredients: 1 Dragon Bone

Dragonbone Battleaxe

Skyrim Dawnguard Dragonbone Battleaxe The Dragonbone Battleaxe is one of two weapons (along with the Warhammer) that requires 2 Ebony Ingots.
  • Base Damage - 26
  • Weight - 30
  • Value - 3,000
  • Ingredients: 3 Dragon Bones, 2 Ebony Ingots, 2 Leather Strips

Dragonbone Bow

Skyrim Dawnguard Dragonbone Bow The Dragonbone Bow reloads at the same speed as the Orcish Bow, and can do more damage than the Daedric Bow, but arrows have a little less range.
  • Base Damage - 20
  • Weight - 20
  • Value - 2,725
  • Ingredients: 2 Dragon Bones, 1 Ebony Ingot

Dragonbone Dagger

Skyrim Dawnguard Dragonbone Dagger High damage, low ingredient requirements, make the Dragonbone dagger a great dual-wielding option for fast-moving close combat specialists.
  • Base Damage - 12
  • Weight - 6.5
  • Value - 600
  • Ingredients: 1 Dragon Bone, 1 Leather Strip

Dragonbone Greatsword

Skyrim Dawnguard Dragonbone Greatsword
If the film Braveheart had more dragons, Mel Gibson's William Wallace would wield this.
  • Base Damage - 25
  • Weight - 27
  • Value - 2,725
  • Ingredients: 4 Dragon Bones, 1 Ebony Ingot, 3 Leather Strips

Dragonbone Mace

Skyrim Dawnguard Dragonbone Mace What better way to repay a dragon for their bones than to hit them over the head with a blunt object.
  • Base Damage - 17
  • Weight - 22
  • Value - 2,000
  • Ingredients: 2 Dragon Bones, 1 Ebony Ingot, 1 Leather Strip

Dragonbone Sword

Skyrim Dawnguard Dragonbone Sword The Dragonbone Sword is the mainstay of the Dragonbone arsenal and is relatively cheap to craft in terms of required ingredients.
  • Base Damage - 15
  • Weight - 19
  • Value - 1,500
  • Ingredients: 1 Dragon Bone, 1 Ebony Ingot, 1 Leather Strip

Dragonbone War Axe

Skyrim Dawnguard Dragonbone War Axe The Dragonbone War Axe can be made instead of the Dragonbone Sword for one more leather strip, giving +1 base damage in exchange for +2 in weight.
  • Base Damage - 16
  • Weight - 21
  • Value - 1,700
  • Ingredients: 1 Dragon Bone, 1 Ebony Ingot, 2 Leather Strips

Dragonbone Warhammer

Skyrim Dawnguard Dragonbone Warhammer The Dragonbone Warhammer is the heaviest weapon, is one of only two weapons that require 2 Ebony Ingots, and has the highest resale value.
  • Base Damage - 28
  • Weight - 33
  • Value - 4,275
  • Ingredients: 3 Dragon Bones, 2 Ebony Ingots, 3 Leather Strips


Dragonbone Weapons Guide While the ability to craft weapons using the spoils from Dragon hunting is a welcome addition to Skyrim, the costs of doing so are very high, not just in terms of raw materials. In order to craft any of the Dragonbone weapons, players must max out the smithing skill at 100 along with the Dragon Armor perk. For most players who don't specialize in smithing and/or selling crafted goods, it may be a better option to find weapons drops from high-level enemies or to get the random drop from The Keepers in Soul Cairn. Either way, the smithing of arrows is awesome and the Dragonbone weapons add another goal for players. Big thanks to ActaBunniFOOFOO for offering a great look at the weapons in-game. - Follow me on Twitter @rob_keyes.

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