‘Skyrim’ 1.4 Patch, PC Creation Kit Both Nearing Completion

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Skyrim 1.4 Patch, Creation Kit Nearing Completion

There are not many superlatives still left unsaid about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, be they positive or negative. From its beautiful landscapes and endless quests, to its maddening glitches and patch problems, Skyrim is in no short supply of water-cooler discussion among gamers.

Bethesda promised players a new patch in January, and the 1.4 patch is nearing completion as final testing is being done on all three platforms. While earlier patches have fixed some issues, they also made the game somewhat unstable for some users of various platforms and introduced even more glitches into the game. It is hopeful that the 1.4 patch will address the majority of these issues.

One of the unique features of the update on the PC side is the ability to download and install a ‘beta’ version of the patch before it officially goes live. Players will have the ability to opt-in if they choose to install the patch, but can just as easily back out of the unofficial patch if they so desire.

The Creation Kit and Steam Workshop are also nearly completed as promised. Fans of the series have come to appreciate the modding in previous games, and with the the Creation Kit, user-generated mods should be flooding the internet within days and weeks of the Kit’s release. Already knowing that other provinces exist within Skyrim, ambitious modders are sure to be licking their chops at creating modifications that take Skyrim players into Cyrodiil or Morrowind.

The following is the most up-to-date changelog for the 1.4 Skyrim patch, and unless otherwise specified, is for all platforms.


  • Skyrim launcher support for Steam Workshop (PC)


  • General optimizations for memory and performance
  • Fixed occasional issue with armor and clothing not displaying properly when placed on mannequin’s in player’s house. (PS3)
  • Improved compiler optimization settings (PC)
  • Long term play optimizations for memory and performance (PS3)
  • Memory optimizations related to scripting
  • Fixed crashes related to pathing and AI
  • Fixed crash in Haemar’s Shame if player had already completed “A Daedra’s Best Friend”
  • Fixed rare crash with loading saved games
  • Fixed issue with accented characters not displaying properly at the end of a line
  • Master Criminal achievement/trophy unlocks properly in French, German, Spanish and Italian
  • Fixed issue where dragon priest masks would not render correctly
  • Fixed issue where quests would incorrectly progress after reloading a save
  • Fixed issues with placing and removing books from bookshelves in the player’s home
  • Fixed issue where weapon racks and plaques would not work correctly in player’s house if player immediately visits their house before purchasing any furnishing.
  • Fixed issue where the player house in Windhelm would not clean up properly
  • Fixed crash related to giant attacks and absorb spells
  • Fixed issue with ash piles not cleaning up properly
  • Fixed occasional issue where overwriting an existing save would fail
  • Fixed memory crash with container menu
  • Fixed infinite loop with bookshelves
  • Fixed issue where traps in Shalidor’s Maze would not work properly in French, German, Spanish and Italian versions
  • Fixed issue where transforming back to human from werewolf would occasionally not fail
  • Bows and daggers will display properly when placed on weapon racks


  • The Unusual Gem inside the Thalmor Embassy is now accessible after finishing “Diplomatic Immunity”
  • In “Breaching Security”, the quest token is no longer required to receive a fortune reading from Olava the Feeble
  • Fixed issue where Galmar would not complete Joining the Stormcloaks properly if “Season Unending” was an active quest
  • Fixed issue where starting “Season Unending” after finishing “Joining the Stormcloaks” would prevent “The Jagged Crown” from starting properly.
  • Fixed issue progressing through “Message to Whiterun” while “Season Unending” was still open would block progression for both quests.
  • In “Arniel’s Endeavor”, fixed issue where a quest journal would trigger multiple times
  • In “Forbidden Legend”, the amulet fragment can no longer disappear after player leaves a dungeon without taking it
  • Fixed rare issue in “Forbidden Legend” where killing Mikrul Gauldurson while sneaking would make his corpse unaccessible
  • In “The White Phial”, the phial can no longer disappear if player leaves dungeon without taking it
  • “The White Phial” will now start properly if player already has a briar heart in their inventory
  • Player can no longer get stuck in Misty Grove after completing “A Night to Remember”
  • Fixed issue where leaving Riften during “A Chance Arrangement” would prevent quest from progressing
  • In “Darkness Returns”, a door in Twilight Sepulcher will properly open if the player leaves the dungeon for an extended period of time before completing the quest
  • In “Under New Management”, if the player leaves the Oculory for an extended period of time after placing the focusing crystal and returns, the quest will proceed correctly
  • “Onmund’s Request” will now start properly if player has already found Enthir’s staff before receiving this quest
  • Fixed instance where Tonilia would stop buying stolen items and also would not give Guild Leader Armor
  • “Repairing the Phial” will start properly if player already has unmelting snow or mammoth tusk in their inventory
  • Finding Pantea’s Flute before speaking with Pantea no longer prevents her quest from updating
  • In “The Coming of the Dawn”, fixed rare instance where a quest object would spawn incorrectly on the Katariah during Hail Sithis
  • Fixed rare issue in “The Mind of Madness” where player is unable to equip the Wabbajack
  • Fixed issue in “Pieces of the Past” where Mehrunes Dagon’s Razor will not trigger properly if player leaves the cell for extended period of time before activating it
  • “Blood’s Honor” will start properly if you visited and completed Driftshade and an extended period of time passes before starting the quest.
  • Fixed rare issue where “Dampened Spirits” would not start properly
  • Fixed issue where player would be unable to become Thane of Riften if they purchased a home first
  • Fixed issue where killing guards in Cidhna Mine would block progression for “No One Escapes Cidhna Mine”
  • Fixed numerous issues with “Blood on the Ice” not triggering properly
  • In “Blood on the Ice”, Calixto can now be killed if player owns a house in Windhelm
  • In “The Cure for Madness”, killing Cicero then resurrecting him no longer impedes quest progress
  • Fixed rare issue in “To Kill an Empire” where an NPC would fail to die properly
  • Clearing Knifepoint Ridge before starting “Boethiah’s Champion” no longer prevents quest from starting.


From the looks of it, the list is fairly exhaustive, from the PS3 optimization issues to the score of quest issues that seem to rear their ugly head at the most inopportune time. The previous 3 patches were released in somewhat lightning fashion, while Bethesda has taken their time on 1.4. Hopefully the additional time they have spent on this patch allowed for complete testing of the patch and won’t break basic gameplay elements that occurred in the 1.2 patch.

Ranters, any issues that you’ve seen in your games that aren’t addressed?

Skyrim is currently available for the PC, PS3, and XBox 360.

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  • Greg

    What’s funny is that people have actually been modding since the game first came out, albeit with somewhat rudimentary tools. Glad to see the Creation Kit being released soon–some modders will be able to do some pretty amazing things, judging by what they’ve managed to accomplish without it.

  • Ops31337

    “Ranters, any issues that you’ve seen in your games that aren’t addressed?”

    Yes, someone stole my sweet roll; when I took an arrow to the knee.

  • PS3gamer

    I did not see anything about the memory issues on PS3, is a patch for this even possible?

    • http://gamerant.com Matt Rowland


      “Long term play optimizations for memory and performance (PS3).”



    • Greg

      Re-read it.

      ***General optimizations for memory and performance
      Fixed occasional issue with armor and clothing not displaying properly when placed on mannequin’s in player’s house. (PS3)
      Improved compiler optimization settings (PC)
      ***Long term play optimizations for memory and performance (PS3)
      ***Memory optimizations related to scripting

      Seems they’re doing something about memory issues lol.

  • StevenH81

    Would be nice if they managed to patch it up to HD for PS3
    I think it’s really annoying that they brought it out in HD for the xbox and not the PS3

  • jwalka

    not that bad, but does anyone know if they’ve fixed the issue with the warriors guild, where you have ot kill that draug leader in that dungeon ? i killed him before going on that quest and all it tells me to do is kill him (when he’s already dead). i’m glad they fixed the thieves guild glitch with the trader, now i can finally get that s*** over and done with.

  • Ace

    I still haven’t been able to start the serial killer quest in Windhelm that leads to the ability to buy the house….I see the fixed the clean-up glitch so who knows maybe it’ll help

  • Matt

    What about the issue in “The Forwsworn Conspiracy” where, when you’re objective is to return to Eltrys, and you do, the dialogue doesn’t start? That’s what happened to me and waiting 24 hours didn’t fix it. Now I’m going to have to wait for like 2 more months for the next patch to come out. :/

  • mike

    I have a PS3, so far the game crashes (unexpectedly-usually when I am in the middle of a quest…) really horrible lag (not only in Whiterun, but EVERYWHERE!!!!!) Sometimes the game slows down so bad, that I think it’s going to freeze, and then it speeds back up! I know this is a huge game and all, but come on! I barely play for 2-4 hours at a time! It’s getting hard to enjoy, and I have noticed severe slowdown since I started the game, it didn’t even take to the (9mb) worth of save space that most have to have before it starts to happen! It seems that Bethesda has a really bad track record with releasing buggy games Like: Fallout, Brink, Oblivion, etc, etc…you’d think by now they’d learn how to port games right. What they should have done is develop each version from the ground up (whereas I know that would have cost more money in the long run, they could of avoided this!) They did it with Oblivion (bad port, bad code writing) and they have done it once again with Skyrim! At least they’re fixing it this time around though…they never released patches for the PS3 port of Oblivion to fix all it’s flaws and glitches…it makes me mad that a huge company would release a flawed product without working more of the bugs out before launch. They obviously rushed this game to market…Maybe another 6 months of beta testing would of resolved these issues in the first place? I can wait for an awesome game (just as long as it’s less flawed and more enjoyable than this piece of sludge…) Hopefully patch 1.4 will do the trick, although I wouldn’t hold my breath for too long…I know I can only blame Bethesda for so much, the PS3 has outdated specs when it comes to computing. With only 512mb of Ram, one would expect a game like this to run like syrup through a syringe! :( I mean it’s not all bad, just needs improvement (much, much, more!) Plus with all this hassle, I think PS3 owners should get the first DLC free of charge! And we should get the DLC before the Xbox! In fact I demand it for free! Bethesda needs to apologize to us Playstation users, and what better way to do it? Mwahaahahahahahahaha! Who’s with me? Because, honestly, I haven’t heard about any severe glitches like the ones found on PS3 happening on XBOX 360….makes me wonder…(conspiracy theory)

    • Anon

      “I have a PS3″

      I just stopped reading there.

  • magusat999

    From a PC perspective, “Fixed rare crash with loading saved games” is not quite right. The crash isn’t “rare” – once your save game gets to that point the game crashes, constantly, predictably, consistently and more often until you cannot play anymore. maybe they aren’t talking about the crash that multitudes of PC players who have 250+ hours of play have been tearing their follicles out about? It sounds a little like the repeatable, consistent crash we are experiencing – but they are only signifying “save file” and calling it “rare”. Whether or not it is the save file causing it, the crash to desktop happens whenever you try to transition from one place to another. Go in a tavern, CTD; go in a dungeon, CTD; go from one area to another, CTD; fast travel, CTD. If that’s waht they are talking about, and they fix it – well fine. But don’t blow fumes up our backsides and tell us it’s just warm outside – that crash is nothing near rare…

  • Deb

    I seriously hope the framerate issue is fixed I had to abandon my first playthrough and my second. If its not fixed this time Im giving up. I’m not going to sell it though. Unlike Bethesda, I’d feel gully if I sold a defective cd shaped turd to someone. I was was a fan before all this. Not so much now

    • iDancethroughshadoWs

      if playing on ps3 blame Sony. BGS is not at fault for the ps3s shortcomings

      • Adrenalynx

        what an idiotic remark. The ps3 has no “shortcomings”.. if anything.. the 3-fixme has shortcomings. and if you had ANY idea of what you were talking about, you would know that Skyrim was tested on the 3-fixme, and NOT the ps3.. so it IS BGS’s fault. friggin x-bots..

  • Dragonborn

    I finished the stormcloak quest where you have to clear the fort, right before attacking solitude, the stormcloak officer in the camp dosnt recognize i cleared the fort, the quest ended, but he dosnt recognize it, will that be fixed i didnt see it?

  • cootermarie

    I am hoping they will fix the glitches I am having where the fences won’t talk to me or buy my stuff even. Though I have done the quests that should unlock them as fences. I have seen that others have this same issue. Not sure if its just on the ps3… FRUSTRATING! But I am hopeful the framerate/freeze issue will be improved. Fingers crossed!

  • Mainah85

    I obviously need to give it more then 30 min of gameplay to fully test out v1.4, but i’m on the ps3 version and got so use to the lag and skip in regular gameplay after a while, not only would I stop noticing, but I found myself timing my ghameplay to the lag subconciously incorperating the constant jerking as a normal part of the game. Holy sh_t what a difference. I’ve been able to play and entire 30 min without one screen skip (and i didn’t even have to wait once)… I’m just glad the finally bucled down and tackled the real problems of skyrim on the update…. Had to say sommin cause i’m pretty stoked It wont take me an hour to do a 35-40min qquest…

    Now if only they could create an open world version of this game for the PS3… I prolly gotta wait for the PS4 for something like that…

    -Get it done Celts