Silent Hill 8 Stirring Gameplay Trailer

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Silent HIll gameplay trailer

Where there is 7, there is always an 8 right? It is not surprising that Konami has a new Silent Hill game in the works. With gamers receiving its 7 predecessors with accolades and a need to keep the lights on, there was no question that we would get another sequel in the masterful Silent Hill series. It was a matter of when.

The survival/psychological horror genre was all but founded in the town of Silent Hill, and in 2011 we will take our next venture through its terrifying city limits on the PS3 and Xbox 360. As of yet, there is no official announcement, the only things we know about the game are gleamed from information leaked from a behind-closed-doors preview at E3, and this official trailer:

What we see is a prison transport that has crashed, hurtling off the road, leaving our hero, inmate Murphy Pendleton, alone in Silent Hill, which we know is never, ever, a good thing. CVG revealed a few things from the private  behind-closed-doors preview:

Konami says that the title ‘stays true to the franchise’s original roots’, offering another third person horror experience, and all-new spooky storyline. Konami promises that this ‘dark, thought-provoking storyline’ will appeal to fans of the early, classic Silent Hill series, ‘as well as anyone who enjoys a deep, psychological horror experience’.

Silent HIll 8

Having watched the video a few times, I gotta say, I am really excited for this title, even with its lack of apparent Wii and PC support. I know a lot of people give the Wii a hard time when it comes to more hardcore or adult games, but having played quite a few myself, when the controls are well implemented, the immersive feel you can get from the controller is really quite fun. I personally love playing Resident Evil 4 on my Wii, I even have the official Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles Blaster and I gotta say, its awesome. And it is not like Silent Hill has not been on the PC or Wii before, so why the snubbing this time? Don’t get me wrong, the graphics of the PS3 and Xbox 360 tend to make a far more beautiful experience, its just that the immersion on the Wii is something to consider in a game that you want to make you jump out of your drawers. Then again, who knows, because like I said there has been no official announcement, yet, but no matter how you slice it, as a fan of the genre, I intend to turn the lights off and enjoy this one, because it looks good!

What do you think? Do you think the downward slide of the last couple of games means that this one will continue that trend, or will it rise again to the top? What do you think about what we know so far, or, more over what we don’t?

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  • Tim

    Looks pretty awesome.

  • Anthony

    I do not need another Silent Hill game. Sometimes you just have to let go.

    • Alexandrea

      I think it looks awesome. This should be the last one.

  • Jeff Schille

    I just don’t play games to get freaked out. I hope this turns out well, but it’s not a game for me.

  • riffmin

    too late too late for me this town will eventually take me

  • zero enna

    I’m a huge fan of Silent Hill 2 and 4. I enjoyed 5 though it didn’t feel like a SIlent Hill game. I’m not sure what to think about this one, if they mean what they say and really are going back to the, “Silent Hill roots” as far as atmosphere goes and having that feeling of isolation and constant dread I’m on board. I’ll buy it either way and see for myself but I do sincerely hope they deliver on this one.
    It has crossed my mind though that if Team Silent wanted the series to end, as much as I love it, maybe it should have ended.

  • Alex

    Man, silent hill isnt survival horror without the player feeling helpless i dont think i would feel helpless if i could just pick up any old thing and beat the crap out of anything that dares come near me, which according to the developers is what the gameplay allows.

  • blazer

    Akira Yamaoka, who left the Silent Hill team as of late, set a lot of the mood for these games. I’m not sure what this new sound producer, Daniel Licht, will give us, considering he did the music for Children of the Corn, which is not the correct kind of scary to match up with these games. So far, the music sounds like superficial horror music with just slight distortion characteristic to the music of Silent Hill. And again, a few of the things I’ve seen out of this trailer nod more towards superficial horror rather than the deep and even poetic psychological aspects that were (I’d like to say ‘are’ but I’m not so sure anymore) a trademark of Silent Hill. I think if they really wanted to go back to the roots, they’d have to incorporate more of the things that made Silent Hill 2 a legendary game.

    • SinisterMime

      Obvious fanboy is obvious.

      Licht has done a great job with Dexter. If anything, it’s not the sound team I expect to drop the ball with this game.

  • Cilla

    That jump out of your drawers thing really made me laugh but anyway, I think it should be better because they are putting puzzles back in and using the psycology thing too. So I’m really excited to see how that is.

  • Nilleryn

    Personally, I’m getting the feeling that this will be an “inbetween” kind of game. What I mean by that is that it still won’t account for much in terms of getting back to its “roots” but it will try its best, and will also try to keep up with people more into the likes of Silent Hill 5 (Not a real Silent Hill game, just fan service etc.)
    I might get this game, but in my opinion, Silent Hill should have ended after 3 or 4 rather than driving it through the dirt and waiting for it to corrode to death

  • Parkus Complex

    That was so awesome. True blizzard fashion. But I hate it, too. I mean, the leaker.