Does Sony’s ‘See the Future’ Trailer Tease a PlayStation 4 Reveal?

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“See the future.”

With those three innocuous little words and an enigmatic trailer (above), Sony has set the stage for a potentially momentous announcement, which it promises to deliver at 6:00 PM EST on Wednesday, February 20th, 2013. There is no way to know for sure exactly what Sony has planned, but at this early stage, one point seems exceedingly clear: after this tease, if the 20th rolls around and Sony reveals anything other than the PlayStation 4, gamers are apt to be furious.

By all appearances, this is it. The countdown has started. Twenty days from today, Sony apparently intends to publicly unveil the PlayStation 4 (or Orbis, or Omni, or whatever it’s actually called) for the very first time. Curiously, this will happen not at an industry trade show (the D.I.C.E. Summit ends on February 8th, Destination PlayStation starts on February 25th, and GDC 2013, at which Valve is expected to debut Steam Box, doesn’t kick off until May 25th) and not at a press conference in a cavernous sporting arena, but online, direct to a legion of PlayStation fans who, if Sony has its way, should be whipped up into a frothing state of frenzied anticipation by the time that (potentially) fateful Wednesday finally arrives.

“Be the first to know,” Sony advises on the PlayStation Blog, and gamers who’d like to ought to head right over to the event’s registration page.

See The Future Trailer

In the interest of fairness, it has to be pointed out that revelations other than the PlayStation 4 remain a faint possibility, though given the instant enthusiasm for a February PS4 unveiling (check out the Sony-suggested “#PlayStation2013″ hashtag on Twitter), they would likely prove to be an absolute PR disaster for Sony.

In any case, Sony recently filed for a trademark on a service named “BigFest,” which is rumored to be an evolution of/replacement for the company’s PlayStation Home initiative. Could “BigFest” be worth making this much fuss over? It’s hard to imagine, but then again, without knowing anything concrete about it, how can we say?

At the same time, the aesthetics on display in the “See the future” trailer match up nicely with the current design of the Gaikai website (which, you’ll remember, was updated last October with images of PlayStation 3 franchises that have, surprisingly enough, since been removed). Could the reveal on the 20th be Gaikai related? Rolling out the service to PS3 and/or Vita right now, with a playable library of streaming PlayStation classics, or perhaps access to current retail titles, would be a newsworthy maneuver. But…

Gaikai Background

The Gaikai website’s background image.

Come on. It’s got to be PlayStation 4, right? It’s the news every gamer is waiting for, and if Sony steps up and unveils its new hardware months before Microsoft does the same at E3 2013 (the countdown clock currently sits at 130 days, 5 hours, 42 minutes), that could prove to be a significant tactical advantage.

In just twenty days, questions about the PlayStation 4’s hardware power, controllers and release date may have actual, real-world, confirmed answers. Will that force Microsoft to move up the reveal of Xbox 720? Will it convince on-the-fence gamers to pass on Wii U (which isn’t getting a price-cut anytime soon) and hold out for Sony’s system? What do you think?

Stay tuned, Ranters, for more on this story as it develops.

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Source: PlayStation Blog, IGN, Gaikai


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  • COREY_1993

    For me and everyone the best news to come of this is a next gen console reveal, the Playstation 4 but honestly i aint gonna get my hopes up. Im excited and the most i expecting from this is like an update on whats playstations plans for the year like Playstation Plus updates and maybe new hardware (not console). But yeah, im really excited and i hope it a console reveal but is the stage big enough? i thought this would be saved for E3 but if i remember right playstation 3 was revealed before E3 2005.

    seriously though… im excited. Gonna start saving if its revealed on the 20th so i can buy a few games with it, obviously it gonna be released later but id rather know i can afford it.

  • Red

    Sony’s gonna unveil the playstation alarm clock. Calling it now.

    • Kaero

      That’s already available for the PS Vita -_-

  • Yachts

    I don’t care what it can do, if it doesn’t have backwards compatibility I am not buying it.

    • COREY_1993

      go to the psn store just for 5 mins and think about it… thats a lot of money. they aint bringing back backwards compatibility. though i could be wrong, ps3 games are totally different to ps2 and 1 so maybe they can have it for ps3 games but definitely not for 1 and 2.

    • xmisfit666x

      well heres a simple solution to that….keep your ps3 and old systems and you wont have to worry about backwards compatability lol

  • Cody

    I’d almost bet on it being a PS4 release… Perfect timing…. Right around tax return time when people have some money to spend on lavish new things.

    • Ryuhza

      Woah there! They aren’t going to announce AND release it in the same swing. Remember, the PS4 still does not officially exist. If it does I’d expect a release in late Q3/Q4 at the soonest.

      • cody

        Well, of-course they won’t release it, but, its easier to set aside money you don’t usually have and wait for it, kind of like telling you your bills are due in two weeks on payday.

  • JBARR9

    The backwards compatibility issue is a clever scheme to get all of us to buy the digital copy of all the games we’ve already bought if we want to play them with the convienence of playing on one console. There should at least be a backwards compatible version(more expensive) and a lesser price one that doesn’t have the feature. Simple and a good business move.

  • JaredDAC

    Friends close to the game industry have told me that they would be shocked if it wasn’t the reveal of “PS4″. Some game industries have been working on furthering the advances to their games(software, graphics, and so on) and feel this is the time. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start the move towards 4K resolution either although I doubt it.

  • Jak Frost

    Does any one know how expensive these things are going to be.Very

  • Phil

    Hopefully the PS4 won’t be too expensive, and be backwards compatible with all PlayStation games.

    • Rickkk

      keep dreaminnnnnn.

  • venom42

    people are still proud of the PS3.why make PS4?is this a competition or something?

  • ridgejr92

    why make ps4 when ps3 is still a good system, they just can update simple things, ps4 sounds nice but i think they should wait another 3 -4 years ps3 still awlsome.