Schilling Speaks Out on 38 Studios’ Layoffs and Closure

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Just a few days after his development company, 38 Studios, was forced to lay off its entire staff and closed down Big Huge Games, Curt Schilling is speaking out. While most would imagine Schilling would come across as a man beaten, he appears to be determined to set the record straight on the collapse of his company, a collapse that may have been brought on by the same state that lured him in.

According to Schilling, the government of Rhode Island, where 38 Studios moved after a $75 Million loan was offered, reneged on a deal to provide 38 Studios with film-like tax breaks on the order of $1 Million. Those tax breaks would have allowed 38 to skip their May 1st payment deadline for their loan, and to meet payroll for that month.  Unfortunately, no such deal was struck, and the rest, we know, is history.

Schilling also laments Rhode Island Governor Chafee’s public comments about trying to keep the developer solvent, saying that Chafee’s words scared off potential investors. In fact, Schilling revealed, 38 Studios had a $35 Million deal on the table to finance a Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning sequel, but they were scared off by fears of never seeing the project.

Earlier in the month a trailer and some screenshots were released for 38’s forthcoming MMO, codenamed Project Copernicus, which made it seem like the developer still had some life. Unfortunately, those marketing materials are now stops on the road maps to the developer’s inevitable downfall.

In essence, it was a series of unfortunate events for the developer, events that ultimately led to its closure. Who’s to say if any of these scenarios had or hadn’t come to pass that 38 Studios would still have its head above water, but Schilling seems to think that to be the case.

Do you think that Rhode Island was wise not to invest further into 38 Studios? Will we ever see any more entries in the Kingdoms of Amalur franchise?

Source: Providence Journal

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  • Byron Rademacher

    I think it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities to see another koa, but how quickly we see it is another question

  • jwalka

    i highly doubt the franchise will be resurrected, there where only a small group of us that welcomed amalur with open arms, most d***head kids where still playing their first RPG skyrim and where bitching about amalurs ‘hack and slash combat’ when skyrim is the one with no combat system >:(

    in the end it comes down to bad publicity partly due to EA not really give a s***, no support from anyone (again EA should have done something to keep them alive) and a f***ing stupid group of political s***heads that dont know wtf they’re doing and just think they’re hard b/c they wear suits and s*** on people.

    i hope the staff of 38 and big huge find work quick b/c they’re very talented game devs who really know how to produce quality stuff (unlike bethesda and vavle).

    • G

      u r an idiot. It’s not EA’s responsibility to bail them out. And skyrims combat is much better than KOA.

      • EastOfTheAnduin

        “And skyrims combat is much better than KOA.” …That’s debatable.

        • Matt

          It’s not just debatable. It’s false. Anybody who has played Reckoning and Skyrim know that Reckoning’s combat system is way better. It’s deeper, more thought out. Skyrim’s combat is just, “Whack away.” In Reckoning, you can’t do that against tougher enemies, because they will demolish you and won’t allow you to attack them.

          • EastOfTheAnduin

            I, wholeheartedly, agree. While at times flawed, I thought the combat system was a ton of fun in KoA:R. I was seriously, really looking forward to the sequel which would have refined it even more. However, a lot of people seem to like the “Swing, Swing, Repeat” combat of Skyrim. I’m just not one of them.

      • jwalka

        umm d***head i said it would have been good of them to help out instead if taking the side line. and since when it skyrims combat better then amalurs, have you even played amaur before you s*** out of your stupid mouth, the games combat system feels modern for a RPG where as skyrims feel like it was built in the bloody 90’2 by someone with no fingers or a brain you clueless preb.

  • Matt

    “Do you think that Rhode Island was wise not to invest further into 38 Studios? Will we ever see any more entries in the Kingdoms of Amalur franchise?”

    Yes. No.

  • SeabeeGR

    I think this would make a good clip in a ‘Family Guy” series.

    • SeabeeGR

      I mean a good episode; not clip.

  • Matt Evans

    Curt Schilling pitched in the world series with a bleeding ankle and helped to win his team a works series trophy. This is not the last we will see of him and 38 Studios. Rhode Island should have invested further into the company, it almost seems like they just flat out ignored the companies potential. They’ll come back. Go Sox!