Sakamoto Unsure About Direction of Next Metroid Game

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Sakamoto Unsure About Next Metroid Game

Despite the general critical acclaim and moderate financial success for Metroid: Other M, Metroid series mastermind Yoshio Sakamoto is unsure about the direction for the next Metroid game.  As a result, Team Ninja’s future status as Samus Aran’s home studio is very much up in the air.

In a recent interview where Sakamoto expressed that he couldn’t “think of anything regrettable” in Other M, he also admitted that Nintendo hasn’t begun to approach a decision as to Samus’s next adventure and that Team Ninja isn’t necessarily guaranteed to be the developing studio for the game:

As far as I’m concerned I’m willing to work with them [Team Ninja] once again if the opportunity comes but, of course, before deciding anything I have to admit I have no idea about what I should do with this Metroid franchise.

If we are going to decide the next Metroid is going to be a linear extension of Other M then Team Ninja comes first in my mind as the partner for us to collaborate with.

But if I’m going to decide that it’s going to be a different story for the next Metroid adventure then depending on the skills, know-how and technology that might require, Team Ninja might not be the choice for us to collaborate with.

But once again I don’t have any idea right now.

Essentially, Team Ninja’s fate depends on the whims and foibles of Sakamoto, which it can’t really be happy to hear.  While Other M‘s overall reception probably wasn’t enough to move Sakamoto to tears, we here at Game Rant liked the game and thought it a “smart, fun update to the Metroid formula.” Nevertheless, I fully expect Nintendo to bring back Team Ninja for the next Metroid installment, as it is highly likely that Other M functioned as the first stop in another Metroid trilogy.  Nintendo already rejuvenated the franchise with the Metroid Prime trilogy, so it seems natural that it would continue the trinity trend, especially now that Other M has set a whole new direction for the series.  If Sakamoto truly had no regrets about the ultimate result of Other M, then it would seem very much out of character for him to suddenly replace Team Ninja and basically reboot Samus Aran again.

Obviously, there is plenty of time for Sakamoto to puzzle out whether or not the next game will be a natural linear extension of Other M.  Judging by the past release rate of the console Metroid games, I wouldn’t expect to see Samus reappear before 2013.  But will Team Ninja be at the helm again when she does?  What do you think, Ranters?

If you haven’t picked it up yet (And I really think you should do so), Metroid: Other M is currently available for the Nintendo Wii.

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  • mike

    chris wilkerson i think u do live on tallon 5 u are not cool nor are your comments other m wasnt for hardcore fans it was about a franchise wanting to make money i mean look at the graphics they were good but options you had sucked in game,that game clearly was for a 9 or 10 year old

  • Alex

    I really enjoyed Metroid other M, I think it is the best 3D adaption of the series so far (really similar to the initial concept compared to the prime series) I would love to see Team Ninja taking care of the next one and the Wii U feels more like a real console so they won’t be as limited as they were for Other M.

  • chris

    I’m afraid this rant will never get any attention from anyone.
    Whoever has a hand in Metroid, here it is.

    Pioneering elements of a game so edgy, successors will find artifacts
    in every echo of their lives diverging into what could be called a fad, but is a defining style.
    An art of an image that echoes off all demons with authority.
    Its time to save the world.
    The most real game ever.
    In other words, SAVE IT FOR THE 2018 WII ZZZ.

    Super Metroid will never be outdone. 90’s x ∞

    Metroid is THE experience of alienation.

    No two Metroid games are the same.

    Metroid has a story, and therefore honor.

    Metroid plays aimlessly, following orders is unfitting music.

    There is no waste of time with this story. no achievements, no gamer score.
    Artifacts from a people nonexistent should A/V from-to a same heart,
    to within a tolerance of instinctual honesty of 1000 Christianities.

    Metroid is for those with faith in the future. Rather real people,
    who find life on Tallon V less boring than all reality, in all reality.

    Metroid is endless peace. Through the fact that its just a game,
    and that warriors are ideal vessels of that peace.
    No foolish repetition of history, no aspiration of being second greatest beings.
    No duty to a dark intelligence but leave be in the ancient past.

    Traveling into the universe is more important than just about everything
    modern society thinks is. Meanwhile, a video game about it is the next best thing.

    As a game, its limits are expected and enjoyed.

    As a future game, 10 pages of manga cant possibly explain the story of Samus growing up and what she did all that time.. i have my ideas.

    As an essence, Samus listens to The Beatles.

    Samus is not real, and also the most real.

    When Walt Disney first toured promoting Fantasia he used his own theatric.
    Spec audio and visual that did what entertainment of the time didn’t.
    The new Metroid should be like this. Sight, sound, wisdom and psychology, the spirit of something new in a hair raising experience.
    (I have ideas that I want you to steal from me.)
    Cinema is all about money. Software and games are all about money.
    All of them are getting really lame, all are nothing new, and every second of other m was so damn epic, it has to be everything other games are not. again.
    I have to say if you ever feel the need to make a new metroid- save it. make it shine.
    There’s so much out there already, it doesn’t matter either way.

  • Nathan

    No offense to Mr. Sakamoto, but what if Mr. Miyamoto started to be the executive producer/director of Metroid series. Look at what he has done with the franchises: Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Pikmin, etc. He already helped produce for Metroid Prime 1 & 2. What if he took the series in general. Retro Studios could still develop it. Just a thought…

  • iDancethroughshadoWs

    bring back metroid prime and i just might think about buying another Metroid game. till then Team Ninja is about as bad for Metroid as Uwe Boll is for crappy movies based off video games. kick them to the curb.

  • majora

    Yup the direction of this series is nothing its dead