‘Saints Row 5′ Confirmed By Voice Actor?

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Saints Row 4 PAX East August Release

Few franchises have managed to prove that video games are made to be fun, first and foremost, to the same extent as Saints Row. After years of crafting the series’ signature brand of lighthearted, zany, and often vulgar open world gameplay, Saints Row: The Third and its sequel, Saints Row IV showed that the property still had plenty of good times left to give (read our review).

With that in mind, nobody was expecting Volition to take time off from the brand – especially not their new publisher, Deep Silver. But if a past voice actor is to be believed, the studio may already be hard at work on Saints Row 5.

Again, nobody assumed that Volition would be working on anything other than the next installment in the Saints Row series, but having implied that their next game would begin a new saga, many assumed that the studio would be taking its time in crafting the next chapter. So it came as somewhat of a surprise when actor/comedian Jay Mohr took to Twitter to let SR fans know that he was headed into the recording booth once again:

The first question that many will ask is whether Mohr is referring to the next numbered sequel, or simply an upcoming DLC release. It’s far too early to tell which is the case, but given his previous work in the industry, we would expect Mohr to know the difference. The artwork visible in the recording booth appears to pertain to SR4 (which we’ve included above), but only time will tell.

Of course, the more intriguing question is whether this is a confirmation that the actor will be reprising his role of ‘Dane Vogel’ from Saints Row 2. Playing the role of villain in the franchise’s second entry, Vogel – the former head of Ultor, a military group appearing throughout the series – ended up… defeated when his story ended, so if Mohr is returning to the role, Volition has some explaining to do.

Saints Row 5 Jay Mohr Dane Vogel

Players who finished the campaign of Saints Row IV can likely guess how Vogel would be able to appear in either future DLC or a sequel, but we’ll hold off on too much speculation for now. It’s certainly enough to get the most devoted fans (and their imaginations) working overtime.

We’ll keep you posted if Volition or Mohr himself offer some kind of clarification. But assuming that the game in question is, in fact, Saints Row V, what do you hope to see from it? Can it possibly exceed the heights of insanity seen in SR4, or would you prefer it to go in a completely new direction? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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Source: Jay Mohr (via Destructoid)


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  1. I think that they should get rid of the aliens and the goofyness and go back to gangs like the first and second one

    • I agree with this. The whole ‘alien’ thing really took away from the game and made me not want to play it really. It was just about super-powers and aliens. Sure, sound great at the beginning but it got old: real fast.

  2. I rhink SR5 should be in space or have something to do with time travel cuz at the end of SR4 (SPOILER ALERT) they found out tht the zin can use time travel. So it would be really cool if they did something with tht

  3. I love saints row 1 & 2. SR2 was one of my favorite games of all time. Saints row 3 was ok but it got out of line too fast and I didn’t even bother with SR4. I just hope that they go back to the SR2 style were its serious but still has some comic relief. If SR5 is like SR4 I’m defiantly out

  4. I f they ever made an sr5 which they should they should really stop the foolishness of aliens and go back to gangs and they should make a couple of changes like letting us customize planes and helicopters not just cars. They should continue where they left off in space maybe like they find another planet and they try to rule it or something like that or like a previous commenter they should make something as timetravel since at the end they found out zinyak was able to timetravel well thats really all i got.

  5. Please refer back to Saints Row 2 for guidance.

  6. I that aafter defeating zinak they should go home and have the main character make decisions for the country and start a new civilization.

    • they should make saints row 5 were you can creat your own world

  7. Wow, you guys are really hung up on Saint’s Row not being a Grand Theft Auto clone anymore.
    I can’t see them getting back into the gang stuff, now that they’ve come this far. Regardless of how silly or batsh*t insane it’s gotten since the first game, it has been following up story wise. (Also, technically, the only reason Johnny Gat “died” was because the VA’s schedules clashed. He was needed elsewhere, so they decided to mix it up a bit.)
    But seriously, they can’t go back to being a GTA clone, they’re too far gone.
    While I would be excited to see a Saint’s Row v/5… I can’t really see it happening. I don’t know where the story’s gonna go. But then, (while SR4 WAS an accident) they went with Aliens and the Matrix and every popculture reference they could squeeze in there. And there was NO telling that was gonna happen.
    Let’s see where it goes next, hm?

  8. I would love to see a permanent return to SR2 Stilwater, with the more cartoon-ey graphics.

  9. I hope they continue with the SR3 and 4 style. SR 1 and 2 were too much like GTA and it was great to see Volition branch the series off and make it it’s own entity. I’ll play GTA for it’s seriousness and play SR for pure, unadulterated fun.

  10. They could time travel back to earth remember? Personally I thought 3 & 4 were alot better than the first two, yet to mention the president now has Zin troops working for him and the usage of time travel?? Who knows what could happen, but if it’s as good as the last one I’d be impressed

  11. yer they should continue on from saints row 4, they find another planet similar to earth, with similar species to humans and they try to take over that planet with maybe a mixture of time travel, or set over multiple planets each with there own species and gangs, the saints take over the universe haha

  12. I hope Saints row five ill be much better than GTA five likely better graphics for the next GEN like PlayStation 4 or Xbox one will be much better with better graphics much better than seeing roads for because they only has powers and aliens

  13. I think they should make an Inception reference and have your character wake up from a dream about the world ending.

  14. I liked all the saint row games so far, it was nice to see something new but I would say the style should go back to being a gang type game not the super hero squad. One reason the game had me hyped they brought back the badass Johnny Gat(they kinda dick rided him in the game though) but I hope saints row 4 was some type of dream because the game is gangsters and should really be on the gangsta life but with that you would probably not have Johnny anymore, unless they find another way to bring him back.

  15. Or make it look like he didn’t die. The superpowers were fun but we should expect similar after all there isn’t no earth so it might by some Star Wars stuff

  16. “they” being any game creators in general should make a game for next gen with ok last gen graphics and save processing space for huge worlds and over the top detail. driving cars like forza 5 with the realism, fight mechanics like fighting games. basically everything great about every type of game crammed well together in one game. awesome gameplay outweighs graphics. or at least i think so.

  17. I think they should go back to them fighting other gangs & take over somebody else’s world I really don’t like da aliens. Make it seem pike it was a dream dat they was having & the whole world back to normal and they are still fighting gangs

  18. I believe they need a saint row v I think they need to go back in time to save oleg and viola and the world and build a new crew but he need to keep his super powers

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