‘Saints Row 5′ Confirmed By Voice Actor?

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Saints Row 4 PAX East August Release

Few franchises have managed to prove that video games are made to be fun, first and foremost, to the same extent as Saints Row. After years of crafting the series’ signature brand of lighthearted, zany, and often vulgar open world gameplay, Saints Row: The Third and its sequel, Saints Row IV showed that the property still had plenty of good times left to give (read our review).

With that in mind, nobody was expecting Volition to take time off from the brand – especially not their new publisher, Deep Silver. But if a past voice actor is to be believed, the studio may already be hard at work on Saints Row 5.

Again, nobody assumed that Volition would be working on anything other than the next installment in the Saints Row series, but having implied that their next game would begin a new saga, many assumed that the studio would be taking its time in crafting the next chapter. So it came as somewhat of a surprise when actor/comedian Jay Mohr took to Twitter to let SR fans know that he was headed into the recording booth once again:

The first question that many will ask is whether Mohr is referring to the next numbered sequel, or simply an upcoming DLC release. It’s far too early to tell which is the case, but given his previous work in the industry, we would expect Mohr to know the difference. The artwork visible in the recording booth appears to pertain to SR4 (which we’ve included above), but only time will tell.

Of course, the more intriguing question is whether this is a confirmation that the actor will be reprising his role of ‘Dane Vogel’ from Saints Row 2. Playing the role of villain in the franchise’s second entry, Vogel – the former head of Ultor, a military group appearing throughout the series – ended up… defeated when his story ended, so if Mohr is returning to the role, Volition has some explaining to do.

Saints Row 5 Jay Mohr Dane Vogel

Players who finished the campaign of Saints Row IV can likely guess how Vogel would be able to appear in either future DLC or a sequel, but we’ll hold off on too much speculation for now. It’s certainly enough to get the most devoted fans (and their imaginations) working overtime.

We’ll keep you posted if Volition or Mohr himself offer some kind of clarification. But assuming that the game in question is, in fact, Saints Row V, what do you hope to see from it? Can it possibly exceed the heights of insanity seen in SR4, or would you prefer it to go in a completely new direction? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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Source: Jay Mohr (via Destructoid)


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  1. Is dex in it

  2. SR5 to me should start with time travel, though it’s a one way trip, So they go back to the same time period as one of the previous games (Maybe SR1 or SR2 set in Steelport, or SR3 set in Stillwater) They’re unarmed, powerless and naked, and have to start from the very bottom with the ultimate goal of saving the Earth. There’s no sci fi, no suspension of disbelief, just lot’s of self-roasting, a battered fourth wall and the same badass characters we’ve come to love. There could be gang gameplay, but as long as it’s not GTA in the slightest.

  3. I think sr1 and sr2 characters should be in sr5 along with gangsta theme better clothing more voices for the character to choose from

    • uhh u cant really do that cause aisha died so did lin so did carlos so

    • I think in SR5 that they should go back in time to SR1 and gather everyone again even Lin!! LOVE HER!! then wait till the main character from the first one to get into the explosion and wait till the events of SR2 to happen then just go from there..

  4. put dex in it why give us that ending in sr2 and not keep going with it why he set him up why julis go soft why was there not more missions to it make it betterand stop withall the dam aliens and stuff no powers what gansta have powers

  5. put dex in it why give us that ending in sr2 and not keep going with it why he set him up why julis go soft why was there not more missions to it make it better and stop withall the dang aliens and stuff no powers what gansta have powers

  6. Five is probably going to end up a time travelling prequel. They already dropped the prequel hint in four. Which would be fun. Kinda like saints row meets back to the future. It also easily explains why this actor is working on the mext saints row.

  7. I would think time travel is nice but over-rated, possibly time travel before the attack, using sinyaks head to prove to the past one that he came out victorius. Zinyak then joins the Saints (knowing he cant defeat them), and the saints make it ther next task to take control of other planets, where each planet is a map of it’s own. As they take on the galaxy, they back and forth in time, to get their past enemies, and make them join their cause.

    Oh and another think no matter what, please make it possible to switch upgrades on or off.

    Anyway thats my idea, please reply

    • I hardly believe time travel is overrated at all. The last game that had some relations regarding TT would be Final Fantasy 13-2 and it ended up being a pretty solid game compare to the original.

      Some of the most memorable games of all time succeeded with with TT being the base of the game; such as Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger (though both is actually a mix of TT and Alternate Dimensional TT)

      TT w/o ADTT would be a solid hit and the Saints Row can prepare the world for the invasion in the most ridiculous way.

  8. I think Saints Row V should head the same way as Grand theft auto v and make an awesome, super realistic, huge, variatied map in their new game.

  9. i think they should also let us do up the pads as well li,e on sr1 i enjoyed that

  10. I think that they should create a saints row 5 and put human characters instead of aliens and at least put some family members in the game and make the crew go back in time and save earth and b done with the alien invasion

  11. I think Saints Row 5 should have them take the ship they got in 4 and venture into the galaxy to take over another world for the humans left alive to settle on.

    • i think they should go back to the beginning of sr4 and tell zin what is going to happen to him and have a new enemy like dex or vogel come and try to destroy the saints.

  12. OK,I’m going to go ahead and call the plot so if this ends up being correct please be aware that it was called here first. So, it starts with the Saints going back in time to save Earth before it gets blown up by the Zin by warning the past Saints of the impending attack. Except, they go to far back and end up in Stillwater somewhere in limbo around Saints Row 2. However, in doing this they screw up the timeline and Dan Vogel doesn’t die. Instead, Vogel learns about time travel and the Zin and uses it to his advantage to take over the world and make an alliance with the Zin. The Saints, return to the future, thinking that their attempts to warn the human race were successful, only to find a distopic future where Dan Vogel is the president/human overlord/villain and he has joined forces with the Zin Empire. Now, the Saints must defeat both Zin and Dan Vogel in order to save the human race.

    • Good call :) This is genius! If this was the storyline of SRV I would be f***ing overjoyed :)

  13. sr5 should be the life of the main character before he joined the saints

  14. i personaly want the clothing custoimization of saints row one back where there are seprate stores for the mass amounts of chains and watches ect. but also for the abititly to buy actual houses kinda like in sr2 but with more choices and just genrally more cutomization all together. Also the abilty to go from stillwater to steelport and any other citys voition/deep silver decied to add to the game serious cause only being able to be in one city gets boring after a while

  15. My ideas on saints row 5. They need to switch up on weaponry selection so you don’t have to pause the game. Needed more clothes, shoes, the chain or necklaces needed to be or realistic. Need more voice options male and female. Need to switch up on fighting skills combat like saints row 2. They need to go back in time to stop zanyak for destroying the earth so they can be back on earth. They need more villains like triads, yakuza, thugs, gangsters and all of them. Need more missions. Need more hair selection.

  16. i think saint row V should be like the 3rd one but it shud end like the 4rth one but instead you actualy own earth and you can free roam different maps and actually be like the president

  17. If they do intend to make Jane Austen a saint, it is most likely that a time travel related SR5 would have the saints stranded in 1800s England. But have Kinzie, Matt, Cid, and/or Oleg stranded in the 1700s resulting in the others arriving in an advanced steampunk world.

  18. If there is going to be a saints row 5, which needs to happen, they should bring carlos back by going back into the future like they did with Shaundi for the old shaundi. Please. When he died I cried so so hard.

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