‘Saints Row 5′ Confirmed By Voice Actor?

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Saints Row 4 PAX East August Release

Few franchises have managed to prove that video games are made to be fun, first and foremost, to the same extent as Saints Row. After years of crafting the series’ signature brand of lighthearted, zany, and often vulgar open world gameplay, Saints Row: The Third and its sequel, Saints Row IV showed that the property still had plenty of good times left to give (read our review).

With that in mind, nobody was expecting Volition to take time off from the brand – especially not their new publisher, Deep Silver. But if a past voice actor is to be believed, the studio may already be hard at work on Saints Row 5.

Again, nobody assumed that Volition would be working on anything other than the next installment in the Saints Row series, but having implied that their next game would begin a new saga, many assumed that the studio would be taking its time in crafting the next chapter. So it came as somewhat of a surprise when actor/comedian Jay Mohr took to Twitter to let SR fans know that he was headed into the recording booth once again:

The first question that many will ask is whether Mohr is referring to the next numbered sequel, or simply an upcoming DLC release. It’s far too early to tell which is the case, but given his previous work in the industry, we would expect Mohr to know the difference. The artwork visible in the recording booth appears to pertain to SR4 (which we’ve included above), but only time will tell.

Of course, the more intriguing question is whether this is a confirmation that the actor will be reprising his role of ‘Dane Vogel’ from Saints Row 2. Playing the role of villain in the franchise’s second entry, Vogel – the former head of Ultor, a military group appearing throughout the series – ended up… defeated when his story ended, so if Mohr is returning to the role, Volition has some explaining to do.

Saints Row 5 Jay Mohr Dane Vogel

Players who finished the campaign of Saints Row IV can likely guess how Vogel would be able to appear in either future DLC or a sequel, but we’ll hold off on too much speculation for now. It’s certainly enough to get the most devoted fans (and their imaginations) working overtime.

We’ll keep you posted if Volition or Mohr himself offer some kind of clarification. But assuming that the game in question is, in fact, Saints Row V, what do you hope to see from it? Can it possibly exceed the heights of insanity seen in SR4, or would you prefer it to go in a completely new direction? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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Source: Jay Mohr (via Destructoid)

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  • Darren

    I like sr4 it brought a entirely new form of game play I mean the matrix and aliens awesome I’ve played sr2 and it was good but with sr4 was wild loved it loved the movie references loved the weapons and the costumizations and as far as sr5 I believe it will have something about time travel that’s why they might be bringing back the voice of Vogel from ultor but why would they do that if earth is destroyed the simulation maybe nope why would they do that if your the leader of the zin empire I believe your gonna time travel throught sr2 and 3 again hopefully it won’t be like gta episodes of liberty city one of the worst games ever made in my opinion and saints row was such a good franchise I hope they make a 5th

  • Cody Navrkal

    I think it should exceed IV because I would make more sense to do that than go out a start over some where we never seen before

  • jared mcgee

    I think SR5 should b like the first 3 games and fight new rival gangs. Cause the fourth one battling aliens and shit! That was just dumb! I mean don’t get me wrong. It is a fun game but was just rediculous. Please bring back the street gang wars. It would mean so much to fellow gamers and fans such as myself.

  • drywater

    i think the saints should be dead like be able to start as another gang from the past like lets say the brotherhood have them come back and take over stillwater/steelport and take out the saints

  • Imagine

    I think that deep silver should feel good getting the demons, aliens and unbelievable BS out their system and go back to the essence of the first 3 saint rows where they had issues with human beings. Hell create a biker gang for all I care but that out of space crap was painfully terrible. I couldn’t even waste any more of my life by completing the game. I sent mine back to game stop the same week. I swear I’m writing the nastiest letter daring them to try that alien crap with SR5 because I refuse to support any more of that rubbish. Ive gone on with life acting like SR4 never happened. We all are entitled to one mistake we arent proud of in life, and I would like to think that for deep silver this should be high on the list Like that no so attractive person we dated ever so briefly. So lets say we stricken this mistake from the records, yes?