Rumor Patrol: ‘Saints Row 4′ Release Date Announcement Coming at PAX East

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Saints Row 4 PAX East August Release

Koch Media has made their agenda for Saints Row 4 quite clear: they’re pushing for a 2013 release. A move which came as a surprise to most of the gaming world.

Following the company’s acquisition of the Saints Row series in January, the firm has been out to prove they can perform in the big leagues as publishers, and the parent company of Deep Silver intends to keep their promised development schedule of Saints Row 4 both on track and on time.

Aubrey Norris – Deep Silver’s newly promoted director of marketing and public relations – left a mysterious tweet directed at us media folk indicating that that something substantial was being planned for those attending PAX East 2013. That’s all Norris is willing to say, so it seems like Deep Silver will be tight-lipped until the event opens its Boston-based gates on March 22, 2013.

The company outbid Ubisoft by 16.9 million dollars to acquire Volition’s number one series, so they’ll be looking to make hay while the sun shines on their investment sooner rather than later. Of course, the big news could be related on one of Deep Silver’s other projects, like Dead Island: Riptide, but with almost all information regarding Saints Row 4 being kept under wraps, it’s about due time that the purple-clad gang dominate Deep Silver’s promotional material as the game nears its predicted release.

To add to the suspicion that Saints Row lies at the heart of this fervor, former Saints Row 1 design director Chris Stockman added to the Twitter rumor mill by claiming that ‘word from around the campfire’ is that the fourth Saints title will be released for current generation consoles in late August 2013.

Saints Row 4 Enter the Dominatrix


That would give the title only one month on store shelves before the release of rival open-world crime series Grand Theft Auto. If SR4 (which was previously built as downloadable content for SR3) is to be ready for a late 2013 release, Deep Silver should have plenty of presentable footage for PAX East 2013.

What do you think, Ranters? Are you excited about the a 2013 release window for Saints Row 4, or would you rather they spent more time on the title?

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  • COREY_1993

    ah hope so. i love saints row 3. sure it kinda strayed away from 2 and went completely bonkers but i love it. i like it more than GTA. not as much as vice city or san andreas but gta 4 was bad imo.

  • Brandon B

    Honestly, SR3 was a liiitle over the top for me, but I still love the series. I hate when publishers compress game production time (not realizing that game production will also be compressed). I think SR4 has to be a lot stronger than 3 by incorporating more game mechanics (such as the human shield/takedown system in SR3), but I’m afraid it won’t be impressive enough both graphically customization and gameplay-wise if the production is so rushed. :/ Hope it’s good.

  • Duckmaster

    Personally, while I loved Saints Row 2, I feel as though the series really came into it’s own with Saints Row: The Third

  • Big Scar Wu

    Saints row and Gta are both good games in their own ways. Not to mention sleeping dogs.

  • Nathaniel Cannon

    As much as i want to play the next Saints Row game, i would really want the game to be fully developed with everything peole has wanted in game by giving it more time to develoe in order for that to happen. Great job so far Volition. Wish you luck on making the game that we are all waiting for.