Rumor Patrol: Nintendo Considering ‘Wii U’ Name Change

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Wii U Possible Name Change Rumor

The rumors and announcements surrounding the upcoming release of Nintendo’s next console, the Wii U are coming more and more frequently these days, and show no signs of stopping. But the most recent report isn’t concerned with the official holiday 2012 launch, and may come as absolutely no surprise to some gamers. Nintendo is seeking to avoid many of the marketing blunders experienced with the 3DS, with apparently a possible Wii U name change being considered.

Hearing that the somewhat controversial name of the next console may be changed to make the system more appealing is less than shocking. After the system was unveiled at last year’s E3 and gave gamers a brand name to replace that of ‘Project Cafe,’ to say that the new title was a surprise would be an understatement. While Nintendo claimed to be evolving to recapture the hardcore audience, keeping the Wii label seemed to imply otherwise.

Since then the news surrounding the Wii U has gotten much more positive, with the past few weeks bringing news of hardware twice as powerful as Xbox 360, and Nintendo finally making the right steps for online play with The new Nintendo Network. Still, you can’t understate the importance of a great name and look – a white hard drive isn’t exactly ‘bold’ – and apparently Nintendo agrees.

That’s according to CVG, who claim that “sources close to the platform holder” are suggesting that those in charge of the console’s success are already second-guessing their choice of titles:

“serious discussions are ongoing at the highest level in the US and Japan as to whether the firm should cut its losses and give the console a different name.”

The sudden shift in thinking is tied to the confusion and underwhelming response received with the release of the Nintendo 3DS last year. Apparently adding a single letter or number to an existing product name doesn’t exactly convince consumers that the device truly is ‘the next generation,’ which is a fair argument to make.

Since more and more details seem to emphasize just how different the Wii U will be from its predecessor, coming up with a completely new name isn’t such a bad idea. Nintendo is far from worried about their current share of the gaming marketplace, but there’s no reason to leave potential obstacles intact. With remaining concerns over just how many third party games will support the Wii U, it’s in the company’s best interest to convince the world that this console really is a change to the formula.

What do you think of a possible re-branding for the Wii U? Any potential ideas that you’ve come up with or heard in the past that you thought were better than putting a ‘u’ on the end? Leave us your ideas in the comments.

We’ll keep you updated when Nintendo either comments on this report, or announces a name change for the Wii U.

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Source: CVG

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  • Poncho

    Doubt it, but if they do it should be the Super Wii Entertainment System (SWES)

    • Androol

      Would certainly be a step up!

    • Joe

      i like Unes. or NESU. Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System or
      Nintendo Entertainment System Ultra.
      “Now you’re playing with Power. Ultra Power!”

      • Poncho

        Yeah I was thinking of UNES too, but it sounded too close to my History teacher’s name and that was kinda creepy

  • Frank


  • Martn

    How about we just call it. Nintendo

  • Androol

    They could go with Wii 2 (which is probably what they’ll do, to try and keep the “Wii” cachet), or just Nintendo U; or they could go back to “Stream,” which is silly as a companion for “Wii,” but it’s a decent name.

  • MacdaddyMiddleton

    Whatever the title is I’m still going to buy this thing.

  • Rick

    I was thinking the code name they used before……Dolphin

  • Rob Keyes

    I still don’t dig the “Wii U” so I’d be game for a name change. Then again, for branding purposes, if it uses the same Wiimotes and such, maybe just Wii 2.

    • MacdaddyMiddleton

      That’s mainly for the wii library isn’t it…the wii could use gamecube controllers, and they didn’t call their next system gamecube 2. I’m sure whatever they possibly name it it’ll be better than wii u.

      • Joe

        new UNES games will also use the Wii Remotes as well as the Tablet controller.

  • Brandon

    Nintendo Revolution, the project name for the first wii sounded awesome.

    • Luno Yoryiki

      ….agreed…..that was seriously my favorite name for the wii……

    • Joe

      “Revolution” would still be cool, Gamecube’s was “Dolphin” and N64 was “Project Reality”

  • Ace

    Aw….. just when it was starting to grow on me. I still can’t believe it’s what they came up with.

  • Daniel Stampe

    I remember when the wii was originally called the revolution.they should go by”Revolution” since this new system is supposed to.revolutionize and change the way we play gaming

  • DemonX1974

    How about Nintendo Jaguar. Cuz I see it doing just as good if not worse than the Atari Jaguar.

  • Joe

    Unes would be good, and keeps the U intact.
    Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System.
    I like the sound of it. I may call it that anyways.

    • MacdaddyMiddleton

      I actually really like the sound of that

  • TheAvenger

    Maybe they’ll change it to “U Wii”? 😉
    But seriously, they should change the name… and “Wii 2(two/too)” doesn’t work either IMO — to many pee jokes with a name like that.

    They should give it a completely new name. (Someone mentioned “Revolution” – something like that could work – if it really does turn out to be revolutionary that is.)

  • rob

    How bout Wii Stream? It looks like the Wii but your able to stream gameplay to the tablet

    • TheAvenger

      “Wii Stream”?
      Once again… WAY too many possible jokes that’ll spawn out of that name.

  • burrito buddy

    Introducing the Nintendo Dong! The world’s very first tubular, rumble enhanced game console, designed specifically with “hardcore” gamers in mind!

  • Tay

    I don’t care what they change it to as long as they change it lol.

  • Ken J

    Geez, wouldn’t that be a good idea? Wii U is a terribly stupid name…

  • SAM

    WII 360

  • SAM

    SNES 2

  • Jickjack