Rumor Patrol: ‘Donkey Kong’ and ‘Kirby’ 3DS Coming This Year

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Donkey Kong 3D and Kirby 3DS

Two rumors have sprung up pertaining to two Nintendo games that any 3DS owner would love to own, and they are none other than Donkey Kong and Kirby. Both of these games popped up today in the form of retailer listings, and even though they’re far from officially confirmed, it seems like at least one of the games will be hitting the 3D handheld at some point later this year.

GameStop may have given away some details on Donkey Kong 3D a little prematurely, with a case for the unannounced game being spotted on the shelves of several stores recently. If that wasn’t already enough to get 3DS owners excited, it’s also being reported that stores are allowing gamers to pre-order the game right now.

Kirby, on the other hand, seems a little less legitimate, however, as a retailer listing and mock box art for the alleged title have shown up on The site also lists Donkey Kong Country 3D for pre-order too, along with some faux cover art. Both games seem like they’ll definitely be coming out on the 3DS at some point in its life cycle, but they probably won’t arrive for a while.

While a May 25th release is named for Donkey Kong 3D, since May is just around the corner that seems like a bit of a stretch for a game whose existence is still unconfirmed. That being said, it seems like GameStop definitely dropped the ball by advertising pre-orders; by doing that they’ve done one of two things wrong. They’ve either opened up pre-orders for a game that doesn’t exist, or they’ve just blown the cover on a game Nintendo has yet to announce. We’d put our money on the latter.

Do you think Donkey Kong Country will swing onto the 3DS? Is Kirby destined to blow onto the portable?

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  • mr koolaidman

    What’s up with the Super smash bros 3DS coming in 2012? i don’t think nintendo confirmed it to come this year, maybe in 2 years or so but this early?

    • chomplet

      they already confirmed ssb for the 3ds but no date was anounced

      • GameCollector44

        There’s no way it’s coming out in less than a year. Nintendo actually takes time to work on their games, unlike some companies churning out a new entry in the series every 9 months. ~coughCoDcough~

    • Riley Little

      Yeah, it definitely won’t be coming this year. Nintendo is likely just beginning development on the game right now, considering that Sakurai has finished up development on Kid Icarus: Uprising.

      The most we could hope for is a teaser trailer at E3, but even that may be stretching it. :(

  • Poncho

    If this is true I hope it’s similar to DK64

  • Dwayne Holder

    A new Donkey Kong for 3DS would be awesome. I missed out on DKCR on the Wii and I could still get it, but I spend little time in front of a TV. Having it for my 3DS would be sweet.

  • jesse685

    I was there. Not only that but I also spotted a Need for Speed cover stating “Coming 2012″. I wonder who could be making this mysterious new one?