Rumor Patrol: Neill Blomkamp Directing ‘Halo’ TV Pilot

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Halo Television Show Neill Blomkamp

Back before the software for Xbox One was showcased by Microsoft, the house of Bill Gates held a debut event for its console that focussed almost solely on the features and media that would be arriving on the platform at a later date. One of the biggest announcements to come from the event, if not the biggest announcement, was that Microsoft and Steven Spielberg would be collaborating on a Halo television series β€” with plans to air the content on the Xbox One.

Details on the project have been largely missing in action ever since it was first announced, with the exception being the leadership shuffle that’ll better aid 343 Industries as it tries to push as it breaks the Halo franchise through into other mediums. Now word has come that Spielberg and Microsoft have settled on a director for the planned television series’ pilot episode, and the name will be familiar for those that followed past developments pertaining to the once planned Halo movie.

According to Latino Review and the site’s anonymous source, the man lined up for the project is none other than Neill Blomkamp β€” the director behind Elysium and District 9. Blomkamp took many of the ideas that were left over from the pre-production stages of the scrapped Halo film and implemented them into District 9, but the director has expressed interest in returning to Master Chief’s universe at some point in the future.

Halo Movie Might Be Saved

Taking his passion for the franchise into consideration (not to mention the copious amount of talent he’s demonstrated in the past) and Blomkamp seems like a no-brainer when it comes down to deciding which director will work with Microsoft’s blockbuster Halo property. Although the rumored Ridley Scott Halo production made sense given how viable of a candidate he’d be for the sci-fi property.

Right now this is all just a rumor, barring any announcements from either Microsoft or producer Steven Spielberg in the near future, so take this news with a grain of salt. That said, there are few people as qualified as Neill, and his past interest/involvement with the Halo series seem to only give credence to this rumor.

Do you think Blomkamp is the right man for the job? What other candidates should Microsoft and Spielberg be eyeing up?


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Source: Latino Review

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  • Tron

    Blomkamp would still be an excellent candidate for the halo franchise, his films are always thought prevoking and not just generic sci fi shooter films. Elysium was a great movie that question the morals of humanity poor vs rich whilst district 9 question the morals of right and wrong over supremacy combine these two together and you have the making of a great halo franchise for either tv or movie.

  • roxysdaddio

    Yeah this will awesome if it’s true

  • Ken J

    So Halo will be where all of the evil rich people will live, and they will have unlimited resources that can feed and heal everyone but do not help anyone because they are evil (like all rich people are, duh). Master Chief is actually a factory worker that gets a fatal dose of radiation even though in a previous scene that same machine is shown to have a redundancy that would prevent that kind of accident (the operator has to manually activate the radioactive exposure with a button on the outside), but anyway, nobody will notice this mistake, and the Master Chief suit is given to him by a group trying to break into Ely… um, Halo, so he can break into Halo to reprogram their central computer to allow everyone into Halo. πŸ˜›

    • Andrew

      I see little reason for the cynicism. This could turn out okay.

      • Gabriel Michial

        You mean like Halo 4 did? This is a joke, an attempt by Microsoft to bring attention to a series of games slowly destroyed by the need to improve. However, those improvements ended up putting it on par with Call of Duty and even copied it in a lot of ways while breaking other ways. Halo 4 was a huge disappointment and if the next game in the franchise doesn’t improve from that abomination, Halo will become obsolete.

  • Tron

    Ken j you obviously dont understand themes I and coventions in films that was what I was pointing out. Films should be thought provoking and not just generic shooter films that you are obviously a custom to.

    • Ken J


      Oh, right, because I don’t buy into that immature and simplistic point of view, I must be really shallow and only like “generic shooter films.” πŸ˜€

      And Tron, I understand that part of the reason why you feel the way you do is also responsible for your apparent delusion that everything revolves around you, but I simply commented on here, I wasn’t replying to you nor did I even make reference to your comment. Notice this branching system and how if I was replying to you it would branch off your comment? Or have you not figured this out yet? lol