Rocksteady Studios Rumored to Tackle TMNT Title

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Raphael, Leonardo, Michelangelo and Donatello

The gaming world is awash with rumors, next generation console speculation, upcoming sequels or prequels and who is making what next. The latest rumor to set the gaming community ablaze is simple: Rocksteady Studios may be making the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles their next big game project.

If true, this is not something we expected when listing the top five superhero games we’d like to see from Rocksteady

Aside from being an appropriately named studio for the job (sharing a name with the Shredder’s bumbling Rhinoceros henchman), PGN believes they may already have the tools they need to pull it off. With the Turtles mainly being active in New York’s sewers or nighttime skyline, the environments, lighting and atmosphere would likely be similar to that of Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham City. Lacking any radical powers or abilities, the Turtles also rely mostly on their martial prowess and ninja gear which may allow Rocksteady to make use of their pre-existing combat engine.

Now here’s where things get a little sticky. Rocksteady Studios are an England-based company owned by Time Warner, and as of late 2009 the TMNT franchise was purchased by Nickelodeon, a subsidiary of Viacom entertainment. With Nickelodeon’s announcement of an upcoming CG-animated series and Paramount (another Viacom company) working on a live-action movie for TMNT, it would make sense for a game to be in the works as well.

Transmedia releases are becoming more and more common but with big companies like Warner and Viacom involved, licensing could become an issue. Could Rocksteady be bringing the Turtles out for an Arkham City style game, or is this rumor just more flotsam in the Manhattan Sewers?

Source: PGN (Via Now Gamer)

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  • Tay

    I love turtles!!! So I hope this is true.

  • SV

    While it sounds pretty unlikely, I would LOVE a ninja turtles game for this generation of consoles! I loved the old SNES and arcade turtles games and making a larger, deeper turtles game would be great (especially with co-op!)

    • Tay

      Yes! Co-op would be a must. I’d have to be Leonardo tho lol.

  • Dante

    Rocksteady? Ninja Turtles? YES, YES, YES, YES

    Can you guys imagine the awesome combat mechanics? Unique to each turtle? Downloadable Casey Jones? Usagi Yojimbo? YES

    Man I am imagining an awesome city-scape, tons of foot soldiers to beat down and 4 player online co-op.

    I’m drooling.

  • Tay

    Casey!!! I forgot about him, that would be SEEET! 4 player co/op? See now its sounding to awesome to be true :( Turtles deserve it tho, hopefully it works out.

  • DarthMalnu

    I totally called it for one of my “top 5 games Rocksteady needs to make”… it happened.

  • z

    If rocksteady dont make this game then bebop should!!

    • Dante

      LOL, nice one.

  • Riley Little

    I’d love to see Rocksteady’s version of… Rocksteady.

  • Chuck

    This would be epic I loved all the origionals, some of my favorite games growing up.

    • Chuck


  • ATG

    This would be awesome actually. And everyone talking about 4 player co-op, that would change the pace of the game if it’s sandbox like Arkham City. I’m sure they could pull it off but just imagine someone on your team wondering off doing their own thing.

    They would have to develop something that will keep all 4 players together, it would be REQUIRED. Maybe “puzzles” that require multiple participants, no differen than the Riddler challenges.

    The amount of enemies would have to increase so everyone stays busy. Imagine someone having to sneak around to eliminate a sniper so the other turtles can pass (or something like that).

    Single player would work better, co-op could be seperate like the challenge maps. In the beginning, just pick a character and the story plays out slightly different. Team mates get seperated and whatnot, alternate paths depending on the character you choose. The story should remain the same though, with the exception of “Big events” like boss battles or quick time moments. Dialogue and voice overs would change in that case.

    Ok I’ve gotten into it too much… I’m excited just reading this RUMOR.

  • Chris

    Yay. Turtles will be badass again. They haven’t really been cool since their last live-action movie. :’\

  • TheAvenger

    I love the TMNT. I loved the show, the tie-in movie to the show and I really liked the movie-based-game as well.

    If Rocksteady is working on this, then it might very well turn out to be one of the best games ever…


  • Dante

    Knowing Rocksteady we could expect a steady stream of lesser known Turtles characters….let’s see, (besides Casey Jones & Usagi Yojimbo who I already mentioned)

    Ray Fillet
    Ace Duck
    Wingnut & Screwloose
    Mondo Gecko

    Anyone wanna add?

  • Tristan

    I might be the only one but I’d be perfectly ok with a story mode without co-op. But instead branching storylines / different points of view.

  • Dante

    Anyone remember the 1st Turtles game on NES way back in the day? Man that was a brutal game, stupid top-down street levels…