‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ Team Didn’t Intend Exclusivity Confusion

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Rise of the Tomb Raider Exclusivity Confusion Not Intended

When Microsoft first announced Rise of the Tomb Raider as an Xbox exclusive fans were sent into a frenzy. While many had expected Sony and Microsoft to match each other blow for blow with new features and first party exclusives, few expected that third party titles might also be on the table.

And as it turns out, those suspicions were partially true, as Rise of the Tomb Raider was later revealed to be a timed exclusive for the Xbox One and Xbox 360, not an outright exclusive. The title will hit Microsoft’s platforms first in 2015, but it will eventually hit PC and PlayStation some time later.

However, with the issue now made clearer, many are wondering why there was so much initial confusion. Why didn’t Crystal Dynamics or publisher Square Enix come out and confirm Rise of the Tomb Raider was also coming to PS4 and PC sooner, rather then let gamers picket their game before it ever came out.

According to Crystal Dynamics, they never expected there would be any confusion. They thought that it was important to put the focus on announcing Rise of the Tomb Raider‘s Xbox exclusivity without explaining much more than that.

We certainly didn’t intend to cause any confusion with the announcement. The Microsoft Gamescom stage was a great place to make the initial announcement, but not necessarily to go into details.

However, what the developers thought was merely a brief announcement instead turned into a confusing one. Actually, at first gamers were disappointed, angry even, that Rise of the Tomb Raider was skipping the PlayStation and PC platforms, but after learning the exclusivity was timed that disappointment shifted to the confusing nature of the announcement. For that matter, gamers wondered why Tomb Raider had chosen the Xbox One over the PS4, despite Sony’s platform leading current-gen console sales by a wide margin.

Whatever the case may be, Microsoft secured the exclusive and they now have an edge when it comes to 2015 releases. It might not be a significant one, but Microsoft certainly showed their fan base that they are willing to go after the big titles. Potentially even spend money to secure them. According to SCEE President Jim Ryan, that’s not something Sony is willing to do. But they may change their tune if this Rise of the Tomb Raider business sways sales in Microsoft’s favor.

Do you think they should have been more upfront about Rise of the Tomb Raider‘s exclusivity deal? Has the exclusivity deal hurt your interest in the game?

Rise of the Tomb Raider releases for Xbox 360 and Xbox One in 2015.

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  • jpsein

    The way I see it as a person that has jumped from ps2 to xbox 360 to ps4.. the ps4 version will be a polished version.. I for one will happily wait for that!

  • Kaipur

    I think that Eidos and Square have now turned me off of their games. I enjoyed the first one but if these companies are going to allow big corporations to dictate where their games will be available first, then I’m just not going to buy them. I understand the Halos, the Resistances, the Last of Us’s, and etc etc. But I’m tired of it. Games shouldn’t be bargaining chips for gamers. If that’s how they want to play it, then PC games will take the cake and win the fans.

  • Andrew

    Microsoft are just a bunch of corporate pricks who have to ruin everything. I’ll still get it, but i’m still pissed snybody would sell out their game to a corporate company like this

    • AZgamer

      Doesn’t ruin it for me.

  • D N Walker

    Didn’t expect the confusion? A game which has been on Playstation since day one and then we’re told it’s a x-box exclusive and assuming fans will understand it’s only a timed exclusive without telling them is not Square or Crystal’s fault but Microsoft’s in the hopes that everyone who owns or is planning on buying a PS4 will jump ship to them. Which I would never do seeing the X box is and will always be a over glorified desktop computer than a games console.

    Sony Playstation forever

    • AZgamer

      games consoles are underpowered desktop computers :/ Especially the PS4 and X1.

  • James

    Someone go change the wiki then.

  • brodie westfall

    well being my first game i ever played and playing it on ps4 (tomb raider) im in love with it – first off just the thought that i couldnt play another game that includes lara croft and all her tricks erks me bad and having to go spend money on a xbox when im all about ps4 erks me and why dont they let ps3 games work on ps4 with mabey a internet upgrade or something -money scams are the new leading legal business practices for 2015 and future transactions in this dog eat dog world

  • omar Kazmi

    plz anyone tell me when rise of tomb raider for pc is coming

  • Viido

    I love Sony and I never ever buy Xbox Microsoft never get my money

  • Phoenix Lizovalamera

    I own an Xbox one and a PS4 and personally I think the Xbox has a few qualities the ps4 lacks but I still love them both so this doesn’t affect my decision to buy tomb raider at all I am going to wait thought cause I like my tomb raiders for PS

  • DvS Dragon

    It’s a statement nothing more, nothing less..
    If anything it only reinforced my disgust towards Microsoft..
    All their doing is creating conflict because we somehow need to be reminded they have a name,
    timed or not.. PlayStation or Xbox or PC..
    The fact remains these games are created to be shared with the world and enjoyed by “preferable as much people as possible” to play and have fun with!

  • Aaron Poston

    I can understand Microsoft or Sony coming up with their own IPs to release exclusively for their consoles. However, the idea of making third party titles, especially long standing franchises, exclusive is beyond irritating. It’s not just irritating however, it’s a bad idea. No players in the PS4 or PC camps are going to jump ship and switch consoles, and if it’s just a reward for customer loyalty, that is what each company’s own IPs are for. Though I have to say that more of the blame lies on Crystal and Square Enix for selling out, than on Microsoft for waisting whatever they spent to get the exclusivity.
    Also, if you were going to make the game exclusive, why the hell would you pick X-Box one. I understand that Tomb Raider is known, loved, and played by players across consoles and systems, but those of us who remember 1996 know that Lara was born on the playstation, and thus that is where the oldest longest running portion of her fan base lies. If that isn’t enough, PS4 unit sales have crushed those of X-Box One. Microsoft had the good sense to get rid of always online before release, and they finally just dropped the price. Supposedly the latter concession is helping their sales drastically, but as of the end of 2014,
    PS4: 20.2 million units sold
    X-Box One: 10 million units sold

  • DvS Dragon

    Suppose we could blame either side for this.. it doesn’t matter anymore.
    I remember 1996 very clearly.. and it wasn’t “born” on PlayStation..
    Back then it was already a multi-platform game released game, heck i loved it as soon as i played the demo on a Dos PC inside the store.
    I ended up buying the PC and PlayStation versions that day and still retain the original packaging and discs intact to this date along with all the other titles that came afterwards.
    That said my love for these games will never die, however i might hope that one day companies become less immature about sharing rights ..

  • Nestat

    It’s logical for me to directly accuse Crystal Dynamics AND Square Enix for being absolute unprofessional, deliberately causing this confusion and favoring the XBox One over the PS4 because… of money of course.

    Shame on them both, for being Microsoft’s puppets. Disgusting.

    By the way i own BOTH consoles.

  • Meltymints

    there’s a square enix advert on uk tv thats saying that the xbox one version of this game will be released august 2015, not seen this mentioned anywhere else. I’ve seen the advert twice so far, they started about a week ago, late at night.

  • mus

    People instead of complaining go and buy xbox one and you are sort it this gaming is a huge money making market. Of course they gonna do whatever they can to sell more console. Every true gamer should have ps4. Xbox1. And pc. If you dont have all of those than you are not a gamer have a nice day people

    • Christina

      Personally, I would never buy an Xbox One. That’s the whole reason Rise Of The Tomb Raider was made an exclusive for XB1. I’d rather wait and get it for PS4.

      • susana

        I had considered buying an XB1 – I missed out on the last TR DLC… and I ♡ TR, but I’ve delayed buying any next gen console because the PS4 is superior in several ways….I’m pissed that no info was clear about exclusivity being timed.. and its still not clear how long… but I’ll be playing AC Liberty and Syndicate until this happens and cursing the parties that have upset us die hard fans.
        Maybe the deal with MS helped finance game development? But the ambiguity about whether it would ever be released on other platforms was cruel, and the lost sales from other platform players could be more since PS remains a strong choice.
        Dissapointed but glad ubisoft’s other favourites are coming up with some great alternatives meantime.