Grasshopper Manufacture Doesn’t Think Retail Games Will Die Out

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Grasshopper Says Retail Not Dead, Looking At Steam

As digital distribution becomes more prominent in the game industry, there are some that believe it means physical games are doomed in the long-run. Grasshopper Manufacture’s Akira Yamaoka however, doesn’t think that’s the case, as to him, the emergence of digital platforms doesn’t represent the end of retail.

Yamaoka, probably best known for his work on the Silent Hill series, told Siliconera that he’s hoping to branch out to digital platforms such as Steam and Origin in the near future. When asked on his thoughts about Steam, he bluntly stated that retail games won’t die out.

Grasshopper’s 2011 release Shadows of the Damned sold abysmally at retail, despite being a solid action title. It’s nice to hear that the team hasn’t given up on retail releases, which is especially evident in their hopes to make a sequel.

“I don’t think that packaged games will die out, but Steam has a lot of potential since it works with different hardware.”

While Grasshopper does have another retail game out in the coming months in Lollipop Chainsaw, they’ve already begun spreading out to digital services. The team recently released an XBLA exclusive titled Sine Mora, which ended up becoming a hit among our staff and the gaming community at large.

As for the eventual branch out to mobile and digital platforms, Yamaoka doesn’t just want to port over old Grasshopper titles, but to make completely new games. The CCO of Grasshopper is also interested in making horror games, so who knows, maybe we’ll get to see a PC exclusive spiritual successor to Silent Hill in the near future.

It is really refreshing to see Yamaoka’s attitude, as opposed to the physical media doom and gloom sentiment many analysts and developers seem to have. Digital doesn’t have to kill physical, and vice versa; both mediums have their own advantages and disadvantages, and as someone who prefers a physical disc to a download code, I look forward to placing Grasshopper’s games on my shelf and not in my download list.

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  • Jecht

    Akira knows what he is talking about he is a video game music GOD. I agree with him. Retail games promise too much profit from too many retailers for it to die out anytime soon. Too many people (myself included) enjoy having an physical object in their hand over just the idea of a digital copy.

  • brian

    i sure do hope that physical copies dont die out! i refuse to download games due to the lack of buyer seller marketplace. i cant resell or lend out a download. i could rant about it, but that is my main point right there. DLC = horror!!!!!

  • bryan boothroyd

    Dlc isnt the same as a digital copy of a game, that being said i hate dowloading games of XBL or PSN it never works right or for that matter work at all.

  • Kanman

    Besides used copies of the games can be cheaper than downloading them to the Xbox harddrive from the marketplace. I’m pretty sure it is the same story with the PS3.