Insomniac Unleashes the Chimera in ‘Resistance 3′ Trailer

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Resistance 3 Trailer

It’s been nearly nine months since we first got wind of Resistance 3 development and today, directly following the announcement of Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One, Insomniac made it official.

The official Resistance 3 teaser trailer is just that a tease, featuring live-action footage – but no gameplay.

Nonetheless, the announcement is certainly good news – considering both the critical and commercial success of its predecessor. Resistance 3 has been in development for two years and is eying a 2011 release date – meaning Insomniac will have put at least three full years into the game before it hits the shelves.

Marcus Smith, Creative Director at Insomniac Games, expressed the team’s appreciation:

“The team has been hard at work over the last two years developing Resistance 3, and we’re excited to have extra time to ensure that this game lives up to the expectations we’ve all got for it.”

Check out the Resistance 3 teaser trailer below:

While the trailer certainly showcases the potential for a Hollywood film adaptation, it doesn’t provide much tangible information regarding Resistance 3‘s plot, setting, or gameplay improvements.

However, it’s worth speculating that Resistance 3 will utilize New York as one potential backdrop. The finalized logo (shown in the trailer) does match the leaked billboard from October – which prominently featured the Empire State Building as well as the Statue of Liberty. In addition, the live-action train stalls in what appears to be an underground rail-system – potentially New York’s subway system.

Say what you want about the console war, but Sony is putting together a great first party line-up for 2011 with titles such as Killzone 3, InFAMOUS 2 – and now Resistance 3.

Resistance 3 Chimera

No official information regarding the Resistance 3 release time-line has been announced but expect that Insomniac will be shooting for the second half of 2011 – in order to avoid the Killzone 3 juggernaut. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

What do you think of the Resistance 3 trailer? What are you hoping to see in the next Resistance installment?

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  • Aaron Leach

    It also looks like we see the Arch in St. Louis right before they go into a train tunnel, so maybe we’ll see that location as well.

    I also found it interesting to see the trailer focus on a group of travelers. Could we see four player coop in this game as well? Or even a more team based, L4D approach to the gameplay?

  • Sin

    Wow I love when they make these Live-Action trailers! That is both serious and sarcastic. Serious because they’re awesome. Sarcastic because it’s just one big fu**ing tease!

    I loved the Halo and Assassins Creed ones!

  • Anthony Taormina

    Resistance 2 had some truly epic moments. I’m hoping for a some Empire State Building size Chimera.

  • Darren

    I mean come on, you’ve gotta give that kinda trailer a standing ovation man.

  • JASPER42

    well, we can also guess the .44 magnum is returning. as well as a rosmore and (i think) the marksman too. Bring on the R3. I wounder what the new online will be like.