‘Resident Evil 6′ Modders Discover On-Disc DLC; Capcom Responds

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Resident Evil 6 DLC Disc

This March, publisher/developer Capcom was discovered as yet another purveyor of on-disk DLC – selling players a game disk under the guise of total ownership and access, while secretly locking additional content (in this case, 12 new fighters for Street Fighter X Tekken) to sell at a later date.

Capcom issued a statement shortly thereafter – they defended the method as vital for “efficiency and flexibility” in the game’s life cycle, but acknowledged the unsavory nature of the ordeal and promised to reevaluate their DLC approach in the future. Unfortunately, Resident Evil 6 might have just taken them a step back.

Modders have begun posting videos to YouTube exposing content in Resident Evil 6 that they allege was found by unlocking hidden files.

Uncovered so far is an extra difficulty mode called “No Hope” that ostensibly takes the game’s challenges to new, near-impossible heights. At the same time, other discovered, but-still-locked files relating to map packs, multiplayer game modes, and co-op for the Ada Wong campaign are denoted as future DLC. The important distinction is that No Hope Mode is the only DLC file entirely on the Resident Evil 6 disk; everything else, according to YouTube user FluffyQuack, who uploaded the footage, is “only partially on-disk.”

Resident Evil 6 on disc dlc

Vaguely (albeit promptly), Capcom confirmed this much in a response to Eurogamer today. The company sought to assure gamers that “virtually all” of their upcoming RE 6 DLC is not on-disk, however for “technical reasons,” one piece – presumably No Hope Mode – is embedded in the original copy:

“We still have unannounced DLC for RE 6 that will be revealed in the coming months and while virtually all such content will not be on the disc there will be one piece of content, that for technical reasons, requires the use of a combination of newly downloaded data and data that is included on the retail game disc.”

How Capcom’s description of “newly downloaded data” communicating with retail-game-disc data differs from the concept of, you know, any DLC is a bit beyond our comprehension – and that’s likely the point.

Capcom is well aware – after Mass Effect 3’s “From Ashes” controversy and their own machinations with Street Fighter X Tekken – that while nothing legally prevents the shipping of disk-locked content, morally it’s a grey area. Many gamers see it as a surreptitious binding on what should be a part of the standard game, the 16 grams of plastic they already purchased. Former Epic design director Cliff Blezinski made a convincing point regarding on-disc DLC this April – he noted the idle time a developer has while the core game is going through its shipping cycle, as well as the “compatibility issues” Capcom might be referencing – but it’s virtually impossible to tell who’s doing it out of necessity and who’s simply exploiting demand.

Ranters, has Capcom crossed the line with Resident Evil 6’s disk-locked content?

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Source: Eurogamer

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  • MikePitcher

    wah wah wah… who cares. just play the games, and be happy, and if you dont want to pay the extra later to unlock the content.. then dont.. why does it matter if its coming from a server, or coming from the disk. good lord people are ridiculous.

    • http://gamerant.com Brian Sipple

      I think most of the concern stems from the possibility of exploitation – who’s to say the company didn’t just chop off content from the core game in order to make an extra buck. Capcom and others might be founded in saying there technical issues at times, but you can guarantee that will happen if on-disk DLC becomes widespread.

    • The_Philosopher

      Don’t you mean, “just play 60% of the game, and be happy”.

      No one is complaining about “extra” content, they are complaining about “missing” content from the core game.

      Customers should be able to pay full price for a “full” game, but we are paying full price for part of a game, then are asked to pay extra for the “rest” of the game (that should have been included with the initial purchase)

      With many games this sort of thing is obvious, Prince of Persia removed the game ending, the conclusion to the story was lock, and you had to pay extra to finish the game.

      (imagine if FFVII cuts off right before you fight Sephiroth, and requires you to buy the Sephiroth fight + game ending)

      Use critical thinking.

  • Jecht

    People need to stop snooping and hacking these discs then they wouldn’t find it. It’s a convenience things for the developer, big whoop. Gamers need to get over themselves.

    • Conner

      How can any self-respecting gamer say this? The companies are trying to take advantage of you by locking off content and making you pay extra for it even though it’s right there on the disc that you’ve already bought. There is literally nothing acceptable about that.

      • Kool-Aider

        Thank you.
        You sir are smart to the business.
        (NOT sarcasm.)

    • The_Philosopher

      That’s like saying “Police officers need to stop snooping and discovering human trafficking rings”

      Are we that fearful of truth that we would shun the practices that reveal it?

  • Kool-Aider

    You here that guys & gals ?
    Listen closely.
    It’s the winds of change.
    New companies are replacing the late Capcom such a Platinum Games Inc & Comcept.

  • genericiz3d

    DLC should be an afterthought. A game should be designed and shipped to the best of the production team’s abilities. If some sleepy-eyed programmer has an earth-shattering epiphany four or five days after a game goes gold, then it should be considered for DLC material. Having it on the disc at shipping means that someone actually thought it, coded it, and finalized it all before the game is ready to go.
    It not only shows how greedy producers can be, but also how presumptuous they can be as well. Why make DLC for a game if you don’t even know if the game is going to sell well in the first place? If the game tanks, you spent precious resources on DLC that no one will pay for. Resources that could have gone towards making the core game better.

    DLC can be done right. Capcom just isn’t sure how.

  • Brandon

    It sounds like a few gamers would rather just remain ignorant to the fact they’re being taken advantage of by companies like Capcom. Do you think it makes it better if you just don’t know you’re being screwed? Wake up, pay attention, and stop acting like others are crybabies because they choose to take notice of things they don’t agree with while you’d rather just give your money to anyone who asks for it.

    I love Resident Evil (have since ’95) and was waiting for the release of RE6 as much as anyone. When I heard there were extra multiplayer modes already planned before the game was released, I decided not only to not pre-order it, but not to buy it at all as I suspected there would be on-disc DLC. If Capcom only cares about my wallet, they’re definitely going to hear what my wallet has to say.

    • Kool-Aider

      I & others like us , respect you for that.

  • schitzoid avenger

    If I’m not going to have access to 30% of the game content when I purchase said game. I should be paying 30% less for the game at the time of purchase. One more reason to buy used games. Of coarse companies are trying to stop that option too. At some point you will alienate the consumer and you will be out of business.

  • Jeff J.

    The game is as it is and it is the property of Capcom.To suggest that anyone else has a legitimet say is foolery.

    Most DLC is not worth buying especially multiplayer map packs.Most will not buy these thus limiting the play.Buying a season pass is cool until you see what you get.Half baked modes and gimmicks galore caveat emptor.

  • COREY_1993

    i hate this… i love capcom but they need to stop it.

    • Kool-Aider

      The only way they’ll stop is if you stop buying their products.

  • http://unbuildthegame.blogspot.com/ UnbuildTheGame

    The best solution for this is to wait for the GOTY edition like I did with RE5. You get all the DLC and it’ll be $30-$40 maximum.

  • Rodney

    Capcom… Stahp..

  • Jak Frost

    capcom your a bunch of jerk offs. you know what would be really decent dlc weapon customization i cant believe they took it out in the first place. it was the only thing I had a problem with now this this just pathetic.