Is ‘Redguard’ Yet Another ‘Skyrim’ DLC?

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Skyrim Redguard DLC Rumor

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season has finally come to a close — both evidenced by and punctuated with Steam‘s holiday sale, which is re-wrapping itself for next season. Gamers everywhere have a lot to look forward to in the new year, and Bethesda Softworks seems eager not to disappoint. After the flurry of updates and downloadable content that has been made available for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in the past few short months, the award-winning studio appears to have more of their epic story to tell.

Right on the heels of Dragonborn‘s success (and impending release on PS3 and PC, if all goes well) comes another round of information and speculation. It has recently been discovered that Bethesda’s parent company ZeniMax has been extending the trademark for one “Redguard,” listed by the company as a “downloadable computer game software,” and has been since March of 2011 — with the most recent being August of last year. As ZeniMax has not filed a Statement of Use for this title, the trademark will lapse next month unless another extension is made.

While fans of the series will surely be overjoyed at the possible announcement of another Skyrim DLC, dancing around the idea this close to the alleged unveiling of the dubbed “Xbox 720″ could be a misstep. As Bethesda is not a developer known to overlook the inevitability of progress, it might make more sense that “Redguard” be a future-generation title — maybe even completely separate from the Skyrim universe. But of course, this is all pure speculation.

Curiously enough, with all the subtle talk of the Redguard in Skyrim itself, it would make sense to lend a little more attention Hammerfell’s way. Fans of the series’ lore will know that within Hammerfell is the city-state of Dragonstar, which was besieged by Skyrim over 200 years before the events in the game. The city is now split between Hammerfell’s rule in the west, and Skyrim’s in the east — certainly leaving some room for more story to be told in the fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls saga.

A third, albeit more questionable option remains, as “Redguard” could be hinting towards a remake of The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard, released for PC back in 1998, though this seems very unlikely. What do you think, Ranters? Are you ready to once again take the icy plunge into speculation, or are you simply too busy with Dragonborn and previous Skyrim DLC?

The Dragonborn DLC for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released on December 4th for Xbox 360, and is expected to release early this year for PS3 and PC. No word yet on what will become of the “Redguard” trademark, but rest assured Game Rant will report on it when we find out.

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Source: USPTO [via Official Xbox Magazine]

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  • Brandon

    I CANT WAIT!!!

  • R

    I just want there to be an “ultimate” of “game of the year” version! Anything with all of the DLC in, I haven’t played any of them yet.

  • Gooch

    I really want to see Black Marsh, I was hoping that would be the next full game installment, So I am hoping that this is a DLC so I can keep the dream alive

    • Brandon

      Lets go everywhere…

  • Jasca_Ducato

    Seems to me this is more likely to be just another possible name for what eventually became Dawnguard. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bethesda or ZeniMax also trademarked Bloodguard at some point (the flour of blooding, being red).

    • Brandon

      Dawnguard made sense, had to do with vampires, GUARDING the living against what comes before DAWN.

      Redguard is a race in Elder Scrolls. Have been WAY before Dawnguard. So, while I think that the name should be changed to something else, I do not think that Bloodguard, Orcguard, LizardpeoplethattalklikeregualarfolksforsomereasonGuard or WoodElfGuard would be future DLC names, or any other name followed by the word “guard”.

  • gaygamer22

    i dunno. its most likely future dlc. i am one of the few that actually has the original Redguard (TOTALLY not worth it guys, just watch the playthrough vids on youtube, FAR better)but you never know. we said there would never be a multiplayer TES game (Battlespire doesnt really count) but alas there sadly is now so anything is possible.

    I JUST WANT MY ELSWEYR DANG IT! been waiting too darn long >.>

  • PS3 user

    I swear, if they release a forth dlc for Xbox before they release even one for PS3, I will make up stickers that say “steal this game” and slap them on every Bethesda game I find.

    • Jakeenburney

      Dude you do relize that skyrim will get DLC on x360 before any console right cause they signed a deal with microsoft??? luckly I own a xbox 360

      • PS3 user

        The deal was for two dlc. There have been three so far. I know some people say that Hearthfire doesn’t count because of its size. That’s BS because it was still a timed exclusive on Xbox. IF Bethesda cared about PS3 users at all, their focus would switch to fixing the broken dlc before they rushed new dlc for Xbox.

        • gaygamer22

          so its bgs’s fault that the ps3 is crap and cant handle open world games very well? most of the game breaking problems are on the ps3. ive had SOME on my 360 and Oblivion was pretty bad on ps3 in comparison to 360 version. the ps3 is and always has been difficult to program for like the sega saturn was. stop blaming them for bad hardware.

  • Jakeenburney

    Pretty stoked I hope it’s DLC I’ve heard interesting things about the lands of hammerfall.

    • lord

      It’s HammerFELL you twat. Obviously you haven’t heard that much about if you can’t even spell the name properly.

      • FiL

        Calling someone a twat was necessary.

      • Brandon

        Got something against the letter “A”?

      • Jakeenburney

        Sorry you have daddy issues bro…it’s going to be alright.

        • gaygamer22

          yeah that was…rather unnecessary

  • Joanna

    I cannot for the life of me remember where but it seems like I read that someone from the Dev team said something to the effect of “After all DLC is released modders will have the capability to recreate all the provinces of Tamriel into one massive world.” Again, I can’t remember where I read this, so maybe it was my imagination. But I’m pretty sure it was real…

  • NebuchadnezzaRT

    @ Joanna that seems unlikely, while Bethesda is and always has been very supportive of the moddi.g community, mods that deal with whole continents (namely SkyWind, MorrOblivion) usually aren’t barred; granted I know there have been mods that add huge swaths of land like the Morrowind Project and that one Black Marsh mod, I still don’t think BSoft would sanction them.

    Of course I hope I am wrong I love Bethesda and the nodding community they support! Can’t wait to see what’s after Dragonborn.

    On a side note did anyone else low about Dragonstar? I had never heard about that until I read this article and I’m regularly on the UESP or playing Skyrim. Maybe an insider tip? Or did this one just slip by me?

    • Joanna

      Perhaps…maybe this is what I was thinking of. But it still seems like I remember someone official making mention about it but it was a while ago, and I can’t find it now so… I remember thinking something rude like they were getting modders to do their job or some such.Again, could be totally wrong.

      Granted this is from a long time ago now: