Final Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Trailer

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Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare Final Trailer

The final trailer for Red Dead Redemption‘s newest mission pack, ‘Undead Nightmare’, has arrived — and just in time for its October 26th release.

By now I’m sure most of you have seen the previous trailers released by Rockstar Games, which teased the pack, the story, the guns, and then the Undead Overrun mode. The final trailer, simply-titled ‘Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Launch Trailer’, is a real show-stopper.

John Marston returns home to find that his beloved wife, Abigail, is now a zombie, so he ties her up and sets off to find a cure. Along the way, Marston will encounter many familiar faces, and of course a legion of undead things.

Said things include Bolters, which scamper around at high speed and jump on your face; Wretchers, which spit balls of acid at you and melt your skin off; and Bruisers, which are meaty, tank-like zombies that can flatten anything they hurl themselves at. As well as zombies, there are also ‘zombears’ and at least one Sasquatch to deal with. Oh yes, and the four horses of the apocalypse are available to ride as steeds.

Here is an excerpt from the Rockstar Games press release:

Our official launch trailer gives players a glimpse of the entire Undead Nightmare experience. Between an infected wife back at home, vicious zombears in the woods, missing persons begging for help and a decaying horse that’s seen better days, John Marston has a few things on his mind…not to mention a near-limitless multitude of undead hordes.

Rockstar certainly knows how to generate high interest in its products. You may recall my turgid gun-lust after watching the ‘weapons’ trailer, and my commitment to buy the DLC based solely on the fact that it will include the blunderbuss rifle. This trailer has successfully cranked my anticipation up to 11 and I really don’t think there is much more Rockstar can add to the pack that could make me want it any more than I already do. I’m a sucker for westerns and a sucker for zombies, so when a zombie western crosses my path I’m pretty much a push-over.

What is encouraging is that Rockstar could have simply bolted-on a zombie horde-mode and called it a day. The route they chose however, was to build an entirely new, self-contained zombie-themed single-player campaign story, and then stick the zombie horde-mode on at the end, in the form of Undead Overrun.

Has this trailer reinvigorated your thirst for zombie carnage?

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare DLC pack arrives tomorrow, October 26th on Xbox Live for 800MS and on PSN for $9.99

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  • tdot

    i see on the playstation store that the other dlcs have been reduced in price. so perhaps there getting ready if this aint out today im not buying it because of this bulls

  • SteelerNation

    It’s Available!!!

    • tdot

      i live in Canada and that ish aint out here stfu

  • SteelerNation

    It’s Availabe

  • SteelerNation

    Go to PSN store and search Red Dead Redemption or Undead Nightmare. A list of game downloads will appear, look for Undead Nightmare Pack not Trailer… look similar and download! 1743 mb so might take awhile depending on speed. enjoy!

  • tdot

    i apologize brother steelers is right that search method worked and i found it.

  • FUnky_fresz

    I’m going to look one more time.
    If this doesn’t work I’m gonna go Berserk and totally S my F ing pants.
    To review:
    Berserk, S, F, Pants.

    • imhighandtheitsdownloading

      maybe try turning it off and off and searchin trust me bro and now i gota wait 30 mins for a dl