Red Dead Redemption Legends and Killers Release Date Set

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Red Dead Redemption

The first of the four announced Red Dead Redemption content packs that require your wallet now has a release date.

The Legends and Killers pack will be making it’s way to your Xbox 360 and PS3 August 10th – just a week away – and will come with a decent amount of content.

The DLC will add nine more multiplayer map locations, as well as eight playable characters from Red Dead Revolver. Additionally, they are adding the Tomahawk as a projectile weapon option and more achievement and trophy opportunities.

The best part is the positive balance in regards to price vs amount of content. 800 MS Points or $10 on PSN – take that Modern Warfare 2.

Check out the gallery of screens for the Legends and Killers pack below.

Sounds like a pretty decent DLC if you ask me. The addition of more multiplayer locations to play with your friends and new skins to vary appearances is nice, especially as it’s a nod to the original title to the franchise. Also, the tomahawk looks pretty badass as a new projectile, and it has to feel good to be on the successful end of a tomahawk kill – alternatively you will feel so owned if you catch one to the face. As for the achievements and trophies, well everyone loves a challenge. I’ll be picking this up for sure.

As mentioned before, this is the first of four planned downloadable content packs for Red Dead Redemption. The upcoming packs will bring additions to free roam, competitive modes, multiplayer mini-games, more gang hideouts, new challenges, zombies (always a plus!) and more.

Red Dead Redemption Legends and Killers pack will be out August 10th, and the rest of the announced DLC release dates are TBA.

Are you planning on downloading the Legends and Killers pack? Are you looking forward to any of the other upcoming additions?

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  • Matt Bowman

    I loved Red Dead but I thought the MP was just ok. It was a fun diversion for a few days, but nothing I have played frequently. I don’t really know anyone else who has. I wish Rockstar would make some Lost and Damned or Gay Tony type add-on instead of these packs.

  • Jonathan Poole

    I am still addicted to Red Dead. DLC, here I come!

  • Anthony Taormina

    Do I want to tomahawk people? Yes. Do I want to pay ten dollars for the part of the game I barely touch? Probably not. Wish the first pieces of DLC were single player related as most gamers want to revisit the world sooner rather than later.

  • Jimmy Love

    Well I am looking forward to this, its just what MP needs

  • gamer

    yes the MP was pretty dull to me but today when i loaded red dead there was an update available and when i downloaded it i looked through my trophies , the new trophies are already there – one of them is fro beating all the tomakawk challenges in singleplayer, so there will be tomahawks in singleplayer, although i would love to nail people to the wall with them i wouldnt pay $10 for it