‘Red Dead Redemption’ Sequel Already in Development?

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Next-Gen Red Dead Redemption Rumor

It’s been assumed since Red Dead Redemption was released to nearly universal acclaim and blockbuster sales that Rockstar Games wasn’t going to settle for a single game set in the game’s universe. Strong franchises are hard to come by these days, and it’s safe to say there are millions of gamers already willing to pay for a Red Dead sequel.

For their part, Rockstar has kept quiet about their future plans for the series, but a new employee document suggests that Red Dead Redemption 2 could already be in development, inevitably planned for a release on the next generation of home consoles.

The rumors all originate from the CV of Rockstar Games senior graphics engineer Doron Feinstein (via AGB), currently working at Rockstar’s New England studio. Among contributions on Grand Theft Auto V and Max Payne 3, Feinstein lists that he is “currently working on next version of a famous IP.” Given that this is Rockstar we’re talking about, and there’s one “famous” property under their banner currently without an announced – but highly-demanded – sequel, Red Dead seems the obvious answer.

Take Two CEO Red Dead Redemption 2

If the sales numbers and critical success of Rockstar’s Red Dead Revolver re-imagining didn’t already make Red Dead Redemption 2 a foregone conclusion, the CEO of publisher Take-Two has basically said that franchises are their formula moving forward, with Rockstar’s among the most reliable. And if there’s one thing that the developers might need to truly expand on the foundations of Red Dead‘s open world, it’s a leap to next-gen hardware.

It’s still possible that Bully 2 might be the culprit, but given just how much Rockstar has spoken about their desire to return to that series, we’re taking that as a sign that it’s still all wishful thinking. The prospect of a Red Dead sequel being the next major release from the company? They’re not saying a word about that. And that may be due to the fact that they’re preparing to make some kind of a statement soon.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Employee CV

There isn’t much information to go besides Feinstein’s CV, but that certainly won’t stop speculation from continuing. We’d recommend that fans take a deep breath, since the game is still years away if development has even begun at this point. Still, the next generation of gaming just got a lot more promising.

What do you think of the document? Is Red Dead the only logical answer to the project in question, or do you think another franchise could be the culprit? If it does happen to be Red Dead-related, what do you hope to see from a next-gen sequel? Share your thoughts in the comments, and stay tuned for any news on the series.


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  • http://yahoo.com.au jordan

    John back in days when he was a true gunfighter….before he joined the old gang……include indians…indian attacks…other gangs roaming and attacking at will…being able to buy a property…sell cattle and horses that are rustled…make money actually mean something…bigger towns…even bigger maps…be able to create a gang and as they are used their attributes improve too…and so on…..

  • Shana Redwine

    I hope they do come out with a new red dead redemption 2. We certainly have enjoyed the red dead series!! Please keep us informed.

  • Lucky87

    A sequel to Red Dead would be amazing providing a few alterations are made. A sequel should involve being able to customize your character in certain ways such as your hat, boots, gun belt/holster and general outfit, Rockstar should also implement the ability to visit stores and purchase new clothes which one can then mix and match to create a completely unique look. Unfortunately, a sequel set during the Civil War in which your character picks a side would be horrible as many of the weapons such as the cattleman revolver, Schofield, Winchester repeater, Springfield and many many others had not been invented yet, also metallic cartridges had not yet been created, therefore almost all pistols would have to be loaded with a ball, powder and a ram rod greatly increasing reload time and all rifles would have to be muskets, have fun with that. Also continuing Jack’s story line into WWI is horrible, it would turn Red Dead into a war game rather than a western game. I think maybe since RDR takes place at the end of the wild west maybe a sequel should start towards the beginning, I personally would love to see places modeled after Wyoming, Montana, the Dakotas and other prairie states. One should also have the freedom to build things like ranches, which can make them money through activities such as breaking and selling horses, and driving and selling cattle, the character will also have to occasionally fight off rustlers and various types of frontier characters, I’d also love to see different Native tribes and Native attacks, they were largely under utilized in RDR. So in my opinion the best route for a sequel would be areas like Montana, Wyoming, the Dakotas and other prairie states in the 1870’s-80’s would be an amazing route for the sequel to take.

  • joe baker

    if you ask me I think it would be a great idea to release a sequel in the series of red dead and even though john was killed at the end of red dead redemption that doesn’t mean that he still cant be the main playable character in a new red dead. if you go back in time from the minute red dead revolver was released to the time red dead redemption street dated for the ps3, the story line was left with a big gap between johns current status as a gun for hire by the government and his past as western outlaw. so basically the story has jumped from here to there and not gave the people who love the series any closure on how john was sucked into being a government gun for hire. believe me and my fellow gamers in arms would love to see something that ties the two major games together to complete the best selling westerns on the gaming market.

  • Mike

    Ok now it’s 2015 are there any news about read dead part 2!! I love part one Im dying to see the second part!

  • Johnny

    I would not think there would be anything about John. The actor who played him did that Role as a one time thing. He made that game and walked away from the industry to be with his family. If they could get him back that would be great, but I don’t count on it. Exploring the story of jack would be interesting

  • Johnny

    A cool story idea would even be taking place after John died. Because it just jumps to the future when jack is older. Seeing him grow up and deal with his mother passing would be interesting

  • Johnny

    Red Dead Reloaded !

  • Ghost

    Personally I cringe how this says Red Dead Redemption 2 and not Red Dead 3. It all of you want it to be a continuation of Red Dead Redemption or something like that. Firstly if they make a sequel it’ll be much like GTA it’ll probably be it’s own story. Thank god, even though a remaster of Revolver would be amazing. Anyways. Can’t wait to see what Rockstar has in store!

  • http://gamerant.com Pitchblack-jr352

    Lost Redemption Story of Jack Marston