Spike VGAs 2011: ‘Rainbow Six Patriots’ Trailer

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Rainbow 6 Patriots VGA 2011 Trailer

Rainbow Six Patriots made an appearance at the Spike Video Game Awards 2011 and brought with it a delectable new trailer that showcased some more intense hyper-realistic action. Fans of the franchise or tactical shoots should rejoice at the return of the series and the new direction the series is taking. Happily, the long wait til 2013 will see a momentary respite with this new trailer.

The Tom Clancy brand has spawned a great deal of video games that have turned out to be really great. Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, and of course Rainbow Six. After the story debacle in the Vegas line of R6 games, Rainbow Six Patriots looks to return to a much more grounded-in-reality story that focuses on the perils of domestic terrorism. The target gameplay trailer has started revealing inklings of what to expect in the final product. Combined with the brand new features that will be featured in both single and multiplayer, Patriots will be a hefty offering to first person shooter fans who crave a more calculated experience.

Take a look below for the trailer for the new face of terrorism.

2013 is a long way off and seeing Ubisoft put a lot of press into the game so early on is a very confident move. It would be expected Ubisoft wants the same, if not better, reaction to the title as when Rainbow Six: Vegas hit the press and impressed gamers immensely. Here’s hoping Patriots will also be successful.

Rainbow Six Patriots releases in 2013 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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  • Ken J

    Wait, Rainbow Six: Vegas impressed gamers? Really? I’m not douting you because I don’t really care what other people like, but that just makes me sad that such a piece of crap game can impress people now-a-days. Where have our standards gone?? *shaks head*

    • Bryce


      • Ken J


        Yep, saw that after I posted it, too late, lol. No edit button. Was using someone’s laptop and for some odd reason, her keyboard sometimes misses a keystroke here and there. Most of the time I noticed it and went back and fixed it, but missed that one until I hit “Submit.”

    • Spider-Abu

      bro, if the society can handle games like mw3…Vegas is nothing to be wailing about.

      • Ken J


        I’m sad about that too, trust me… lol

  • Drew

    Not really much of a trailer, just some guy blowing up after being shoved out of a window. Eh…I dunno it looks cool but is it really needed?

  • Mike

    Anybody else kinda thinking they will struggle to hate the “bad guys” in this game? I mean Im kinda behind them in a way :/ lol

    • Ken J

      You’re behind people who kill unarmed civilians? Alright, maybe one day you’ll be a college professor, they seem to love people like you now-a-days unfortunately…

  • fdhfd

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