New ‘Rainbow 6′ Still In Development But Unlikely To Be ‘Patriots’

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Rainbow 6 Patriots Video

The Spike VGX took place last weekend, hosting a series of world premiere trailers and a few announcements. Using that as a point of reference, it’s hard to believe it’s been two full years since Ubisoft unveiled Rainbow 6: Patriots at the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards after a series of leaks earlier that year.

In the time since, despite the release of conceptual (but working) gameplay footage, artwork and story information, development on the next Rainbow 6 game hit a few hurdles. There were rumors that it was canceled but in truth, as we learned this summer after E3, it was being re-worked to better fit the next-gen consoles and plans for the studio. After all, they already had a pile of Triple-A games in development with one of them being the launch of another new Tom Clancy IP in The Division – arguably the most impressive game revealed this summer.

IGN spoke with Ubisoft’s North American president Laurent Detoc who hinted that it was internal debate as to the quality and direction of the project that caused the production halt and reboot.

“We had a core team. They had a good vision. They got started, and then the game wasn’t working. So [they had] to start again. There’s an editorial group in Ubisoft, a big group, very influential. If the game is not good enough, they say it’s not good enough. Most of the time, the team will say, ‘yeah, I know.’ But sometimes they want to continue in a direction where you say, ‘no, it’s not going to work.'”

“Rainbow had to be remade. Now they’re going to have the benefit of the new consoles, if and when it comes out. It’s one of those examples where you try, it doesn’t work, you try again. If it doesn’t work, we’re not going to bring it to you.”

There were layoffs of several of the project leads which indicates that that was some conflict surrounding the direction of the franchise and now it’s safe to say it was rebooted. It may not even keep the Patriots subtitle. Detoc continues, explaining that it’s possible that the name could change depending on the setting and antagonists but wouldn’t give details.

It could be a long while before Rainbow 6 returns, especially after the lower-than-expectations sales numbers of other staple Tom Clancy franchise Splinter Cell this year. There’s no word on a new Ghost Recon title either so perhaps Ubisoft is simply looking to new brands for the next-gen systems, led by The Division, The Crew and the recently delayed Watch Dogs. And it’s a safe bet Far Cry 4 is in the works as well alongside the few Assassin’s Creed games.

Do you want a new Rainbow Six game? What style of gameplay should Ubisoft aim to deliver? Shoot the reboot the franchise from scratch and bring back the tactical gameplay and planning of the original?

For more, check out our previous report on what happened with Rainbow 6: Patriots.



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  • Hated Greatness

    This is NOT good news at all. If there was a debate over the direction of the franchise, that most likely means someone wants to take Rainbow in a “new” direction for the sale of broader appeal…I remember they tried tis once before with Rainbow Six: Lockdown…it was an atrocity. Hell, you would think they would learn after the mishap was Ghost Recon: Future Solider. I hope this game stays true to Rainbow Six Roots. I have been anticipating it since they debuted the original trailer.

    • Ken J

      @Hated Greatness

      I would agree with you, but I’m not sure which “roots” you’re talking about. If you’re talking about the Ubisoft games, then no, I do not agree, but if you’re talking about the Redstorm Entertainment roots, then hell yes, they need to GO BACK to that, no “stays true” to it since they have not been…

      What they need to do is hand it over to another developer who would do it justice because Ubisoft seems to care more about making arcady run-and-gun shooters for consoles.

    • ZeroXNova

      I totally agree. My biggest fear about it is it ends up like Future Soldier. GRFS was good, but somewhat glitchy in their beta phase (which I was lucky enough to play in). Problem is, they didn’t learn anything from the beta, and when the game came out was full of glitches that made the game virtually unplayable. Somewhat understandable, but they never fixed all of them. A friend of mine bought the game 3 times. Day one, then traded it in due to all of the glitches that weren’t fixed for a while. 2nd copy was 6 months later to see if it had been fixed, took it back the next day. Then about 5-6 months later, bought it the final time, same issues at 2nd time. I hope they take their time, and make it feel like Rainbow 6, but also do things right. Don’t rush out, just to have to fix things later. Try to avoid having to patch anything after launch.

  • jwalka

    i hope they kept white people as the villains, that was one of the main selling points for me – someone other than middle easterners or russians as bad guys. so sick of military shooters painting everyone else as the ‘bad guys’ when americans have their nose up everyones rear end.

    the game in general looked pretty generic though but mp sounded really neat (i.e tactical and thought provoking). hopefully they changed it to be more like rainbow six 3… that was by far one of the best military games i have played b/c of the simple mechanic of reload and you loose all ammo in the clip, that concept alone added so much strategy to the game.

    • Ken J

      Aww, you’re so desperate to see Americans painted as bad guys. Ooh, how about a game where you play as a terrorist, I mean, “Freedom Fighter” who kills evil Americans. That’ll be awesome.

      • jwalka

        it would be awesome, seeing a ‘bad guy’ call to arms after his family gets gunned down by stupid white people that think a bearded local is bin laden. or to play as an african rebel being funded by white corporate trash who live of africa’s never ending war

    • Zlat

      I liked the idea of the white patriots as the villains too it was interesting and unique I also like how they were talking about implementing
      moral decisions in you missions like the guys have taken hostages and you decide weather its more important to save them or sacrifice them to capture the bad guys and your teammates having opinions on your decisions and growing to respect or hate you I hope they don’t take that out.

      • Ken J

        I don’t understand your obsessiveness over the race or nationalities. The “enemy” could be from anywhere and be of any race or nationality… But if you really need to simplify things so much so your brain can understand it, then I guess good for you…

  • Alky

    Forgot how fun Vegas 1 and 2 was. The “rag-doll” physics were sweet!

  • john solo

    I miss rainbow six 3 as well as both vegas games. They were so much better than any other shooter, and still are better than some! Campaigns were amazing and terrorist hunts were fun when u werent able to do multiplayer online!!

    • Ken J

      Seriously?? Those games were TERRIBLE! If you want to play a great innovative shooter, play the old Rainbow Six games made by Redstorm where realism and tactics really mattered…

      • joe

        Yup I used play that all night untill I got into socom

      • john solo

        I don’t play on PC. Those were all PC if i remember correctly

        • Ken J

          @john solo

          Then the Ubisoft Rainbow Six games are perfect for you… I just wish they rename it because calling them “Rainbow Six” is almost blasphemous…

  • James

    Yeah I absolutely want a next gen rainbow six use that division engine ubisoft

  • ATG

    I want a Rainbow Six game that has the gameplay of Vegas and the tactical realism of the old games. Combine the two, best of both worlds.

    • Ken J


      I see nothing at all redeeming from the Vegas games…

      • Rob Keyes

        I dug the co-op action. It was fun even if it didn’t fit what I think of as Rainbow Six tactical like the original.

        • Ken J


          The thing is, coop is kind of enjoyable on almost any game. I had fun playing BF3 co-op with friends, even though that game’s single player was pretty crappy. It’s more of a social thing than the game itself. If they would make a shooter with the authenticity of the old Rainbow Six games (obviously with today’s advancement in gaming technology), the co-op in that game would be downright insane.

          But actually your statement kind of points out the thing about Vegas, unless you have a friend that is available to play right then, the game is just not fun to play on its own. The old R6 wasn’t like that, I had a blast playing through the campaign multiple times since I wanted to see if different tactics worked, and I played through the campaign in spectator mode only to see how well I can plan out the missions. What great games…

  • TaboriHK

    In regards to Splinter Cell, the fact that they replaced the guy who gave the series its personality with Generic White Guy probably played a hand in the low sales, but I’m just spitballing here. Maybe it’s the fact that they handicapped the “Classic” spies vs. mercs mode.