All PSN Services Return Tomorrow!

Published 3 years ago by , Updated June 2nd, 2011 at 10:07 am,

PSN Services Return Tomorrow

It’s been a long time coming, but the final phase of the PlayStation Network Restoration is taking place as we speak. Set to complete at some time tomorrow, the PSN Restoration will finally bring both the PlayStation Store and all Qriocity-based services back online in the Americas, Europe/PAL territories and Asia, excluding Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea.

Since the hack of the PSN back in mid-April, many gamers have been without their vital video game services. It began first with a complete shut down of the PSN and then even extended to the SOE servers — completely wiping out a majority of Sony’s major titles’ usefulness.

It took over a month filled with broken promises and misinformation before Sony finally began the first phase of PSN Restoration which brought both online capabilities and third-party services like Netflix back to their respective fan base.

The only thing that was missing amidst the joy of having the PSN back online was the ability to redeem many of the DLC, downloadable titles, and alternate services that are tied with the PlayStation Store. Things like Portal 2’s Steam integration, Mortal Kombat’s Online Pass, and the recently announced Rockstar Pass for L.A. Noire were so close, but yet so far away.

Thankfully, all that will change tomorrow, as gamers are surely going to flood the Store with everything from DLC redemption to downloadable title purchases. It’s going to be a great day for gamers, publishers, and Sony.

This is, of course, not the end of the healing process for Sony, as the “Welcome Back” program — while explicitly detailed — has not yet begun. Providing both PS3 and PSP gamers with a select duo of titles, this program will signify that the PSN shenanigans are hopefully behind us.

Currently, the PSN should be down for maintenance, but once it comes back online, we expect many of the services that have been long since missing, will make their glorious return. Better start getting all of your DLC redemption codes in order.

What is the first thing you are going to redeem/buy once the PlayStation Store returns? Does the PlayStation Store coming back online signal the end of the PSN hack storyline for you?


  • Bradley Davis

    Mortal Kombat and LA Noire, here I come

  • Kakujo

    I already redeemed all my codes, tonight! L.A. Noire’s Rockstar Pass is AWESOME! I’m still waiting on MK’s servers to be fixed, though…

  • angel

    Yes I can’t wait!

  • Bradley Davis

    According to the Playstation blog, the Playstation Store is already back online!

  • Jimmy

    any idea when the hong kong one comes back?

  • bob

    Hong Kong should be up by the end of the day on June 2nd

  • Justin


    • tony

      Xbox Sucks!!!

      • Bradley Davis

        I wouldnt say that it outright sucks. But it is far inferior to the PS3. The only thing i really like about X-Box tho is Forza. Im quite pumped for 4 to come out. But im definitely a Sony guy so dont start hadiating! (radiating hate) 😀

  • Tim

    When does the welcome back program start? is it TBA? I know they said 30days after the store opens.

  • Ops31337

    BAHAhahahahahaaha! Oh that’s funny. That’s funny. Actually trumpeting the return of your insecure servers. Personally, I will never do business with them again.

    • Archaeon

      Good. Enjoy your Xbox.


    • 16bit

      :) @ Archaeon. @ Ops31337 – I understand your trepidation. But I hope, now that they are fully functional, Sony has put in the proper safeguards to deter such hacks again. I think that the unfulfilled threats of hacks against Sony from LulzSec might speak volumes. (They were supposed to give us “pregame show” on the 30th.) I hope Sony has finally got their act together. “Fool me once…”

  • Bryan

    I hope the welcome back is active soon. Strangely, during this whole thing I have still been playing ps3. I guess Assassin’s Creed 2 is a great game.

  • angel

    Thank u Sony I’m glad you’re back.

  • Bryan

    Downloading the InFamous 2 demo, but the store is giving an error message. Hope its not hacked again.

    • Tremeos

      It’s not, currently in the process of downloading that demo myself.

  • Bryan

    I have been trying to downlodad it all day. It is stuck won’t do anything.

  • Tremeos

    Well it is downloading for me, albeit slowly (on and off). Currently at 90% complete after about nearly 2 hours.

  • Bryan

    Escalation for ps3 release date please!!!

  • FXIX

    Why exclude Hong Kong? they total forget hong kong?