PSN Passwords Reset After ‘FIFA 14′ Hacks Lead to ‘Irregular Activity’

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PSN Passwords Reset FIFA 14 Hack

After the PSN Outage of 2011, most wouldn’t blame gamers for being cautious about their Sony accounts. The vulnerability of personal info, and the speed with which hackers can rack up 1,000s of dollars worth of charges, is something that, if people weren’t aware of before, they certainly are now.

It’s with that in mind that we bring news that several SEN (Sony Entertainment Network, the new name for the PSN) accounts have had their passwords reset. Early reports of password resets started last week, and they are continuing to occur as early as today.

While the reason for the password reset might vary from person to person, one of the major culprits is EA SportsFIFA 14. This isn’t the first time FIFA has been associated with hacked accounts and preemptive measures in response to hacked accounts, but this is a first for the next-gen.

Apparently, these hackers are once again using the FIFA franchise’s Ultimate Team trading card store to rack up some hefty charges. Gamers on Reddit have cited between $10 and $150 worth of charges, most of which have been acknowledged by Sony as fraud and are in the process of being refunded.

With FIFA always ranking very high in global sales, it has become a franchise ripe for the picking, leaving many unsuspecting players vulnerable to fraudulent charges. Obviously, the hope was that EA Sports would find a way to prevent account hacks in future iterations, but that isn’t the case.

This writer was one of those whose account password was reset, but luckily no purchases were charged to my account. It is important to mention, though, that I do own a copy of FIFA 14 for PS4, so that may be the reason for the reset. The process is pretty painless, though, all one needs do is select the ‘Forgot Your Password’ option on their account login page and input a new, hopefully more secure, password.

Nevertheless, this news of SEN accounts being hacked on PS4 and also Xbox 360 is cause for concern. Not just because of the PSN outage, but also because these are next-gen consoles with what we hope are better security measures. To be fair, the vulnerabilities stem from a particular game not the system itself, but that’s no recompense for those affected.

Have you noticed your SEN account password was reset? Did you have any false charges on your account?

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  • Kevin

    I haven’t noticed any fraudulent charges on my account, but Sony has forced me to reset my password twice in the last two weeks. I appreciate that they seem to be taking security seriously, but I hope this doesn’t become an ongoing thing.

  • iRobotGaming

    I just noticed on my Account that FIFA14 Demo was Ordered and or Downloaded for PC. I don’t have Fifa, neither do I use a PC for Gaming. So I guess they somehow got me too

  • Audega

    Man, if I had a dollar for every time a security breach affected Sony’s products…

    • CanDo

      Same with MS as well

      • Audega

        Oh? I don’t remember Xbox Live having to shut down for months at a time due to security breaches. Also, this is the second time in the last few weeks Sony has had a security issue.

        • Calvin M

          You realize if they targeted MS instead, it would happen to them twice as hard. MS’s systems have less red flags that go up in fraud suspects and furthermore worse customer support.

        • rgr

          you also dont seem to realize that ms had a huge problem at the launch of the 360 but didnt take it down, and sony wasnt “hacked” they just had people’s pws get figured out

          • Daniel Carlson

            its pretty widespread… like thousands of passwords have been compromised… this is a hack buddy.plain and simple

  • Daniel Carlson

    This happened to me about 2 weeks ago. got 150$ dollars in charges for FIFA14 points. i feel like its important to mention that i dont own FIFA and never have. i’ve never even had an origin account or bought an EA game in years. so this hack is effecting everyone.

    Sony told me that they would refund the charges in about 3 days. still have yet to get mine.

  • Chris

    My question is why would a game have access to your psn password. It shouldn’t need it, it communicates with the account not the login credentials.

  • daniel

    My password got reset and i made it like 4 to 5 yrs ago u can only imagine how much i have done in this account and i cant get my pass word because i cant remember the date of birth i put on it can any one help me please

    • Daniel Carlson

      why wouldnt you just use your birthdate?

    • Mike Pitcher

      Man im in the same position. you need to call sony have your console serial number ready, as well as some emails proving the account is yours, your name, your psn and your email address and they can help you. So I’ve heard. but I can NEVER get a hold of someone through customer service. I made my psn back when I was like, 18…and I obviously didnt think I would ever need my real birth date so I must have fudged it for some reason. Now 25, I regret that.

    • Wilkshire13

      For those of you struggling with the Date of Birth issue, go to the Sony Entertainment Account web login and login as usual and it will email a link to update the password, no DOB required. I called Sony and they offered no help.

  • Jack

    So my question is: Why am I, a guy who has no signs of strange activity, and in another continent as the major hacks, having to reset my password? Also, why is it so hard to reset a password, or even get the email from PSN to my account? It would be one thing if it were a simple reset and run, but damn if it’s not been a bit too difficult to let this one go down without complaining…

  • Kirsty

    Help please. My bank account has been charged £677 over 3 months I have tried to speak with Sony but they say it’s my sons fault. I have removed my card details after the first month and he says he has never seen a screen that says do you want to purchase this for £5.99 etc I trust him. What can I do ? I’m frantic with worry and stress trying to sort this out. Any advice would invaluable