Potential PSN Hackers Arrested In Spain

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Suspects Of PSN Attack Arrested

No doubt the attack on PSN will go down as a significant moment in gaming history. While the attack itself was certainly an annoying time, and dangerous for those with personal information on their accounts, for gamers – the reaction on Sony‘s part may be more widely remembered.

Lack of responses, active aggression against the hackers, and other moments have painted Sony as incompetent in some player’s eyes. However, those affected by the attack may be happy to hear that some of the supposed hackers may have been apprehended.

Police in Spain said that they have arrested three men yesterday – who are suspected of hacking into PSN, as well as various government websites around the world. The police said that the three were the leaders of the local division of Internet group Anonymous, who initially denied any involvement in the attack. Of course, there was later some dissension within the group in regards to that claim, so whether or not these three are even involved with the group at all is debatable.

One of the three arrested was in possession of a computer server that was believed to have attacked the Sony website. It was also supposedly used in attacking two Spanish banks, an Italian energy company, and government sites in Algeria, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, Libya, Iran, Spain, and New Zealand. The three have since been released without bail, pending formal charges. They were expected to be charged with forming a group to attack public and corporate websites – which would’ve earned them three years in prison.

PlayStation 3 Trophy Hack

Though it’s not clear just what role they had in the PSN attack, if any at all, it should be noted that these three are not associated with Sony’s current problem, LulzSec, in the slightest. It’s not even 100% clear if they’re associated with Anonymous, despite claims that they are. Due to Anonymous’ ambiguous nature, anyone can say that they’re a part of the group. In other words, it’s best to take this information with a grain of salt.

Do you think these guys had a hand in the PSN attack? Does this paint Anonymous as the true culprits?

Leave any thoughts you may have in the comments below.

Source: New York Times


  • Jimbo

    They should all get the death penalty.

    • diego

      its not THAT serious man… lol

      • Jay Thyzul

        Dude, death penalty? Heck nah man, that’s effed up it was extremely annoying but no one has the right to decide whether someone lives or dies. Just because you got papers saying you can do this or that doesn’t give you a right to do anything. You got a right to life. God given. So what if these guys like causing controversy you dont hear people sayin Eminem should get the death penalty for rapping about illegal things. That’s messed up.

    • Cordell

      Thats 2 harsh, personally I have an account I changed everything once I found out about the hack and I think what they did was something awesome, being the fact sony does it to consumers on the daily basis, upping their prices because it has their name on there when u can get the same with someone cheaper or even BETTER! Personally I dont like Sony and how they are rolling with things in any matter, like they say what goes around comes around go whoever did it… But dont do it to xbox please lolol

    • http://gravatar.com agnugget

      lol you must have really missed the PSN!!!!

  • Ken J

    It’s funny because I read about this on another website, and supposedly other members of Anonymous “tweeted” that they will have revenge on the police, lol, yah, they will be all tough sitting behind their computers in their mothers’ basememnts to “hack” into the police computers. OOOoooohhhh, how tough!!! Bunch of nerd p*ssies…

  • Ken J

    But I do agree that they should be sentenced REALLY harshly, like 10 years in prison, set the example for future wannabe hackers to see…

    • arberD

      yea man i’m with you… if they dont use a computer for like 10 years then computers will obviously be updated and the hacker will forget how to hack, and maybe learn from his mistakes and get a JOB, but i have a feeling that they will get the smallest sentence possible because they might threaten to hack spains government webs and miltary servers or what ever they call it. Or spain is just going to give them a small sentence because they are gay!

  • arberD

    Oh and also it might take sony years to get back to normal status and out of debt because of the hacking

  • matthew

    they are gonna get RAPED in prison…haha thats worse than death

    • D.J.B

      bout time :)

  • thaddeus

    You all sound so butthurt about it. Hacking isn’t some ancient art that only a privileged few know how to do. It’s widespread knowledge. They can bust those couple of guys, but I guarantee there are several other people willing to continue their work, IF they are even the Sony hackers. Give them due process like they deserve and prove they aren’t before you go hang them from your plantation trees.

  • sniper

    The hackers are still hacking.

  • sniper

    The hackers are still hacking .Is PSN going to do anything about it .

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