Rumor Patrol: PS4 Supports Streaming for PS3 Games

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PS4 Supports PS3 Streaming Rumor

Ever since Sony announced their ‘See the Future’ event for February 20th, the rumors concerning the PS4 have been coming fast and furious. Just yesterday, gamers saw an image of the next-gen console’s rumored controller leak, along with an additional image that corroborates the controller’s legitimacy.

The image in question featured a PS4 controller not unlike the one gamers had imagined, boasting a Dual Shock 3-esque design and a front touch screen. Essentially, the image confirmed the rumors.

Today’s news functions very much on a similar level: confirming a rumor gamers have been hearing for quite some time. In this case, the rumor involved how Sony plans to use their newest acquisition, cloud streaming service Gaikai, to give the PS4 a strategic advantage.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Sony plans to announce that Gaikai’s cloud streaming software will be used to stream PS3 games to the PS4. Ostensibly, this feature would bypass the need for backwards compatibility.

This feature doesn’t necessarily mean the PS4 won’t be backwards compatible though, but for something like this to make sense, there has to be a pretty good reason.

Moreover, WSJ‘s source claims that PS4 games will come on optical discs, nixing any rumors that next-gen games will support streaming. It seems like the service is more focused on PS3 games, at least at this point.

If Sony were to adopt a program whereby gamers register their PS3 hard copies and gain access to a streaming version of a game, however, that would actually be really impressive. But, if their goal is simply to use this streaming service on future purchases, and bypass the need for backwards compatibility on some upcoming PS3 releases like The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls, then gamers are likely to be disappointed.

As was mentioned, Sony’s event next Wednesday is believed to be “ground zero” for all things next-gen. The event will be streamed live, and it is assumed Sony will not only show off/talk about their new console, they might even reveal some next-gen titles. And now it’s fair to assume there will be some discussion of Gaikai and this PS3 streaming service.

What do you think of this PS3 streaming feature? Is this a reasonable solution for a lack of backwards compatibility?

Sony’s ‘See the Future’ Event takes place on February 20, 2013.

Source: Wall Street Journal (via Kotaku)

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  • Tyler

    I would really love for this rumor to be true, although I do still pray that the PS4 will have backwards compatibility. This streaming feature would be an excellent way to more or less future proof things.
    I don’t think that this would be perfect for some people though. You would have to have a decent internet speed and a modest amount of monthly data allowance, wouldn’t you? Not a problem for me in particular but most of my friends would be out of luck. Still nice for it to be there though.

  • Kaero

    I don’t particularly care about the PS4 having backwards compatibility as my PS3 isn’t going anywhere. After the deal with Gaikai I thought it would be pretty obvious that Sony would implement streaming gaming into the PS4.

  • Mike

    If they implement something like the UV feature on films where any new ps3 games come with a code to access cloud gaming on ps4 it will be cool, but I see it more like the back catalogue on the psn store atm. Pay us again for the game you already bought.

  • TheAvenger

    That’s pretty damn cool… assuming those who’ve spent thousands on PS3 games don’t have to pay AGAIN for the ability to stream to the PS4, that is.

    • Atomic Gumshoe

      If you have a PS3 and thousands of dollars worth of games, then keep them. Otherwise it’s a good way to get some games you didn’t have on the PS3

      • TheAvenger

        Thing is, to afford a PS4, I’ll probably have to sell my PS3.

        Luckily I don’t have thousands of DOLLARS worth of games… I’m from South Africa you see (so my “thousands” = a few hundred in the US ;)).

        Still, there are lot of people who’ve built up quite the collection over the years. I can only assume a lot of them will need to trade in their PS3 to afford a PS4 too.

  • Androol

    I guess that’d be better than nothing. I’d obviously prefer plain old disc-based backwards-compatibility, though.

  • Darklurkr23

    I don’t get it….. Streaming Games? So what I put the disc in, it checks that it’s a real disc, then gives me the game on the cloud?

    I never understood the cloud so please tell me how this would work

    • Mike

      If it is going to work similar to gaikai or onplay, you pay for the right to play the game, and you are playing the game on a remote server with the video streamed to your tv/monitor/device. That is how I understand it anyway, I may not be 100% correct.

    • Jungian

      It means you would be able to play ps3 games through your internet connection on your ps4!

      • Jungian

        in other words no disc needed and no download needed. it is all streamed while you play. that is how fast internet is now.

    • Rob Keyes

      Could be like Netflix meets PS+ where players pay a premium subscription and can access the entire PS3 library.

      • Mike

        I would definitely be on board with that at the right price!

      • Jungian

        Add PS1 and PS2 library and wow…yea..that is a really good idea.

      • Androol

        Too good to be true, but that is a pretty cool idea.

  • Shane

    I think it would be nice to register and be able to stream your PS3 games on the PS4 if you are a premium member (I forgot the name of Sony’s paid version of being online).

    I wouldn’t mind paying yearly for that to keep the backwards compatibility, even though in all honesty I rarely used my PS2 games on my PS3 after the first year.

  • Mark Rock

    I bet the graphics are going to suck on ps4 and there will be a lot of scandal about. I’m pretty sure it will only look slightly better than before. They’re just looking to cash in. It won’t be anything like ps1 to ps2 and ps2 to ps3 difference.

  • Mark Rock

    I bet the graphics are going to suck on ps4 and there will be a lot of scandal about it. I’m pretty sure it will only look slightly better than before. They’re just looking to cash in. It won’t be anything like ps1 to ps2 and ps2 to ps3 difference. `

    • Varteras

      Have anything to add to the topic of streaming games to the system? You know, what this article is about. Are you just here to be a troll / drama queen?

    • Shane

      I don’t think it’ll be as big of a difference between PSOne and PS2, but the increased processing power will definitely allow for better graphics.

      • Jungian

        If the ps4 allows for minimum 4X AA and 1080p in all games, I would say thats a huge jump.