Sony Raising PS4 Price to $449 in Canada Starting March 15th

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While Sony’s PS4 is still selling extremely well in all parts of the world, as most regular retail browsers know it’s also very hard to find. So hard to find, in fact, that some retailers have taken to marking up the price in order to capitalize on the high demand.

But the news we bring you today is not of a single retailer jacking up the price of PS4 consoles to try to turn a quick buck. Rather, news has just broke via Sony Entertainment Canada that PS4 consoles will start retailing for $449 in the region.

The Toronto Sun has the official statement from Sony Canada, which states, rather succinctly, that the price increase is in response “to changes in the market environment.” The changes will go into effect on March 15th and will include a $50 increase on the PS4 (now $449) and $5 increases on both the PS4 camera and DualShock 4 controller (now $64.00).

It might be easy to assume these “changes” were in response to the PS4’s limited supply, but that may not be the only reason. The declining value of the Canadian dollar versus the US dollar, for example, could have played a part in the decision. And it wouldn’t be the first time Sony has pulled off such a move either. Back in 2007, Sony upped the price of the then $659 model PS3 to $699, citing the declining Canadian dollar as a reason.

It’s worth mentioning too that new next-gen releases for both consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, have jumped up to $64.99 in the region. Sony Canada also has plans to up the price to $69.99 on two of their forthcoming exclusives, inFAMOUS: Second Son and MLB 14 The Show. That being said, Microsoft claims they have no plans to increase the price of their Xbox One console. It should stay at $499.

Obviously, this price increase is a disappointing blow to our fellow Canadian gamers, and it doesn’t seem to be a temporary change either. We’d recommend anyone who was on the fence about picking up a PS4 do so right this second (provided they can find one). This is the sign you’ve been waiting for.

Do you think it’s fair to raise PS4 prices even if supplies are limited? Would you still pick up the console (if you found it) at the $50 mark-up?

Source: Toronto Sun

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  • ColdSc

    Aw man! I was going to get one later this year along with Arkham Knight in hopes it may have a price drop as well as be bundled with Arkham Knight but guess that was for nothing. Even if it does end up getting a price drop, it’ll be at the same price it is now.

  • DarthMalnu

    …What the hell, Sony? Raising the console price I can handle, but the games? Bad form! If you think Canadians are too polite to take this gently, then you’ve got another thing coming, Buster!’

    I’m sorry for getting into such a huff.

    • Zach

      lol at saying sorry

  • moe

    Xbox one with titan fall ain’t looking so bad now. both have similar everything and the 100 dollar gap was a huge factor but Now only 50. bad move, Sony

  • Antwon

    Crazy that they raise the price on something we can’t even buy here . I would gladly spend 450 on one if I could find one , been searching for weeks . Can’t find one anywhere (canada)

  • dethfuse

    I don’t live in canada and i love my ps4 but thing is a shitty move. Why give xbone a chance?

  • Eric

    look at it this way Canadians were getting it cheaper then Americans were. Look at it as it were a temporary cut of the real price. As i see it if you didn’t pre order you have no room to bitch. There was what a 8 month window for you to pre order one. only person anyone can bitch at is the person staring at you in the mirror. But i can tell you if you do wait and when you get one, the wait is worth it. I have played my friends xbox one i don’t like it. I wount get one for a long while.

  • COREY_1993

    … if you really wanna complain then just dont. look at the uk prices for both xbox and ps4. now sit down and shut up. you will be just fine.

    • Zach

      Too right. Although the Xbox is £400 now which isn’t bad. However the price of ours is partially to do with VAT increasing the price by almost 20%.

  • Xavier strong

    Whose trying to make money now

  • Greg

    To everyone complaining about the price increased, it’s because of the higher value of the US dollar over the Canadian dollar.

  • Xigbar

    Seriously? Yeesh, first we may be getting a PQ government in Quebec and now this.

  • http://joystiq roger

    Thanks sony, you just saved me a bunch of money.

  • Trent

    LOL What a joke. This will turn into a class action lawsuit against Sony. Just like the Dram price fixing. This is just a money grab from sony. And Well looks like i will be buying the Xbox One instead. ONly 50 more and get camera and titanfall also.

    Whom ever runs sony is pretty stupid

  • Robert Gamer

    Epic fail on Sony’s part. I have been waiting for PS4 stock to roll in, but now that the price gap between Xbox One and PS4 is only fifty bucks I will go for xBox. Sony you are stupid! Another customer gone.

  • emortal1

    People in this thread are stupid ! It’s not Sony’s fault genius ! It is the fault of the Canadians and the people running their economy that they suck sooo bad that we, the USA have to downgrade the value of their dollar !

    Sony is innocent ! If all of a sudden a Canadian dollar is now worth 50cents compared to an American dollar, that means Sony is only paid hald of what the console is really worth ! It means they are losing money so how the heck is that fair to them ????

    I swear people are too stupid…. smdh

    • Liquid25x

      I see you are a true genius in global economics. Unbelievably retarded comment. Lol.

    • spartan

      you are the idiot. its not the us downgrading our dollar. the us has no say over our dollar it is our government doing so because they manipulate it to strengthen trade between us and other countries. lower strength dollar means other countries get things cheaper while we make the same amount of money then they raise the value later

    • solcreeper

      Are you serious? Do you realize it was American stupidity that caused the global financial crisis in 2008? If anything, it was the Americans who pulled the Canadian economy down lol.

  • Ricky D

    Yeah so
    PS4 for 450, a console with no relevant games atm (although they are coming)

    or XBO for 500 WITH a camera (worth like what, $70?) and Titanfall (which is AMAZINGLY fun and worth like $60 probably)

    and you think the PS4 is a better value? grow up

  • jamie norris

    thanks for helping me make up my mind sony i’m going pc!

  • Miss

    So if the PS4 price increase was due to our CAD dollor dropping, how come we have not once ever seen a price decrease while the CAD dollor was of higher value than the US dollor? I think that is a bs excuse to raise the price.. Where I live, I have yet to see a single store since release completely stocked with PS4 whilst Xbox One is on shelves anywhere but yet all major retailers or claiming they get PS$’s in every week (lie, multiple resources)then EB Games say that the “delivery guys” are on strike so they wont receive any stock.. sounds like some more bs. Its really an unfair move to raise the price for us Canadian consumers that Sony can barely deliver too, and I dont think anyone from the US can say much to it because they’re on the other side of this.. I know you can walk in to any store and see PS4’s sitting on shelves everywhere, especially in high traffic areas. PS4 has been winning and I was honestly really impressed, was so looking forward to buying a ps4 when it became available but now that they have raised the price on console, games, accessories, i’ve become alot more content with my PS3 and dont mind waiting till I can buy one for original price.

  • KSlayer112

    All sony wants is money. They don’t care about their customers. I was really excited to get a PS4. And I really wanted one. But now, its $450? Yeah, no. Im just going to get an Xbox One w/o Kinect for $399. That’s a much, MUCH better deal. Nice job Sony. Another customer, officially gone.

  • Josh

    I am sorry but sony is starting to be a dick by making us buy online and stupid shit. The game console its self is made in china and its should not be that expensive! What am I buying a smartphone i have to say this game shit has gone to far.