Sony’s PlayStation 4 Will Cost More Than $1,800 in Brazil

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PS4 Price Brazil

While gamers have known for quite some time that Sony’s PS4 would retail for $399 here in the States, other territories have not been so lucky. Gamers in Brazil, for example, had to wait until this week to find out the retail price for Sony‘s new console, which also launches in November.

Unfortunately for those gamers living in Brazil, the PS4 will come with quite the price tag, more than quadruple what gamers in the US will pay. Yes, gamers in Brazil will be paying more than $1800 for their own glimpse into the next-gen.

Sony broke the news on the Brazilian version of the PlayStation blog, saying that the PS4 will retail for R$ 3,999 in the country. Converted into US Dollars, R$ 3,999 (or 3,999 Real) is $1,849.85. Crazy.

While Sony does not cite a reason for the high price point, it’s important to mention that the PS3 retailed for R$1,999 ($924) at launch. So, whereas the PS4’s price in the US is much cheaper than the PS3’s was at launch, the converse is true for the Brazilian market.

In addition to a fairly steep margin for the console itself, PS4 games will also come at somewhat of a premium – $82 versus the standard $60. That price hike, however, sounds a lot closer to the types of rates we are used to seeing with international territories. In the UK, for example, the PS4 will retail for €399 or roughly $546.

Despite the shocking price for the PS4, though, the Brazilian market will not fair that much better with the Xbox One either. Microsoft‘s next-gen console — while not as expensive as the PS4 — will still retail for a hefty $R1,299, or over $1,000.

So, while price was a major contributing factor in the PS4’s forward momentum coming out of E3 2013, the price for Brazilian gamers is certainly working against the console’s appeal. Perhaps, as supplies normalize, the price of each console will taper off, but for now it seems those who want to experience the next-gen will only be able to do so for a hefty price.

Would you pay $1,800+ for a PS4 if you were living in Brazil? Why do you think the price is so high in that country?

Sony’s PS4 will be available November 15, 2013 in North America.

Source: PlayStation Blog Brazil

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  • vladiator


  • 1wildgamerchild

    Safe to say Xbox One will own that market.

    • Varteras

      What’s safe to say is that market will likely not mean much. Even the $1,000 pricetag for the X1 is ludicrous. There will not be many people buying those consoles for those prices. They will look for cheaper ways to acquire them if possible.

      • 1wildgamerchild

        Nahhhhhh you’re wrong

        • Varteras

          You shut your mouth when you’re talking to me!!

          • 1wildgamerchild

            I wasn’t talking, I was typing.

  • Fabio

    As a brazilian, I’d rather fly to America to buy the PS4 and come back. And it still would be cheaper than buying it here. Seriously.

    • Daniel Carlson

      try about twice that unless you find a flight on sale.. flying to the UK was about 3500$ for me. china it was close to 4000$ american. would assume flying to brazil would be at least 3000$ american. unless its cheaper on your end just import it online. you’ll pay more than american retail price and a lot less than brazilian retail

      • patrick

        you need a new travel agent – flights to us from brasil are never more than $1000. you could fly there next week for that little.

  • Rick

    Brazil charges a very heavy tariff on electronics that are not manufactured within the country. I suspect you will see the Xbone with a similarly high price tag in the country.

  • Kyten

    “it’s important to mention that the PS3 retailed for R$1,999 ($924)”
    “will still retail for a hefty $R1,299, or over $1,000.” that’s more like $600…

    Also it took about two seconds to google the reason for the high price point. Traditionally electronics are much more expensive in South America. Here’s why… “The increased costs are due to import fees, taxes, and the simple fact that there’s a smaller consumer base in South America.” – Tom’s Hardware.

  • ChrisTypeR

    They have electricity in Brazil? Haha, joking. That’s a lot of money, glad I’m in England.

    • Brazilian

      Yes, we have electricity and we have a lot more respect with other countries :)


      Import fees and taxes = 60% of U$399 + U$399 + the profit that everyone must earn until the product arrives in our hands = U$1,849.85

      Believe, a trip to Florida + Playstation 4 is almost the same price.

      • Jeff

        Yeah, but you’d be screwed in Florida. Half of the population only speaks English and the other half only speaks Spanish. Good luck finding someone who speaks Portuguese…

        • LOL

          English it’s a forbidden language for brazilians ? Why he can’t go to Florida and speak english to buy his PS4 ? Are you dumb ?

  • GeeEmm

    Holy cow!

  • lev186211

    That’ll teach them. Get a PC.

    • fearitself

      For how much? 5000$?

  • Jvithor

    For all the people mocking Brazil: keep at it. This is a f***ing country, still cant understand why you foreingners want to visit this s***. Yes, there are places in this rat hole that dont have electricity. The only things we can offer to the world are soccer, big butts and corrupt politicians. Enough said.

  • Gabriel

    Hello guys, I’m brazillian, well, the price really surprises me,but I think that’s mostly because the government is favorecing the xbox one, that costs half of the price, them they create laws to grow the taxes in the PS4, because it starts to be considerated as ununseful (because the similarity with the xbox one).
    That happens because of two reasons, the first one, because is a bad government, full of kids who were not well educated, in things like, say words like “please” and “thank you” (yeah, that was a mooc). Because the people who makes laws here do not make it to be smart, and the third one I think because microsoft have some new companies here in the “Polo de Manaus” then with jumps in some laws (most of then really repetitive and ridiculus with takes over the ps4) they have little price here relative to the ps4.
    This have some impact beyond gaming doesn’t it? sounds funny how the population here reacts to it. Is not just a console, is more than that, it goes throught philosophical ways. really.