PS4 Report: More Power than Xbox 720, Media-Sharing Controller, Late 2013 Release

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PlayStation 4 Power Share Button Controller Release

A well known fact about anticipation: it tends to loosen lips. Sony might not be hosting its momentous PlayStation 4 reveal until February 20th — the hardware manufacturer isn’t even attempting to downplay the inferences everyone seemed to draw from yesterday’s tease — but with excitement and speculation kicked into overdrive, those unsanctioned “sources close to the matter” are bound to be more… unceremonious.

Some didn’t waste a minute.

Citing “development sources with working knowledge” of both Sony and Microsoft’s next-generation consoles, a report from Edge today posits that the PlayStation 4 will be more powerful than the Xbox 720, that it will ship with a redesigned controller (which was alluded to in a report last week), and that it will be on shelves before Christmas in North America. Europe will have to wait until early 2014.

PlayStation 4 Power Share Button Controller 2013

According to report, the PS4’s hardware specifications are consonant with kind of the stats we’ve been seeing in Sony’s Orbis dev kits.

The console’s current model reportedly contains 4GB of DDR RAM — trailing Durango’s current amount of 8GB — but will increase performance exponentially with an additional GDDR5 solution capable of transferring data at 176 gigabytes per second. Even if this does bridge the gap, however, Sony also appears to be telling developers that it is striving for 8GB in the final build.

Both consoles will be propelled by eight-core AMD CPUs graded at 1.6GHz speeds. Their choices on GPU, however, are rather distinct: Sony is allegedly sticking with AMD  — choosing its “R10XX” architecture and AMD’s “Liverpool” system-on chip — while Microsoft has outfitted Durango with a D3D11X GPU from an “unknown source.”

And while Sony certainly does seem to have the upper hand on interiority (for now), the power upgrade is also a power grab: Sony reportedly acknowledges that the PS3’s labyrinthine architecture was overly burdensome on many developers, damaging a lot of goodwill that was, in turn, claimed by Microsoft. But the PS4 is on a mission for hearts and minds; it’s hardware complexion, according to Edge, is more resembling of a PC’s, and it should afford developer’s far more flexibility than the PS3.

And then there’s the capricious controller. A month ago it was a Vita-esque handheld with a wide front touchscreen; a week ago it featured a Vita-esque rear-sided touchpad. Today’s report, however, places a small touchpad in the middle of the PS4’s controller — replacing the Start, Select and PS buttons — but asserts that its shape will remain consistent with the conventional Dualshock. (We do still anticipate that Sony has plans for PlayStation Move, as well.)

Furthermore, new functionality will be added to the PlayStation 4 controller by way of a “Share” button (which was also mentioned last week). Press, and an application launches that can distribute videos and screenshots online — utilizing a feature of the PS4’s hardware that continously stores 15 minutes of the latest onscreen action for editing and review.

It’s certainly not at the forefront of many next-generation wishlists, one tiny button, but it represents a trend we’ll likely see ingrained into several aspects of PS4/Xbox 720 design: social networking. The Wii U already has its own social universe. And whether its Microsoft devising more voice chat uses with Skype or Sony aggressively expanding its digital distribution reach through the SEN, both manufacturers have been adamant about growing the console’s connective capabilities with the next versions of Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, respectively.

And really, it’s an Internet-Age inevitability that’s been a long time coming: This generation merged gaming with entertainment, the next looks merge entertainment with sharing. How it transforms the gameplay experience, how it transforms our tastes and activities and, thus, the products developers create — that remains to be seen. Hopefully it’s just one of many insights we’ll glean from the PlayStation 4 when it’s (allegedly) unveiled later this month.

Ranters, how do you see factors like console power and social connectivity impacting the next generation?

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Source: Edge

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  • COREY_1993

    >:/ i gotta wait till next year… dammit. i hope its just a rumor. i cant wait knowing people have it elsewhere in the world :'( also seems crazy they would wait next year for the for us in EU. maybe they really want the gamers they lost in america since the xbox is on top their.

  • Kaero

    That share button, and the 15 minutes of footage thing is very intriguing. Would be absolutely fantastic for some quick gameplay videos.

    • zyon

      Probably if ps gamers used more mics then they would pick up more players.look at Xbox(everyone communicates, trash talks, gets to know eachother better then facebook, and everyone enjoys doing so).just a hint.

      • RLTW

        look man i just bought an xbox recently and i never hear anyone talk in public chat, it seems all people ever do is use the x-game chat and i have not made one friend on the 360 because of that, go into a ps3 online room and its full of people to talk to or talk trash to, so i dont understand where you are coming from here

        • zyon

          we it also depends on two 1 the game u play and 2 your connection.

      • Arnold_dajar

        yeah idk what you’re talking about, i use my xbox all the time i hardly hear anyone on public chat, but on my ps3. it’s public chat central.

  • The Dark Knight

    I’m curious as to what launch titles will be available with the PS4.

    • Dante

      I’d bet on God of War 4 & Uncharted 4 as launch – I mean c’mon the marketing writes itself.

  • Shalkowski

    I’m tired of rumors and speculation. Just announce the damn things already.

    • ryan

      they will announce it feb. 20th. have some damn patience. god some people are just whine bags.

      • ATG


        What the hell? He’s just excited, calm down.

  • Red

    Somehow, I doubt the 2013 release is true. And I’m basing tis SOLELY on Rockstar Games. Orbis dev packs have been sent out, and Devs are working with it already according to other news reports. Rockstar Games is launching GTAV at the end of this year. it doesn’t make sense to launch a game to a console if it is known that the console generation is coming to an end soon, unless you have another launch ready for the new console gen as well.

    Yes, the PS3/360 have a built in base already so sales are there, but launching to the new console just makes more sense. Being a launch title for a console drives up sales because the launch selection is usually pretty limited. It makes more sense that the PS4 is debuted now, hyped for a year and then launched in 2014 with a number of solid AAA titles made specifically for it than a number of the major devs launching games to the current console just as the replacement is coming into the light. And if trends stand, the next gen consoles won’t be reverse compatible since they can just resell the PS3/360 as downloadable games at $10-20 a pop.

  • pc_master_race

    hahaha ps4 is going to be the best console ever!!! while wiiu is going down its pee pee hole and 360 going get crushed cause no one buy it in japan. ahhahfjahsd stupid fanboys ps4 is going to crush you plebs!!!

    • Ria

      You worship the PS4, but your user name says PC Master Race?

      Oh well, you need some serious grammar spankings.

      • zyon

        The reason that he’s so confident is because it’s like this…ps2 better then Xbox…Xbox360
        Better then ps3…ps4s technoligy and motherboard and softwhere aka guts better then’s an off and on switch.
        I enjoy both concles.but all the research I’ve done it comes to b ps4 is on top.although I’m not likeing how the controller looks it’s going to take some getting use to. And there’s one big probblem on both are going to be downloadable and not good and bad.if you don’t drive you can’t get the game you want atm.if you work you don’t have the time to brouse the games and

      • zyon

        The reason that he’s so confident is because it’s like this…ps2 better then Xbox…Xbox360
        Better then ps3…ps4s technoligy and motherboard and softwhere aka guts better then’s an off and on switch.
        I enjoy both concles.but all the research I’ve done it comes to b ps4 is on top.although I’m not likeing how the controller looks it’s going to take some getting use to. And there’s one big probblem on both are going to be downloadable and not good and bad.if you don’t drive you can’t get the game you want atm.if you work you don’t have the time to brouse the games

    • zyon

      pc_master…2 things bro.
      1 ur name is pc_master_race but yet”hahaha ps4 is going to be the best console ever!!!”???? o.O
      2 ps4 will crush 360 cuz ps4 is new era and 360 is old era.

      no afence to you but i love stupid ppl.

  • Someone

    You have to be slightly retarded if you think PS4 will be more advanced than Xbox. I’m surprised PS3 didn’t even have memory cards.

    • Shalkowski

      You must live in your own, sad little world if you actually believe that.

  • HelghastUser

    Nice article,

    However it has me bordering on caution more than anything. A smart consumer might want to wait till the PS4 has been out for some time before taking the risk. Reason I say this is because of the specs and the fact that most systems always release with bugs/issues.

    All previous Playstation models, when first released were bigger and generated more heat. I could only imagine how much heat this one will generate. On a good note however, I’m glad that the PS4 controller will still keep its traditional shape/design.

    The only thing that will make me make a purchase is KZ4. Other than that I could wait..

  • Sebastian

    And that’s what they said about the PS3, yet it has far more technical problems with various games than the Xbox 360. Sony when will you learn. Your glory days are over.

  • PHIL

    First for the 360 fan boys out there remember how 360 released a year ahead of ps3? Did your know ps3 has surpassed the 360 in total sales? lets look at the facts here. Sony yes is catching up to xbox in terms of chat functions and all that and the 2 systems will be about identical. ps4 will be capable of 4k res… not a big deal now but will be in about 3 years. also sony will bump final machine to 8 gigs of GDDR5 ram. xbox 720 8 gigs of ddr3 lol look up the difference. Both are pc based and easy to develope on. Not much work to port pc/ps4/720 means better games and quicker dlc. I for one am stoked and cant wait for the 20th. I only hope that we can have more than 100 friends on psn now lol cuz i mean come on. 64 player bf4?

    • Chris

      dude ps3 is still 2million units behind the xbox….

    • Chris

      also i would like to add the reason it is DDR5 is because the gpu is embedded in the cpu it uses gpu memory that doesnt necessarily mean its faster and 4k res is joke-able most gpu’s now days have the capabilities of 4k. i own both xbox and ps3 and unless ps changes some things no its not easier to develope for the ps3 had many development problems and the reason xbox is so easy to develope for is because its a direct x based machine thats pc based the ps3 is not….

  • PHIL

    Oh side note eu wont get ps4 till 5 months later due to how they ship stuff. Sorry my lil wankers lol. Remember all the xbox 360s that burnt houses down lol. Sure my ps3 can cook bacon but it wont burn my house down lol Anyone want sum bacon?

  • deathknight579

    it was the xbox not the 360 that overheated and lit on fire And sony hasnt surpassed microsoft yet in sales so im gonna assume your a ps3 fanboy and say this at least xbox live didnt go down for 3 months;)