PS4 Can’t Play MP3s & Won’t Upload Videos to YouTube at Launch

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PS4 Can't Handle CDs

The Xbox One has been having a bit of a rough time of late when compared to the PS4. In terms of public opinion, the console has been on a roller-coaster ride ever since E3. While Sony has (mostly) been on a plateau since the conference, Microsoft has been jumping around with a series of victories and losses in the public sector. A DRM policy reversal and non-mandatory Kinect have been high points, but just last week there were worries about the console’s capabilities when it was revealed that Call of Duty: Ghosts runs at 1080p on the PS4 and only an upscaled 720p on the Xbox One.

Now we have another twist in the back and forth, as it seems that Microsoft’s system has been able to one up the PlayStation 4 right before the launch of the consoles, unsurprisingly in the entertainment sector. The Xbox One is an entertainment hub and one of its big selling points is upgrading televisions to a “Smart TV” experience. Many saw this as controversial, but this new revelation is relating to something much more mundane and expected – rather than peripherals to sports coverage.

On the official PlayStation Blog, Sony has revealed what their console can and can’t do at launch. One of the things divulged was that while the PlayStation 4 has a music service called Music Unlimited that has “millions of songs” (and a paid subscription), the system won’t be able to handle CD or MP3 playback. Many gamers may not be phased by this but there is a certainly a large group of users who like to listen to custom soundtracks when playing online games – or use the console as an expensive CD player.

Xbox Music

Thanks to the Penny Arcade Report‘s initiative, it has been counter-revealed that, as hinted at earlier in this post, the Xbox One can play CDs and will also handle MP3s (to a certain degree). Those with Windows 7, 8 or a Windows phone will be able to stream their MP3 libraries straight to the console.

One limitation of both consoles? Uploading gameplay videos straight to Youtube – at least at launch. This was revealed by Microsoft a while ago, but Sony has now publicly confirmed the PS$ won’t be able to either. Videos shared via the ‘share’  on PS4 controllers will be uploaded to Facebook as well as stream on Ustream and Twitch but won’t be able to get videos up on Youtube just yet. To keep things optimistic, the feature could be put in place later – as the blog did say that there should be “further news” after launch.

What say you? Is MP3 and CD playback crucial to your gaming experience?

The Xbox One is set to release on November 22, 2013. The PlayStation 4 is set to release on November 15, 2013.

Source: PlayStation Blog & The Penny Arcade Report

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  1. Good thing I can use my iPad, computer or iPhone to play music and watch Youtube lol This isn’t exactly an argument as to why not to get a PS4 even though I’m getting and Xbox.

    • Getting AND X-Box? cmon man seriously? AN? English much?

      • I’m just as tired of waste of space posts on grammar correction when in this day and age, we have typos galore, and autocorrect to boot. We all wanted to be done with grammar police when we moved out of our parent’s place. Seriously. Useless is the best word for those comments.

  2. This is not really a deal breaker for me. I am more angry about my Sony Pulse headset not working with the PS4. Makes no sense whatsoever. They better get it patched-in before Destiny hits.

  3. One thing that I loved about the 360 was putting my music on there and killing necromorphs to System of a Down. When I got a ps3 for the bigger memory, I was very disappointed I couldn’t play my own music during most games.
    This news is really disheartening, I want to be able to put my music on my console. No I don’t want another thing playing in the background, but my own custom soundtrack.

  4. “Is MP3 and CD playback crucial to your gaming experience?”

    Yup. I make heavy use of MP3s for custom soundtracks and in-game customization. I’ve been a Sony loyalist since I jumped from Genesis to the original PS1 but this could likely force a jump to XBox

    • you are an idiot. don’t buy the launch consoles or wait for the damn patch that allows it.

      • What are you in grade 3? The guys allowed to speak his mind, and you have no idea who he is, so give the immature name calling a rest.

  5. Not having playing MP3 or CD’s is the deal breaker for me. That is the whole reason I will pay $399.99 plus tax and games, is for a CD player.

    The only people upset about this are Xbox 180 fans.

    P.S. Who even buys or uses CD’s anymore?

    • It’s the same for all media. We can’t even just copy our music on there and play it, or incorporate it into games. CD’s have nothing to do with it. They are trying to force us to pay for their music plan, that’s all this is about.

  6. “Music unlimited”…. as long as you like mainstream popular music… “music severely limited” if you don’t. I’ve stumped it more times than I’m comfortable with. Music is a big part of gaming to me. This news is worrying.

    • You and I are almost assuredly on other sides of the galaxy when it comes to music taste, but that is exactly the same for both of us.

      However they have come out and said that mp3 compatibility will be in the second update. I don’t have enough experience to know if that means for sure or not, but thank God if they do. This was a no brainer from the start.

  7. My friends and I were terrified after hearing that the PS4 won’t allow us to play our Audio CDs and Mp3s. For us, music and gaming go together … FIFA soundtracks and other great trailer soundtracks are testimony that gaming and music are one. OK, maybe not everyone plays CDs anymore but what hurts Sony from allowing us to play CDs? MAXIMIZED PROFIT

    It’s been so convenient to only have my PS3 in the living room because it did everything. My wife and her friends could watch DvDs and we would play music during house parties. I actually thought that the PS4 would improve on media and surround sound features. I would have enjoyed having added visualizations with better graphics, an equalizer and other subtle media enhancing features.

    If all of this is true, then for me, the PS3 becomes the best console of all times, and the PS4 the worst. Why would I want to buy regressing technology which charges me exorbitant amounts at every turn? Gaming is becoming a pain and this may be my queue to call it quits. THEY ARE ALL TRYING TO MILK US OF EVERY CENT. I’m sticking to my PS3 for now. If Sony wants to charge us, then they should at least charge us for something they have invented, an added feature – something new! Not for playing music.


      • Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t see your sign when I saw your other comment.

      • Just another definition of ignorance *face-palm*

  8. On one hand this move by Sony seems pointless but on the other I’m surprised people even care, I thought I bought gaming consoles to play “games” not music. I have other ways of listening to music if I simply must

  9. I have called it quits for both Xbox and Sony PS3. I traded in my OPS3 and Xbox360. I really don’t play enough to support buying new systems. I have friends who have them but still I just don’t play often enough to consider buying the new consoles.

  10. If there no update To the PS4 to allow cd/mp3 no need for me to purchase it. Might get another PS3 it’s 1080p and play cds/mp3’S

  11. It’s not the lack of CD playing that gets me, it’s the lack of MP3’s and USB sticks!! I’ve been using my PS3 as an entertainment system ever since it was launched and I can’t do that with the PS4, therefore the PS4 is a downgrade
    from the PS3. Yes the games may be an improvement but the PS3 is so much more flexible and useful, if I’d known the damn thing wouldn’t read USB sticks I honestly wouldn’t have bought one, I’ve had to re-set up my PS3 on top of my PS4 (literally on top of) so that I can still watch films and listen to music! SERIOUSLY disappointed.

  12. I’ve been using my PS3 as an entertainment system ever since it was launched and I can’t do that with the PS4, therefore the PS4 is a downgrade
    from the PS3. Yes the games may be an improvement but the PS3 is so much more flexible and useful, if I’d known the damn thing wouldn’t read USB sticks I honestly wouldn’t have bought one, I’ve had to re-set up my PS3 on top of my PS4 (literally on top of) so that I can still watch films and listen to music! SERIOUSLY disappointed.

  13. We purchased to Xbox and PS4 for our grandchildren for Christmas, mostly for the to play games, they are both 7 years of age, but I was surprised that both of them, while being great games platforms, the PS4 having the edge in my opinion, I believe a lot of people would like to see them as a home entertainment center, for their music and DVDs, you cannot link Win7 to either platform to upload your films or music, you have to purchase them, this despite having an extensive DVD and music collection. Anybody else out there agree???

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