Analysts Predict the PlayStation 4 Will Outsell the Xbox One in November

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Microsoft Talks Xbox One PS4 Comparisons

Ever since E3, Microsoft has taken a lot of flack over the decisions that they have made with the Xbox One. The heat began with a strict used games policy, continued on to a required Internet connection every 24 hours, and then there was a matter of the Kinect privacy issue. Then, Microsoft went back on their word with some of these policies due to the negative feedback that they received.

Sony, on the other hand, counteracted all of Microsoft’s negative publicity by announcing more gamer-friendly approaches to said issues in their E3 press conference. And what seemed to make the biggest impact was the lower retail price of the PlayStation 4. Sony was met with a roaring applause when they announced that the PS4 would retail at $399 dollars.

While Sony’s entire approach to PS4 marketing has put them in the good graces everywhere, Gamespot is reporting that the price difference alone may have preemptively won the early console war between Sony and Microsoft.

“International Data Corporation says PlayStation 4’s lower price point will help platform edge out Xbox One; console sales expected to grow in 2013 for the first time in four years.”

What does this all mean? It means that all of the questionable decisions combined with a price that is $100 dollars more than the opposition could have lost Microsoft the preliminary battle. It also shows that first impressions mean a lot to gamers, and that the power of the Internet is legitimate. E3 2013 proved this theory – and now that analysts are predicting the PlayStation 4 will outsell the Xbox One – it is possible that Sony will reign supreme this time around.

In addition to this news, the IDC has also predicted an increase in digital downloads through 2014. Considering the success of Steamit was expected that Microsoft, Sony, and even Nintendo are going to push their downloadable content on their consumers. It’s no secret that downloadable content is an easy way of generating revenue without having to go through an electronics distributor. However with Sony already ahead in projected sales, pay close attention to how the next-gen console wars shake out this holiday season.

Are you leaning toward the Xbox One or the PS4? Which aspects of each are you questioning? Are you considering the price alone as a major factor in your decision? Will Microsoft bounce back from the negative publicity?

The Xbox One is set to release on November 22, 2013. The PlayStation 4 is set to release on November 15, 2013.

Source: Gamespot

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  • Alter

    Kinect the dots yet microsoft ?

  • Cariannis

    Not really that big of a stretch.

  • PromKnight

    I’ll be surprised if PS4 even makes it to market

    • chas

      Troll is trolling.

      • PromKnight

        Facts are facting

        • Mr.Zero

          The english language is stuffing.

          • PromKnight

            At least we can agree on something.

    • dethfuse


      • PromKnight

        First off Sony have only shown Knack on a PS4 which sucked balls, everything else is has been on a PC. Just like the PS3 Sony may not hit there Release Date AGAIN!!!

        POOR SONY SLAVES :,,,,(

        • patrick

          no one minds nonsensical trolling about the proven lesser system. if you want to be an mindless xbox slave, you enjoy that, and we’ll enjoy our superior ps4s.(lots of us – ps4 presells are at 600,000 while xbone is only 350,000) i would wait until next june to buy a ps4 if i had to and the reason is that its a guaranteed better system by all accounts. it is however coming out november 15th. sorry loser (microsoft employee?)

          • PromKnight

            no one minds nonsensical trolling about the proven lesser system. if you want to be an mindless Sony slave, you enjoy that, and we’ll enjoy our superior XB1.(lots of us — ps4 pre-sales are ONLY 1,000,000 while XB1 is 2,000,000) I would wait until next June to buy a XB1 if i had to and the reason is that its a guaranteed better system by all accounts. it is however coming out November 22th. sorry loser (Sony employee?)

          • Cariannis

            “mindless Sony slave, you enjoy that, and we’ll enjoy our superior XB1” Pot I want you to meet kettle.

            “ps4 pre-sales are ONLY 1,000,000 while XB1 is 2,000,000” I need proof. Until then M$ fanboy falsehood. I also can’t be considered a Sony fanboy since I don’t own a Sony console nor do I plan to get one with the steambox is so close now. I do own an Xbox 360 and a Wii (used for netflix).

  • patrick

    ps3 is a better system with better exclusives, was more expensive, and outsold xbox 360. ps4 is more powerful system for $100 less- experts predictions aren’t necessary

  • PromKnight

    Lol, you’re in for a big surprise when you stop dreaming.

    • dethfuse

      You are so butthurt I love laughing at how mad you are. Please never leave this site you lulzy little xbotter.

      • PromKnight

        HaHaHa, Oh that’s good, Classic deflection, being jealous isn’t such a bad thing and I know you feel sorry for yourself, but being able to laugh at you is healthy for everyone here.

  • Zach

    With the fact that the dollar is going down in price, I think the price of the next gen consoles in all other currencies should go down. It’s already a bullshit price considering $500 is like £320 and $400 is about £250

    • Zach

      and by price of the dollar I meant the value of the dollar*

  • bio

    Sure. There going to make more ONLY because the ps4 will be cheaper. It’s not like Microsoft left a bad taste in there consumer’s mouth causing them to not trust the xbox name any more (even if they pulled a 180) and then want to switch sides or anything like that.

  • Joel. monserrate

    Ps4 for me even if it was the same price as xbox one

  • breadothegreat

    Children children children, it doesnt matter. It doesnt matter if you support microsoft or sony, xbox or ps4. All that really matters is that you dont by a Wii. Because the Wii sucks and nintendo is racist and needs to fail. Then Optimus will return and all shall become one.

    • xmisfit666x

      racist? where’s any significant proof of that?

      • Donkeymong

        Mario and Luigi as sterotypes of Italians, Peach as a ditzy white girl, Samus in her new anti feminist form, Donkey Kongs obvious portayal as a black man, ect ect

        • Mike Pitcher

          sounds to me like the racist here is you. not nintendo. characters are just that, characters. They in no way portray themselves in ways that would suggest that nintendo is “making fun of” anyone in a racist way. Mario, Luigi, Samus and Donkey Kong are all “Hero” characters. Peach has never been talkative enough to be portrayed as a “Ditz” It’s more of a “cute” thing they are going for with her. You are the racist one.

        • Cariannis

          If you think that’s racists I don’t even won’t to know what you’ll think if you ever see the original Loony Toons. Now that was racists.

        • xmisfit666x

          well see that’s what you choose to portray them as, which is making you look a bit racist there pal, while yes the names Mario and luigi are Italian (actualy roman and Germanic if you want to be more specific) theres nothing in the original games or anything hinting to them being Italian other than their namesakes, princess peach being ditzy? where do you even see that, a lot of old tales referring to princesses in need of rescuing is pretty much the basis on her, and samus in an anti feminist form? believe what you want I guess, but theres nothing she’s ever done or said in any of the Metroid games to support that thought, and as for donkey kong…..well pal you buried yourself on that one by just plain assuming he was meant as a portrayal as a black guy just becauuuuuse what…he’s a brown gorilla who’s never once done anything in any form of media to mock the black community in any way shape or form? lmao, its funny how you are just grabbing at straws to make a sad attempt at proving a point

      • shiny

        The guy also said “then Optimus will return and all shall become one.” Really going to argue with him about the racist part?

  • Omar Arancibia

    I lead it to ps4. Its the best console over all

  • DOOM

    Individuals already predicting which console is better which no one has at present.

  • Jeff

    Considering how much negative press the Xbox has gotten, this isn’t exactly a risky prediction

  • Varteras

    Not surprising at all. First, Sony is the only one to mention where their worldwide preorders were at and that was back in late August. As far as I know, Microsoft has not said a word. If they were ahead or close you can bet they would have said so. Second, all early indications from every region in the world where both of these consoles are available for preorder shows the PS4 with the advantage. In some areas, a significant advantage. That’s not including the multitude of areas in which the PS4 is available and the X1 is not.

    The PS4 is launching at a cheaper pricepoint with many of the same games available or that will be available down the road. As Microsoft has thus far failed to effectively market itself as worth the extra $100 to many consumers, it’s not surprising that a cheaper console with no apparent disadvantage to the competition would outsell it. The image of the Xbox One has improved since June, but there are still many people who feel the damage is already done. The PlayStation 4 has managed to retain the image of a more desirable console despite Microsoft’s efforts.

    • Josh

      Very nicely put. I’m more of a playstation fan, and will be getting the ps4 eventually. Not for the reason that some say the xbone is inferior, but for the point u just made that a system that is $100 cheaper (in this economy the more u can save the better) with no apparent disadvantages.

  • Rumptor

    Why are we arguing about a console when it comes down to the games. Games that none of us have played. Games that will more than likely be on both consoles, except for a select few. someday gamers will grow up and realize that these systems are very similar besides the PS4 costing less.

    I’m basing my purchase on what console has all my achievements on it. (so the xbone.) But that doesn’t mean the PS4 is inferior. I just have more invested in the xbox, hell the PS has many games I wish were on the xbox.

  • emortal1

    As a black guy, I think the guys from the Trade Federation were clearly Japanese businessmen ! And as a Jamaican I can clearly identify with my brother Jar Jar Binks lol

    I don’t think Nintendo is racist as a company at all, but Donkey Kong does seem like a story about “Jungle Fever” lol

    As a sane person I hate political correctness and oversensitive “groups” of any kind….. lighten up ! Life is too short ….

  • Paul Raymond

    what i think is that they should lower the price even withe the Kinect at least to either £400 or £390 or maybe lower especially as people will haft to buy games which in turn will cost a lot and those without Xbox live will haft to spend more money on getting another year or 3 months which will cost more.

    And lowering the price will maybe entice more people to buy it also you would haft to think of the people who don’t get much money especially how it is now in UK and i think USA people out of work an all.

  • Josh

    Hahaha good playstation deserves more money than microsoft. F*** xbox one and their outrageous prices I’m switching to ps3 or ps4, bill gates dose’nt deserve more money he’s already f***ing rich, He’s very selfish and wont even give his kids money. Nuff said