PS4 Won’t Require Always-On Internet Connection

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PS4 Won't Require Internet Connection

If there’s one thing that can be said about Sony heading into the launch of the PS4, it’s that they’ve been paying attention. Not only has the company responded to fan concern regarding their new console not playing used games, but they’ve also cut potential fan backlash off at the pass.

Specifically, we are talking about the new trend whereby games require an always-on Internet connection in order to play games. Most recently, Diablo 3 — a game that is ironically headed to the PS3 and PS4 with 4-player co-op — included the feature, and unfortunately it led to some serious headache.

Thankfully, Sony will not be requiring the PS4 has a constant Internet connection in order to play games. Sony boss Shuhei Yoshida confirmed the news to Eurogamer, saying that “you can play offline, but you may want to keep it connected.”

Yoshida doesn’t say that gamesr might want to keep the PS4 connected to the Internet because of DRM, though; he is referring to the console’s new background downloading capabilities. Using a dedicated processor, the PS4 will be able to download games, update software, or stream to the PS Vita. The processor will also keep active while the console is in low power mode, downloading updates while the PS4 is actually “asleep.”

And even though Sony is placing a heavy emphasis on the PS4’s social features, the publisher realizes there are gamers out there who could care less about interacting with friends or sharing/streaming video. And for them, the PS4 perfectly caters to an offline atmosphere.

Now, we can’t make any promises in regards to specific games, but the PS4 itself won’t need to be online to play games. It is therefore reasonable to assume games like Killzone: Shadow Fall and inFAMOUS: Second Son (two Sony exclusives announced during the PS4 event) will also not require an always-on connection.

Are you happy that the PS4 will not require a constant Internet connection? Do you think that individual publishers will abide by Sony’s philosophy?

The PS4 is slated for a holiday 2013 release.

Source: Eurogamer

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  • Varteras

    It really is amazing when you go to so many of these websites and see people flinging misinformation around about the PS4. The two biggest rumors that are still persisting, despite plenty of contrary information to be found from official sources, are that the console will block used games and that it will require you to always be online. What in the hell drives these people? It’s ludicrous.

    • mjjrussell

      It is people not wanting to admit that sony has learned from their mistakes with the PS3 and are going to deliver a top notch system with the PS4

  • Jimbo

    I have to admit, I’ve been VERY impressed by Sony this time around…and I’ve owned every console they’ve ever made. The only thing they could screw it up with at this point, is charging for online play.

  • Dante

    My PS3 is always online, but it doesn’t have to be – my PS4 should be the same.

    The used games ban rumor will persist until Microsoft also denies officially they are putting it into their next console (which they of course will do soon – a used games ban on only one console is business suicide).

    I am very excited to get my hands on a PS4 and my excitement will reach a fever pitch as soon as they announce games I want – where’s my God of War 4 and Uncharted 4? Oh an how can I forget – METAL GEAR SOLID!!!!??!??!?


    my biggest thing was, downloading, psv interaction, sold me on both…then i saw Killzone Shadow Fall…