PS4 Games In Development; Console Far Behind?

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Gamers and industry experts have long awaited the official word on the plans for the next generation of consoles. We know Nintendo is releasing the Wii U next year but Sony and Microsoft have remained tight-lipped on their next-gen consoles.

According to inside sources in the latest reports, several internal Sony studios have already begun preliminary work on PlayStation 4 games. There was however, no information on which of Sony’s 16 studios were working on the secret projects.

2014 has been the key year for gamers regarding the next PlayStation console release, especially after Bethesda developer Todd Howard stated that there was no immediate hurry for either Sony or Microsoft to switch to new hardware, considering the current gaming experience was more than satisfying the consumer demand.

But since Howard made his comments, industry insiders predict Microsoft to unveil their next Xbox at E3 in 2013 and release it a short time later. Develop, who broke the Xbox 720 story earlier today, is also the source of the PlayStation 4 development.

Would the Xbox 720 unveiling next year or the year after push up the release date for the PS4?

As a general business practice, Sony likes to remain engaged in R&D work on future platforms. Work on the Vita began almost immediately upon the release of the PSP in 2005. Upon receiving the go-ahead, production on the PS4 games currently underway at the undisclosed studios could swing into full action.

The PlayStation 3 still remains a very popular console and still is a very powerful machine – made even better by the recent PS3 price drop. In speaking with Develop, Epic president Mike Capps said building the next generation of commercial hardware would not be an easy task. He added, “I mean, PS3 is still very bad-ass.”

Whatever the case is, it is obvious that Sony doesn’t have all the details ironed out on what the PlayStation 4 will be exactly. Not that they have to have their minds made up here in 2011 though, but considering the sales figures of these consoles, it will be imperative for Sony to stay on pace with Microsoft and their continued development for the Xbox 720. Sony cannot afford to have its next console released a year after Microsoft’s.

In an industry where perception can often be reality, Sony could be perceived as operating from a position of weakness if there is no PS4 unveiling at the 2013 E3 while Microsoft receives all the accolades. Obviously, we are still 20+ months away from that event. It will be interesting to follow the developments in the coming months.

Loyal readers, are you anxious for the PS4? Considering what we know about current consoles, what would you expect out of the next generation of consoles? Keep it tuned to Game Rant for further information.

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Source: Develop

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  • Spider-Abu

    sweet, by the time I graduate High School, PS4 and 720p would be out. I just hope Sony delays the PS4 even a month or two after the 720..

    • ATG

      Just to get an idea, go to this site. See what is displayed in “Real-Time”, compared to the consoles real time now, and that can only improve in the next year before release of Xbox 720 and PS4. Plus, that first video is being powered by THREE Nvidia GTX 580’s. If you don’t know what that is, it’s right behind the GTX 590 “The most powerful graphics card on the market”. Youtube or google and see what type of games those can produce, then imagine that multiplied by 3 lol

      • ATG

        Just realized how old that article was posted, 2007! Damn!

        • John Doe


          U Idiot. There is no way the GTX 580 was released in 2007. Stupid console kid. Those high visual games were shown running on PC hardware for DEMO purposes.

          A “GTX 580″ costs nearly $500 for 1 card. “There is no way” it will be cheap enough for Microsoft to get Nvidia to create 3 GTX 580’s for a XBOX 720.

          To be realistic here; Microsoft will most likely install a Custom Mid-high range card(Enthusiasts is the highest) that’s currently in the $100-$180 cost range. The “sweet spot” for a console cost is about $300-$400. So don’t go all crazy with your wild fantasies.

          The most powerful “console” would most probably be the PS3, as Sony is more superior in what they want , as Microsoft doesn’t mind being a little less powerful by taking a note from Nintendo’s stance on graphics.

          • ATG

            @john doe
            Quote me where I said GTX 580 came out in 2007! I know what it is and I’m not a kid, fyi.

          • ATG

            Stupid console kid? I’m a PC gamer too! John Doe man my last comment got flagged and removed. So I’ll keep this one cleaner. You misunderstood me real bad.

            “U Idiot. There is no way the GTX 580 was released in 2007. Stupid console kid. Those high visual games were shown running on PC hardware for DEMO purposes”

            I’ll let the idiot and console kid crap slide since you’re obviously a moron. Those were indeed demo purposes, but these consoles aren’t coming out for about another year or two (NOBODY KNOWS). So these “demos” may not be used for the same purpose in the future. Derr!

            “A “GTX 580″ costs nearly $500 for 1 card. “There is no way” it will be cheap enough for Microsoft to get Nvidia to create 3 GTX 580′s for a XBOX 720″

            It costs nearly $500 NOW, by the time these consoles release, that technology will be SOMEWHAT obsolete. Research Nvidia’s Kepler and AMD’s 7000 series and check those proposed release dates and specs. When those release and IF they are as good as the specs claim, these current high-end graphics cards will drop to a more “affordable” price range.

            “To be realistic here; Microsoft will most likely install a Custom Mid-high range card(Enthusiasts is the highest) that’s currently in the $100-$180 cost range. The “sweet spot” for a console cost is about $300-$400. So don’t go all crazy with your wild fantasies.”

            I agree, they will keep it affordable. But not “current” affordable. Don’t compare current graphics cards to what will be “next-gen”. Ever hear of INFLATION? If Xbox 720 and PS4 release at $300-$400, there is a huge chance they are NOT trully next-gen. Wild fantasies? I stopped having those when I grew up, something you should consider.

            Before you try to make someone look like an idiot, do some research and maybe comprehend my comment better.

        • James


          ATG your wrong. That site you listed was not an “article,” that was a “Blog.” Meaning information was added to the BLOG as more details emerged. Doesn’t really mean it was ALL actually published in 2007.

          • ATG

            Fail? Oh because I said “article” and not “blog”? Well excuse me! Gosh you hardcore nerds get a hard dick tryna make people look bad, don’t you? Article or blog, its still news/rumors/info, the main date on it is still 2007.

      • Joe

        600 series. will be dropping next year. PS4 and 720 already outdated. Fail.

      • Joe

        And unless the 720/PS4 can use multiple monitors, something the equivalent of tri-SLI 580’s is a complete waste/overkill, or will just be their excuse to charge you $1500 for a console (the price of 3x GTX 580’s.)

        • ATG

          Nobody said 720/PS3 would be equal to 3 580s, and they won’t be $500 a piece by the time the new gpus release FAIL

          “Most power… on the market” was quoting nvidia, so you fail again.

          I was referring to single cards, not sli or dual monitors, you fail once again.

          Jesus christ you guys don’t how to read. I was just trying to give the guy an idea of what to expect from next-gen.

          • ATG

            *know. Typing from my phone and multitasking.

      • Joe

        AND…the 580 would be considered the most powerful GPU on the market. The 590 being a dual-GPU card that would buckle when stacked up to SLI 580’s.

    • !_!

      hey i was out of high school as well….when the ps2 came out…..

  • Nizy801

    I believe that both Microsoft and Sony are moving a little fast. It seems that new consoles are being released at a faster rate. I would hate for video games consoles to turn into Iphones in which every year a new model is released making the last obsolete.

  • SV

    Id prefer they stretch the current consoles a little more. They are still extremely good and I dont quite know what they could do to make the next-gen consoles worth the cost? More 3D stuff and marginally better graphics? PS3 already can output at 1080p but i guess they can up the fps? And i dont care about 3D haha. I guess they can add more networking abilities and offer more PC-like capabilities? 360 and PS3 were needed for the jump from standard def to HD so that made sense haha I guess we’ll see. I definitely cant afford a new console right now though 😛

    • josh

      well for starters most 360 games and ps3 games are only unscaled to 720p. now i agree 3D is pointless to me. however, they can do a hell of a lot more then up the fps. there are really too many things to name that limit current consoles. player caps are caused by a lack of memory, physics could be upgraded, dynamic lighting, destructibility, improved animation systems,
      advanced textures, day night cycles, dynamic shadows, less texture pop in, larger open worlds, improved more intelligent AI this list could go on and on…

      • Gooch

        the animation,lighting and physics systems are created by game developers not the console manufacturer, however the system itself is what limits these things. It’s a long way off before we can bring avatar graphics to a game console, especially when it a render farm to develop these projects. The idea of a single machine producing it is laughable. However computer technology grows exponentially so who knows…

    • ATG


      I hit reply on the wrong comment lol go to the link above and read my comment

  • A.M.

    virtual reality?

  • IDieTrying

    Just saying whatever comes out closer to Christmas the year it is released is going to sell more at the beginning

  • Tyler

    Maybe they will create a system to where we go to a world similar to Tron haha. That won’t happen for a long time but if it did, oh man!

  • TheAvenger

    They better not release the PS4 in the next 3 years.
    I bought my PS3 on the premise that it’ll have a 10 year life-cycle (that life-cycle is only about halfway done now).

    Still, if they release it in 2014, I would have graduated high-school (hopefully ;)), gotten a part time job, and started at university.

    It’s probably just rumors anyway: I remember a few months ago, they were also speculating about the PS4 (nothing has come of those rumors btw).

    • BFTE

      actually the rumors were true sony had posted on there site stating that they started working on the PS4 and these “rumors” you call here are people that work for sony that are spilling the info that there not suppose to