PS4: 5 Missing Features We Wanted At Launch

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  1. I totally agree with all 5 issues or lack of features. This is one of the reason I am not planning to buy a PS4 in a near future. I will stick with my old faithful PS3 (two consoles). One missing feature is the lack of PS4 consoles at the retail stores even after more than a month after its release. Xbox One is already selling just fine and can now be found at your regular retail stores. I don’t even think that $ONY will release 3 million consoles by 2013 year’s end. Shame on you, $ONY!

    • uhhh sorry to break it to you but ps4 been selling in stores but unlike xbox one you have to ask for it my walmart has around 30 ps4s’ in the backroom of electronics where even workers need a key lol

  2. I have been a lifelong PS fanatic but PS4 has managed to push me towards X box (which I hate) the lack of multimedia support has transformed the perfect multi entertainment console into a glorified Atari. The first game I got was kill zone. There was not much of an improvement to get me even think of not returning this system. I am a psplus member that will now keep the two ps3 I have but begin the switch to xbox. Great job sony, maybe next time you can eliminate Internet connectivity…

    • @Alex, I’ve too been a Playstation fan since the first PS, but I totally agree with your comments. I don’t plan to buy a PS4 for a long while if ever. It seems that $ONY has stepped back with this new PS4 version and the lack of features. Let’s just also mention that there is no way to buy a PS4 at any retailer for this just past Christmas and possibly through the end of 2013. However, I have seen and increase in sales of X1, and one now can almost walk into any store and buy one Xbox One. Where are the 3 million PS4 consoles promise buy $ONY for 2013? I can’t believe this, and as long I can buy PS3 games I will not buy a PS4. Again, I agree that perhaps the X1 might be a better option even if I have to pay a gold live subscription.


      • This is what I hate about the entertainment industry today. When game consoles were first introduced, they were just that, game consoles. These days it seems they are anything, but. If I want to play movies, I’ll do it on my computer or my blue ray entertainment system, not my game console. If I want to listen to music, I’ve got my computers (yes, plural) for that, I can do that on my phone, hell I even have a tablet. I have so many devices that I will turn to before I even think about using my game console for anything other than games. For Christ’s sake, the gaming industry is going down the drain, it truly saddens me…

  3. While I do appreciate the informative article I could not help but feel distracted by the author’s glaring grammar and punctuation mistakes. Please; if you are going to be a writer and/or a critic, learn basic English grammar.

  4. I was honestly surprised on the ps4′s entertainment apps that they didn’t have youtube as an immediate add to the next gen, I was glad to have it available on m ps3 but hopefully they eventually ads it to ps4.

  5. What do you expect people there hasn’t been a new console from Sony in almost 6 years and y’all expect it to be perfect right off the bat? I own a ps4 and I feel it meets all my needs and I am willing to wait for other things because I understand that it’s not going to be perfect after 6 years without a release.

  6. No Cds or MP3, this is where ye ol’ trusty pc comes in handy.

  7. What about backwards compatibility i’ve got great ps3 games.
    Why have 2 systems when the games that are out for the ps4,i currently can play already on ps3….
    i won’t buy it till my demands are met

    • There are PS4 titles that were not released for the PS3, quite frankly, I wouldn’t get rid of my PS3 even if the PS4 was backwards compatible. I still have my PS1 and the only reason I don’t have the PS2 is because I skipped a console generation (quite regrettably, I might add).

  8. This lack of basic entry level multimedia capabilities makes my ps3 a functionally superior machine. Why miss off these functions but include useless gimmicks? A light on the controller is a gimmick. A damn useless one. Sharing video footage of your front room, or gameplay footage: again, its a gimmick. Yes, there are some fancy lighting effects, but at the bare mimimum the PS4 should do everything the PS3 does only better. It even fails to do this.

    And all this “this is for the gamers” b.s. is no excuse for lack of functionality. Its not all about computer games you know. I like to switch the games off & listen to some music or watch a video ON THE SAME SYSTEM. Not everyone is a ginger computer game addicted teenager playing for 8hrs a day. Incidentally, I am also a qualified skydiver!

  9. All of you people complaining about the lack of multimedia features on a game console are beyond ridiculous. Sure the PS1, PSX, PS2 and PS3 all had multimedia features to some extent, but they are first and foremost “GAME CONSOLES.” They were never intended to be an all-inclusive home-theatre device. They were only given the multimedia functionality as an incentive to produce more sales and I’m sure the PS1 was not included in this case (only compact disk based multimedia, no videos). That being said, even if the PS4 were to never have multimedia functionality (inclusive of DLNA), I would still be happy to have it, because, as I said before, it is a game system first, anything else is secondary.

  10. Just a gaming console get a life , I love games to but movies , photos , music are all apart of it as well this day and age the ps4 should play it all Sony are idiots I’m not buying ps4 until it plays external media so if there selling them at a loss they need more people to buy them , and I bet there’s a lot who won’t because of this reason , Sony just don’t want us watching free movies we download on there device.

  11. the days of a game console just playing games is long gone just like a phone only making calls. so the fact that the ps4 still lacks functions that are basic and are features of the previous gen is questionable.
    i am always amused by the ” i got 9 other things that will do that” comments when questioning the ps3 multimedia usage. to them i say ” but with the ps3 i don’t need those 9 other things ” . well at least while i am viewing the largest screen in my primary room for entertainment. tablets have skype and faster web browsers but the slow ps3 browser is very usefull and the game controller works well in place of a mouse,keyboard,or touch screen.
    this post was made using my ps3 and game controller from the comfort of my recliner.

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