PS4 Won’t Support Bluetooth and USB Headsets at Launch

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PS4 Bluetooth USB Headset Support

With the launch of the PS4 a little over a month away, gamers are gearing up to make the leap into the next-gen, and ready to discover all the fancy new features Sony‘s console will offer. However, it isn’t all good news as far as the PS4’s feature set is concerned, as we have just learned the console will not support one somewhat important peripheral.

Despite several improvements over its predecessor — namely a better controller, support for gameplay capture through HDMI, and free automatic downloads — one feature that came standard with the PS3 will not make the jump to the PS4: Bluetooth headsets. In fact, most chat headsets won’t work with the PS4, at least not at launch.

Game Informer first caught wind of this news when talking to Astro Gaming about next-gen peripherals, where they discovered that the company’s headsets would not work with the PS4 right away. And after some additional prodding, the publication discovered that the PS4 will not support any third party headsets that use Bluetooth for connection.

The next-gen console will, however, support Sony’s Pulse Headset, but, again, not at launch. Sony is busy working on an update that will patch that support in.

As well, they are working on an update that will patch support for USB chat headsets into the PS4. Yes, USB headsets will not work for chat right out of the box. Something like a Turtle Beach gaming headset, which uses digital optical for game audio, will work, but not for chatting.

Without support for a USB or Bluetooth headsets at launch, that leaves players with one chat option: the mono headset that comes bundled with the PS4. While we don’t doubt that headset gets the job done, there are likely plenty of gamers who would prefer to use their expensive third party peripherals. But, unfortunately, they can’t.

This news comes as somewhat of a shock to us, as this is the first we are hearing about the lack of Bluetooth support at launch. Apparently, like with the Xbox One, Sony is looking to change how chat headsets work with their console, and as a result have alienated a ton of previously released products.

Of course, this doesn’t mean Sony can’t patch in support for Bluetooth headsets later, but that does leave some multiplayer gamers at a disadvantage at launch. We will have to wait to see how Sony responds in the coming weeks.

Are you surprised to learn the PS4 will not support Bluetooth or USB headsets at launch? Do you think that Sony is dropping the ball by not including support for chat?

The PS4 releases November 15, 2013.

Source: Game Informer

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  • Mark Hard

    What the hell have they been doing all this time sticking their bloody fingers up their arse. This is an important issue which should have been fixed and patched a long time ago and damn bloody well this could have easily been done. This is a next gen top of the bloody line console your presenting that doesn’t support fully at launch Bluetooth or USB headsets and many of the gamer basis today with that is especially online! What a bloody disaster Sony you better darn well get this fixed as soon as possible. This is dropping a ball indeed in fact dropping all of their balls at the same time with a force of gravity projected from my bloody anger over this.

    • Ertywerty

      Agreed! I just got the Pulse headset a few weeks ago and got because it supposedly would be supported for PS4 at launch. This is a BIG step back for Sony and now im considering not even buying a PS4 until this is fixed

  • djnforce9

    I have a Soundblaster Recon3D which also works on my PS3 via USB port. I guess that too will not have chat support initially but hopefully it gets added later. It lets me use PC Mic’s on the PS3 which is quite nice as they tend to be good quality.

  • Jeff

    No, it’s cool, not like there’s any online multiplayer games that are being advertised for PS3.

    • Askanison40

      You mean PS4 right?

      Also, “Drive Club”, “Killzone: Shadow Fall”, “Battlefield 4″, “Call of Duty: Ghosts”, “FIFA 14″, “Madden NFL 25″, “NBA 2K 14, “NBA Live 14″, “Need For Speed: Rivals”, & “Watch Dogs” are all launch titles and also online multiplayer games, so I don’t understand your comment (unless you were being sarcastic).

      • Shalkowski

        Lets not forget Destiny

  • patrick

    not a big deal. a lot goes into a launch. still better than xbox

    • Levi

      Is it? At least Microsoft were up front with the policy. Sony have previously stated all the headsets will work, now they won’t. I don’t like that from a company, at all

      • dethfuse

        Oh yea. Its still a lot better than xbone. And there really is no reason to state reasons why since its pretty obvious to actual non-xbotter gamers. (not saying that you are an xbotter btw)

        • Doog47

          Ya not a big Deal. We just have to go out and spend another 250 bucks on a god damn new headset. I don’t know about you but I think that’s a f***in rip off come on

  • Shalkowski

    People are making a far bigger deal out of this than actually is.

    • Anthony Taormina

      I like the issue here isn’t that most headsets won’t be supported, since the PS4 ships with one, but that a publication found out about after doing some digging. Who’s to say Sony would have even made a formal announcement, like Microsoft did, saying that gamers should be aware certain headsets won’t work. It’s all about transparency.

      • tombo

        Have you seen the earbud that comes with it. It makes game play terrible. mono with a microphone that’s open all the time. It’s useless. Purchase a set of $200 headphones that says it works with PS4 and find out it will not. I finally got sound to come in but when you use the patch cord to controller it screws everything up. if i’d known this was going on i wouldn’t have bought the system.

  • dethfuse

    This isnt something that will cause me to rage and not buy the PS4. Hell ill still be there at midnight. But it does upset me. Sony has been pretty clear on what there new system entails, unlike the competition imo, which is one of the reasons why I chose PS4 over Xbone. So seeing now that I can’t use my turtlebeach that i use for everything (hell i have 3 of them), that kind of pisses me off. At least I’ll be able still use party chat with the headset that comes with the system. I just hope its like the PSP earpiece and is eternal(I still have it from launch and its still the only earpiece I use for mp3’s and stuff).

  • Shane

    This isn’t a deal breaker for me, but it is something that I really hope is fixed very quickly.

  • Sinthor

    I’m stunned by this and keep thinking it MUST be a mistake or miscommunication. After all, the PS4 HAS bluetooth built in. But if it won’t work with a normal cellphone style headset even, what the heck is it being used FOR? It makes not sense to me for the the PS4 to have built in bluetooth that doesn’t work with ANYTHING??? Weird. Well, we will see. At least it will SHIP with a headset that works so folk will be able to communicated via games while this all gets sorted out. Very weird.

  • jazon1

    not really surprising really,have you heard people on some of the horrible headsets while playing live on ps3? i would say about 70% of people cant even be understood because they are using cheep $5 Bluetooth headsets made for phones,i would rather the headsets be tested and approved by sony to be usable on the system,nothing more aggravating then having to mute half the people on your team because there crappy headsets are putting out feedback.

  • mon3ymakerjfir3

    Wow that is a big deal for me because that mono ear piece doesnt stay in my ear they never have , so therefore its fxkn useless they better allow my ps3 headset usb to work by Thursday or im not going to pick it up then into they fix that , pretty stupid if u ask me that wasnt handled way b4 launch smdh companies always rushing product and screw alot of consumers with these lame excuses!!!Horrible:(

  • jayh.

    So i know how to get the ps4 to find my phone. i don’t know how to registrar it and don’t have my Bluetooth headset on hand but the good news the ps4 did display a headset icon under Bluetooth devices if anyone reads this i will tell how i got it to get that far and will do more with it Monday when i can get my head set back unless someone like you tries i am hoping this is going to get this Bluetooth under control.

  • Lucky

    Yes they’ve drop the ball!!!!

  • Daemon

    This makes me mad. I guess now that I think about it, it’s typical for Sony, although I still can’t believe it. Just bought myself a pair of Logitech UE9000’s to not only listen to music on the run, but also for my PS4 when the flatmates are home and I’m using the TV in the second lounge… And lo and behold I just tried to pair them and boom, another gotcha from Sony. I’d like to think they’ll sort this out soon, that it’s only a ‘technicality’, but am I just dreaming? Honestly, if premium Sony bluetooth headsets were actually better than than the ones I got, I would have bought them instead. After a lot of research and in-store testing, sadly this just wasn’t the case. In fact they didn’t even make my top 5! C’mon Sony! Don’t let us fanboys and girls down with something so silly!

  • justin giver

    I just spoke to the knowledge center and this was the exact reply she provided to me.

    That is correct, Jarad. We don’t have any recommendation about a third party headsets since we don’t guarantee that it will be fully compatible with the PS4. That’s why we have the Gold Headsets option for the PS4.

    great sales job but no follow through on potential updates and patches to fix this issue for users.. pretty sad honestly. guess we just have to open the wallets up yet again to pay more money for something we already have..