Sony: PS4 Will Not Block Used Games

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PS4 Won't Block Used Games

In the months leading up to Sony‘s big reveal of the PS4, which took place earlier today by the way, there were rumors that suggested the next-gen console would block used games from being played. Backlash instantly arose, especially with GameStop, a retailer that makes a good deal of money off the sale of used games.

Thankfully, those rumors will not come to pass, as Sony Worldwide Studios’ Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed the PS4 will play used games. That means, at least for now, retailers like GameStop and services like GameFly are safe.

Eurogamer sat down with Yoshida a few hours after the PS4 event, and skirted around talk of whether or not the console would play used games. Yoshida, in turn, entered into a hypothetical discussion that ultimately resulted in him confirming the PS4 won’t block games. Put simply: because consumers wouldn’t want that, Sony doesn’t want that.

“Yes. That’s the general expectation by consumers. They purchase physical form, they want to use it everywhere, right? So that’s my expectation.”

Yoshida’s use of the word “expectation” gives us pause about the console blocking used games, but it seems like all’s clear on the used games front.

And what about that patent that reportedly blocked used games? Eurogamer claims that was for something completely different, and was never meant for the PS4.

So gamers can rest easy knowing that the PS4 won’t be the first step in major publishers’ battle against used games. That doesn’t mean that future technology — namely a streaming service or digital downloads — won’t render the sale of physical media obsolete, but for now they are safe.

As a matter of fact, Sony didn’t make any mention of physical media during their PS4 event. Yes they revealed that digital downloads will be made much easier thanks to a dedicated processor, but should we just assume that the Blu-Ray is still the format for Sony?

Make sure to check out all the information from the PS4 event, including some of the new games revealed (Killzone: Shadow Fall, inFAMOUS: Second Son, and Knack).

Are you happy to hear that the PS4 will not block used games? Do you think a console that won’t play used games is in our future?

The PS4 is targeting a holiday 2013 release.

Source: Eurogamer

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  • Red

    …We’re all holding you to this, Sony… All of us.

    sony gamers… xbox gamers… nintendo gamers… commodore 64 gamers… ALL OF US!

    • DarthMalnu

      I have been all of those at some point… a “grumpy old” gamer, I guess.

      Glad to hear used games won’t be blocked… your move, Xbox.

      • Varteras

        Microsoft won’t do it. At this point with them being essentially last out of the gate and the other two competitors not blocking used games they would be committing suicide to attempt it. All three of them are better off letting technology kill the used games market which will feel a lot more like natural progress and more difficult to lay blame on any one company than to forcefully block the consumer.

  • The_Philosopher

    Wise choice Sony, I wish companies would realize that the used game market is what keeps these developers in business.

    Think about it, the people who buy used games are more inclined to buy DLC, and pre-order the sequels. You know who didn’t buy the DLC? The guy who first paid $60 for the game then sold it. The people who purchase used games have been helping the economy.

    But gamers be advised: any random software update could change the PS4’s “used game tolerance” if used games become a problem for them. So be sure to handle used games with moderation.

  • COREY_1993

    phew… even though i dont buy used games unless i have too (the game is only patinum new or i cant find the game new at all). last time a bought a used game was portal 2 last year because it was only new in platinum.

  • digimass

    NOw we wait to see what XBox is going to do

  • HerpaDerp

    But will it play PS3 games? THAT is the question!

    • Jeff Schille

      I’m afraid that question has been answered. PS4 will not play PS3 games. The plan is to ultimately make them available via Gaikai’s streaming service, but PS4 can not play retail PlayStation 3 discs.

      • Shalkowski

        Which is a bummer but I like the idea of having the entire PS3 library available through streaming. Just as long as I don’t have to pay for them again.

      • Varteras

        It’s unfortunate but was inevitable. There had to come a point when the physical media from the previous generation was not supported right from the start. At least they have plans to allow players to stream the games in case their old console dies.

  • xmisfit666x

    HA, i knew that wouldnt happen…its been nothing but a passing rumor with every new console for the last close to 10 years, nothing more than that…a rumor lmao

  • Tired

    SO, its like they are doing us a favour by ALLOWING us to play a game used on another console?
    Wow… how altruistic… oh they all want only downloaded games huh.. thats where they are going with all this… and the internet providers.. they sure will want people running huge bandwidth to stream everything…

    The end of consoles will be the day that they have no more physical media, have to be online at all times for the console to function, pay for each little piece of content with the DLC, when “HE WHO HAS THE DEEPEST POCKETS WILL BE THE MOST POWERFULL CHAR IN AND GAME, and you can’t sell a game you are finished with.

    That will be then of the road for the current console leaders.

    • Varteras

      I don’t know how in the world you assumed they were coming off like that. They were trying to make potential consumers rest easy to know that they’re not going to block you from playing used games. You know, that hellstorm that has been kicked up by everyone with internet access, an opinion, and a tendency to overreact with both of them? Also, digital distribution is the future whether you like it or not. It’s more convenient for the consumer and it costs the company less to do it. You can’t blame any company for rolling with the technology that consumers are showing they like.

      • Olli

        maybe but I guess there are more than enough ppl who don’t like digial distibution. Especially not if they do it like they do it on the PS3, where you mostley have to pay more for game (you still have to download) than if you buy it otherwise.

  • Olli

    good to hear…against me Sony would have lost the Fight if they would have blocked the use of used games. I simply wouldn’t buy a ps4 then. Now on the Ps3 i buy mostley used games or games that are under 30 EUR’s. Because over 60 EUR for new game is just ridicilus, so I wait for a while and get it then.

  • Ween

    Count me out if you need online connection to simply play a game.

  • iAmar

    I heard it will cost 80-100 dollar for a ps4 game :S

  • clark

    Great news since the security must be real tight this time. It will probably take a looong time before we see a Jailbroken PS4.