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PS3 Number 1 Netflix Device

Over the past few years, even as the Netflix service has faced major competition from the likes of iTunes, Redbox, and even console-specific services like Microsoft’s On-Demand, there has still been a steady outpouring of devices that support their Watch Instantly service. It’s a feature so ubiquitous that there are more devices out there that don’t offer it — be they TVs, mobile phones, or tablets — than do.

But what exactly is the best way to experience Netflix’s diverse selection of streaming movies and TV shows? While that answer obviously rests with the consumer, we have discovered which device is the most popular for Watch Instantly: the PS3.

Today Phil Rosenberg, Senior Video President for Business Development at Sony, revealed that the Ps3 is the #1 living room-based device for Netflix Streaming, beating out smart TVs, internet-connected boxes like Roku, Boxee, and the Apple TV, as well as the Xbox 360. At times, as Netflix CEO Reed Hastings revealed in conjunction with Rosenberg’s post, the PS3 even beat out the PC in terms of hours usage.

Although the PS3 entered the Netflix market behind the Xbox 360, it pioneered many of the features that have become standard not just for Microsoft’s console but also across all devices. 1080p HD playback, 5.1-channel Dolby Digital support, and post play options all appeared first on the PS3 before they made it to the Xbox 360.

Rosenberg even cites the console’s use of a new voice control feature called “Max” as emblematic of the PS3’s pioneer status, even though the Xbox 360 does support Kinect voice commands when using Netflix.

Nonetheless it is surprising to learn that the PS3 is the preferred platform for Netflix use, even though the Xbox 360 and Wii are in far more homes (the Wii more so than the Xbox). Each has a slightly different UI, but many appear to favor the PS3’s offering, which could be the major tipping point in Sony’s favor.

And, of course, the ability to take Netflix on the go with the Vita is a useful feature. Granted, the Wii U offers a similar feature with its GamePad, but once again Sony’s console got their first.

What is your preferred Netflix Instant Streaming device? What features would you like to see brought to the PS3 in the future?

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  • boogoo

    Do you still need a Gold subscription to use Netflix on Xbox? Could be the reason not as many people use it on Xbox.

    • Anthony Taormina

      Good point. I personally prefer using Netflix on my Xbox with Kinect, but I am a Gold member.

  • EastOfTheAnduin

    Actually, the 3DS had it before the Vita launched.

    I always used my PS3 for Netflix, I might have used my 360 once. I have mostly been using my Wii U since I got that though. I bought an old Wii from a yard sale that doesn’t read discs, I use that in my kitchen when I’m cooking/cleaning.

    • Anthony Taormina

      This is true. I was referring to the ability to pause on PS3 and continue on Vita.

      • EastOfTheAnduin

        I got ya. Sorry, I was thinking in general. I guess I didn’t even know that was a feature. That would make it superior to the Wii U, considering I can’t even walk out of my living room with my GamePad.

  • Malik

    I prefer ps3 because when i did have an xbox i didn’t want to pay more money on top of my gold membership felt

  • Malik

    I prefer ps3 because when i did have an xbox i didn’t want to pay more money on top of my gold membership

  • Jeff

    Don’t you have to buy the Vita? Is it not almost as expensive as a console? Doesn’t Sony regulatory lose people account information and go down for MONTHS at a time? Why do people even own a PS3?

    • Archaeon

      …because it’s an excellent game system that also plays Blu-rays quite well. I couldn’t care less about the online features, as long as the system can update when it needs to.

    • Ryuhza

      And the PS3 network hack happened -once-.

    • mikelovehater

      If your not a fan of the ps3 and don’t own or use one frequently, then don’t make suggestions like that. Even though that invasion happened to the ps3 doesn’t mean it couldn’t have happen to any other console, making Microsoft and Nintendo more alert and Sony a better company. When that all went down, anyone whose money was stolen, immediately was reimbursed by our government. And all the others that it had no effect had a choice of 3/5 free games, plus a month of PlayStation’s premium service which Xbox players are required to pay a month to play online. And yes, the Vita used to be $50 cheaper than the ps3 because it was a console itself. But now its more affordable and has always beaten its competitors(Nintendo Handheld: 3DS, Microsoft Handheld: N/A).Not only that, the PlayStation 3 has way better exclusive games and offers top of the line apps.

      Halo/God of War
      Gears of War/Killzone
      Alan Wake/Heavy Rain
      Fable/Little Big Planet
      Forza/Gran Turismo
      Kinect/PS Move
      Not Available/Ratchet and Clank
      Not Available/Resistance
      Not Available/SOCOM

      • Dante

        What What What – you didn’t list Uncharted????!!!??!!

        • Dante

          Um and Metal Gear Solid…

          • mikelovehater

            I was planning on putting Metal Gear Solid but they are on the Xbox 360.

        • mikelovehater

          I put on Uncharted but forgot because I was trying to list games that had comparisons but that was my first choice when I made my list.

    • Dante

      @ Jeff

      You sir win the pointless troll comment for the week. Bravo!

      Now back under your bridge.

  • Andrew

    That’s because Xbox 360 users pay for Netflix twice. Once for the “gold” membership in order to access Netflix then again to use it. LOLERSKATES @ 360 users.

    • Jeff

      Uh no. Netflx is a diffrent company. We don’t pay for it twice. Gold membership get s much more than just netflix.

      • Andrew Luna

        Uh yah you do dummy, you need Gold Membership in order to access Netflix. At least that’s how it was when I had my 360 till the pos red ring’d. I’m sure M$ didn’t change that feature since they make $$.

      • mikelovehater

        Andrew is saying its like paying for it twice. Since your already paying for Netflix and you have to pay for Microsoft’s premium service too.

        In order to access the app on Xbox you pay unlike the Wii and PS3 where the app is free and the username and password is just required.

  • shycat

    I no longer use Netflix but i mainly used it on my blu ray or 360 when i had gold. I am always tempted to get a ps3 for the simple reason of Netflix along with several games that come only to the sony. If it was me, i would say blu ray or ps3 that way you do not spend money on gold on the 360 on top of your netflix subcription which sucks balls dipped in brimestone.

  • Joe

    the WiiU because you can simply switch to the gamepad instantly if someone wants to watch tv.

  • Shane

    If I used Netflix, it would likely be more on my PS3 than my Smart TV or Blueray player, mainly because my PS3 isn’t hooked up to my Smart TV.