Cross-Game Chat Never Coming To PS3

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PS3 Not Receiving Cross-Game Chat

With the PlayStation Vita nearing release, it has become a major talking point in the gaming world. Not only are gamers intent on discussing what the new handheld will be capable of achieving, but also how it will affect other facets of the gaming industry. The PS3 is one of those such facets.

Ever since its release, gamers have yearned for the ability to chat with their friends regardless of which game they’re currently playing. Since this feature has been a large part of the Xbox 360, the omission is felt even more by those using the PS3. With the recent unveiling of the Vita’s technical specs and the announcement that it would support cross-game chat, gamers rejoiced and began speculating as to whether the feature would then make its way over to the PS3.

Sadly, according to President of Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida, this feature will never be implemented into the console. The issue that is holding this feature back lies in the way the PS3 handles its RAM. This is due to the fact that the RAM is used by the game rather than the system itself. Yoshida claims that “it’s not possible to retrofit something like that after the fact.” As such, this will surely be a blow to gamers who had got their hopes up regarding the possible new feature.

For a console that pushed boundaries in terms of its hardware, it’s disappointing to hear that such a basic feature like cross-game chat will never be possible on the PS3 console. While it may not be a crucial aspect of a person’s gaming experience, it no doubt simplifies the experience and allows for a wider network of communication. It’s great to see that the feature will be making an appearance on the Vita though. Along with the fact that it will be able to be used as a PS3 controller and that all its games will be downloadable, it’s no surprise that companies like SEGA have such high hopes for the device.

With so much discussion regarding the Vita, it’s only a matter of time before talk returns to speculation regarding the PS4. While the PS3 may not be able to support cross-game chat, it can be almost guaranteed that the PS4 will ensure that the console’s hardware will not hold it back from including such a requested feature. For the time being though, it’s not surprising that Sony is intent on focusing their efforts on continuing the PS3’s success and ensuring a smooth launch for the PlayStation Vita.

Are you disappointed to hear that the PS3 will never receive cross-game chat? Are there any other features that the console is lacking that you would like to see in the PS4?

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  • Omar

    this just broke my heart because we can’t have cross game chat and the only reason xbox does it because they dont care about care about gaming they care about there system that has a 33.33% chance of failing already

    • C-CAW

      …are you talking about the Red Ring problem? Good thing the warranty is valid for a full year on the Xbox, meaning that the defective console is exchanged for a new working on for free. Also, PSN being free truely reflects how good it is, what with only a few games worth playing on it without cross-game chat… it is also not backwards compatable anymore, and penalizes people for unlocking it’s potential. WHEW, the PS3 is SO GOOD.

      • Pokus

        I Can deal with not having cross game chat. For the PSN not having good games, that’s fine with me as well. People didn’t buy the console for JUST playing DOWNLOADED GAMES. There’s more to the PS3 than attacking one topic. Xbox, that things crashes so much; it isn’t even funny. Replace a console for up to year? No thanks, I’ll take my PS3 and have it replaced after 3 years, if not ever. And xbox barely has games, only exclusives are Gears and Halo…….. Who’s the one with no games again…? Xbox also has a very poor hardware design. That’s what causes your system to have issues, like the infamous red ring and easily overheating. MAN, XBOX IS SO COOL. Paying $0.15 a day for online is so worth it.

        • Yuuchun

          Let the fanboys rage!

    • Dman

      what do u mean they “dont care about care about gaming”? ps3 is a joke. And the reason they have cross game chat is because they care about what gamers want.

      • Yuuchun

        All of you are wrong. simple as that.

      • Omar

        ps3 is a joke but it out sold xbox this year and last? so much for a xbox to be the best gaming system when it gets modded and hacked all the time i know a bunch of people that dont even pay for games bc they just download and play them

    • L33tmoaf

      PS3 suck that’s why they got hacked and why millions of information was spilled because they cant even decrpyt a simple username snd password. LOL! Now they cant even implement a simple feature that even Xbox that has partially inferior hardware is able to utilize this. Sony fanboys are in denial.

      • D.B.

        Oh man, more hacking slander. MS’s head of security was hacked before and a few years back there was a slight breach. Not to Sony’s extent but nothing is safe. Both systems have high points, and both have low points.

      • D.B.

        Oh man, more hacking slander. MS’s head of security was hacked before and a few years back there was a slight breach. Not to Sony’s extent but nothing is safe. Both systems have high points, and both have low points. I play for exclusives, I don’t understand why people just don’t enjoy both sides. This stupid banter that goes back and forth is ridiculous. Just enjoy the games, that’s all it’s about.

    • PSN Is Garbage

      Good as I aways said, a piss poor and subpar free network doesn’t deserve it. Makes me wonder about the millions of delusional ps3 fanboys in denial about the oh soooo many cons of their 2nd rate console. Based on performance and features IT IS A FACT that Live > PSN and always will be.

      The psn is atrocious as it is already, what makes the blind fanboys think that they will ever be on par with us over XBL lol.

      To this day, I have never lost a debate on PSN or XBL about PSN vs. XBL as NO PS3 FANBOY has the merit to debate anyhow. Instead they remain stuck in their own denial.

  • SV

    Doesnt really bother me, I wouldnt use it anyway. I cant imagine two people who are each playing and focusing attention of different video games would have much of a conversation anyway? Use the phone if you really need to talk to your friends while gaming- you obviously arent using your headset for the game youre playing anyway haha

    • Alex Sebenski

      You obviously don’t have any friends on XBox live. I use this all the time to gather my friends or just chat.

      • Ignur Rant

        Yea, No BS man. My friend has moved to school in Canada so we talk on the xboxlive to save minutes and fees. That and anybody who is my friens my send me a chat to see what’s going tonite in the real world. Xbox live is the dopest innovation.

        • Omar

          we can chat also and video chat with any web cam can u do that? noooooo but we can simple you have never owned a ps3 but ive played so many xboxes they suck ass i much rather keep and still have my ps3

          • Jayman777

            Yes they can its called Xbox Kinnect, on a global scale! Im not poor, I own both systems, their both amazing. They will be even more amazing next year, when they both announce new systems. So all of you get the f*** over it already with fanboy, this fanboy that. If you don’t own both systems, then shut up, and stop crying. Its a competitive world we live in, one system or whatever you own is going to do something that the other cannot do.

    • Rob Keyes

      You would use it, you just don’t know because PS3 can’t offer it.

    • littlek

      Dude its a good use, who doesn’t want to be able to make your own lobby of friends to chat for free online, while doing your own thing. Thank God I got an Xbox Live, not being a fan-girl, just knowing that on my PS3 I don’t play Multiplayer games, that I leave for my XBL.

    • SV

      I have friends on Xbox live, I’m not seeing as I have no Xbox haha but I can definitely see the merit of it when in lobbies or if im cruising the playstation store and a friend is in-game (or if a friend is in another country haha)

      Alright you guys have me converted but it sucks because now I actually want it but its never going to happen… thanks alot everyone for convincing me its cool -__-

  • Strandli

    Well, what the hell did you expect?! We’re over half way into the console generation, if it hasn’t gotten Cross-Game Chat yet, you’ll probably never get it. Do you think Sony didn’t try to make it happen? Do you think they’re just ignoring you because they don’t see the point?

    Clearly, there was a hardware limitation, and that’s not something you can fix so easily. It’s a kind of feature you have to design the console to do before shipping it.

    It’s Sony’s first console with proper online support, so this was their first try. Microsoft got a head start with the original Xbox, and they’re software developers, so they had an advantage.
    The good thing here is that it’s most likely coming on PS4. The Vita has it, so they know a bit more about online/social features by experience, and I expect that experience will be showing when they make PS4.

  • Ryuhza

    Croos game chat plz

  • TheWizard

    I’m not really bothered by this. I just use Skype or Oovoo or any other webcam based thing for the time being. But I really do hope PS4 does have this.

    • Dman

      what does skype have to do with cross game chat?

      • Omar

        skype is just like cross game chat i use it now i can chat with my friends while we play 2 different games and besides why worry abot X-game chat if i can use skype idc own systems still do more than xbox 360 can or ever will

  • ArmedBull

    I just use Skype. I don’t even have a PS3 mic.

  • Mo

    One of the only reasons I play Red Dead online on the PS3 is to chat to a friend out in Calgary. Would be nice if I could chat to him while playing a different game. That’s too bad.

  • terance harvey

    oh come on, really? *face palm*

  • death dealer478

    hey playstation copy,s alot from xbl just look at the stupid trophy thing that copy the xbox some people are idiots i hope the people that make playstation die from eating food poisoned bye radiation and if you like to play xbl add me so we can cross chat at death dealer478

    • GameCollector44

      Ladies and Gentlemen! A Xbox-Fanboy flamer.

      • Yuuchun

        Man your comments have got to make people so mad. I laugh when I read them. I do enjoy reading them anyway.

    • Omar

      ok so we copied blu ray? and we copied 3-D oh thats right we invented them to bad your HD disc dont even sell any more because they suck oh btw have fun playing rage with 4 dics

    • Thmas45

      Have fun with screen tearing… Oh, and X-Box copied PS3 a while ago with the whole 4x AA thing. PS3 had it from the beginning with awesome quality images in-game, while X-Box still looked like PS2. See, we innovate, not downgrade! 😀

  • alejandro

    doesnt bother if you really want to talk that bad just use a phone i mean siriously get ur cheapselfs an unimited talk plan

  • speakerfist

    Or instead of paying 90 bucks, give or take a few, you can pay like 20 for 3 months of secure and awesome Xbox LIVE. Oh and of course chat with your buddies who are either playing a game along with you, or a multitude of other games. I don’t hate the PS3. I just find Xbox to be more convenient. Also, the starting price wasn’t 600 dollars. Man… the battle between Xbox, PS3, and PC is like the dispute with religion, or politics.

    • Omar

      well the starting price was high because of the blu ray disc drive best thing sony has invented and microsoft still can’t use it haha they are stupid and they will never understand why sony is better than microsoft

      • Yuuchun

        Says the child. Go back to

        Xbox has many unique features that the PS3 doesn’t support.

        The same can be said about the PS3 though. It also has good unique features you can’t find on other consoles.

  • Thmas45

    All you X-Box fanboys… Ever heard of Skype? XD

  • Ignur Rant

    It is sad sad day when gamers contend over their respective consoles. Their are no winners in arguments like this. Just an onslaught of laughs from the crowd.

  • Martn

    i am dissapoint

  • 16bit

    I personally don’t really care. I own both systems and rarely if ever use cross game chat on my 360. PS3 lets you know when your friends log on, what they are playing and you can send them texts. If I’m looking for something to do or something I call my friends instead of yelling at them while they are playing a game. It might be an age thing too. If I was a lot younger, I would probably use it more.

  • L33tmoaf

    PS3 suck that’s why they got hacked and why millions of information was spilled because they cant even decrpyt a simple username snd password. LOL! Now they cant even implement a simple feature that even Xbox that has partially inferior hardware is able to utilize this. Sony fanboys are in denial.

    • avatar_popco

      Your in denial if you think Xbox Live cant or wont be hacked.

  • batoor

    wtf so there is going to be no cross game chat on ps3??? thats suck man!!::@:@:@:@

  • Vanity

    Wait a minute – so I can be on my Vita laying on the couch playing some game online, and be able to chat to a friend playing another game on their Vita while they are laying down on the couch? Interesting…