Rumor Patrol: North American PS Vita Launch Date Revealed [Updated]

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Rumor Patrol PS Vita Release Date Revealed

Last month came confirmation that Japanese gamers will be getting their hands on the PS Vita on December 17th of this year. Today we have a rumor that indicates North America may get the unit a lot sooner than expected. Hope everyone gets a lot of money for over the holidays!

It was assumed that Vita would launch in early 2012, sometime in the spring. This would mimic the PSP launch which also launched in Japan in December with a March release in N.A. The rumor has January 12, 2012 as the North American launch date for the Vita. It’s on a Thursday which may seem strange, but the PSP released on March 24, 2005, also on a Thursday.

[Update: Sony confirms the North American and European release dates for the Vita as February 22nd, 2012.]

Many in North America may not expect it to launch so soon after ringing in the New Year — though they’ll gladly accept it with open arms… if it’s true.

To reiterate, this is only a rumor with no official word from Sony. While a January release date is possible, it’s very unlikely. The world will be coming out of the holiday season, and consumers will have already spent countless dollars on consoles which no doubt will have special holiday bundles.

Don’t forget the games for those consoles either. This holiday season is saturated with Triple A titles such as Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception and Batman: Arkham City. Not to mention the battle for FPS supremacy once Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 launch. With Vita games estimated to cost close to full console title prices, many gamers just won’t have the available funds in early January to splurge on a $250 handheld plus games.

It would be wise for Sony to have the release date of the Vita sometime in the Spring after consumers have recovered from holiday. This way gamers can capitalize on some quality launch titles like Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Until this point Sony has been learning from Nintendo’s mistakes with the 3DS, and have been doing everything right with getting their new handheld ready for launch. Releasing to so early in the year would definitely hurt their initial sales.

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  • 16Bit

    I think the sooner, the better. :) With gift receipts, gift cards and good old fashioned cash that many people receive for Christmas, I don’t think it would hurt sales. Especially, if consumers KNEW it was coming. Get it out there in stores, sell the initial launch to the faithful, then wait for the tax refund crowd to roll in late January through March. I’ve been saving my spare change for awhile and I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s been saving up for this BMF.

  • Alex

    I agree. Some gamers only get money for the holiday. So if they knew the PSV release date then could save for January. But if it comes out in spring gamers could use extra money to buy console games they didn’t get. Sony needs to get the PSV out there. I can’t wait for this thing!

  • Shadow

    the games will not cost the same as ps3 games sorry to say.

    lets take the facts the fact is the ps vita games in japan cost the same as psp games in japan. also the ps vita is cheaper than the psp to develop for.

    lets also take in the conversation rate now the ps vita wifi in japan cost $325 , now for US it is $250. so take that into account then you would realize that the prices for other things will be also the same in that affect.

    I can’t wait until all of it for the usa gets announced then maybe next time around gaming news people will do research before they speculate.

    • 16Bit

      Uncharted: Golden Abyss is scheduled to sell in Japan for 5,980 yen which is $77 USD. With conversion rates applied that comes to about $59 USD. The price I pre-ordered Uncharted 3 for? $59.77 dollars USD. So that would make that Vita game pretty close to its PS3 counterpart. As far as the release date speculation? The article is listed under RUMER PATROL. It has rumor in the title, subtitle, and the first paragraph.

      • shadow

        that is the thing that is the price of psp games in japan though. hell ff7 in japan with conversion rates it is $100

        do some research.

        • 16Bit

          I have. Everything I’ve read says about the same thing. Of course some games will be priced cheaper and retailers have the opportunity to price the games themselves. But the high-end A-list titles will PROBABLY go for about the same as PS3 titles. This figure is reached by taking the price of the Japanese Vita and the price of the US Vita and doing some basic math to convert the price of the Japanese Vita Games into there unannounced US counterparts. But really, no matter what you say, I say or the experts who do this for a living say, it is all speculation. The price has yet to be announced and we will all have to wait until then to be for certain.

  • Philip

    The official US release date should be 2-22-12 according to my preorder, hopefully it’s sooner of course :)