PS Vita Special Launch Day Bundle for 3G/Wi-Fi Model

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PS Vita Special Launch Day Bundle for 3G Wi-Fi Version

Afraid that the PS Vita will provide buyer’s remorse as soon as the handheld has been ripped from its packaging? Sony wants gamers not to fear as they have announced a PS Vita first edition bundle for those brave enough to wait in line for its release. With two weeks to go will this extra incentive push prospective buyers over the fence for the 3G model?

Anyone who has already pre-ordered their PS Vita 3G/Wi-Fi model with limited edition case, 4 GB memory card and Little Deviants will receive an added bonus that includes an AT&T DataConnect Pass good for one free 250 MB data session (a $14.99 value). Unfortunately, the 250 MB free DataConnect Pass session is only available if you purchase one 250 MB data session and a PlayStation Network (Sony Entertainment Network now) game — provided that 3G activation has been completed.

Anyone who has not bought-in and decided to wait until the day of release will be happy to hear that upon purchasing the limited edition PS Vita 3G/Wi-Fi bundle on February 22, the package will include an 8 GB memory card, an AT&T DataConnect Pass and a SEN game all for the same price of $299. Sony strongly encourages those who wish to purchase this bundle to act fast as there is a very limited supply. (Of course they would say that because they want your monies.)

PS Vita 3G Wi Fi BundleSony is trying anything to coax gamers in to buying a Vita in hopes that they start strong in North America after a somewhat weak initial opening in Japan. Otherwise, Sony may again find themselves in a situation where retailers  drop the price of the 3G model due to plummeting sales like in Japan. The mega entertainment conglomerate defends the sales of the units sold thus far in Japan and expect sales to rise once more new titles have been released.

Again, those who wish to purchase the PlayStation Vita in Wi-Fi or 3G/Wi-Fi models can look forward to it in stores February 22.

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  • Lexph3re

    I think it’s hilarious how most people won’t buy it anticipating a price drop all because they think it’ll follow the 3ds route. smh oh well I paid mine off completely and now that that’s done im going to buy a 3DS next month. Excited to be a gamer!

    • Cyryl

      So… Mind explaining your reasoning?

      How do you figure it’s “funny”?

      How do you figure it’s because they think it’ll end up like the 3DS?

      How do you figure they’re NOT right in their thinking?

      Educate us.

      • LdyVadeR

        Educate yourself. They only gave opinions. Take them or leave them.

        • Cyryl

          Given that the questions that I’ve asked are querying this individual’s ‘opinions’…

          It seems to me that only the individual who gave said ‘opinions’ can ‘educate’ me on the answers.

          Logically speaking… Wouldn’t you agree…Lady Vader?

  • Jay Diaz

    I have a question, does the early Vita 3G bundle that comes with Little Deviants and all the other stuff come with the 8GB memory card along with 4gb or is the 4GB just upgraded? Cause it doesn’t make much sense to me. The incentive packed bundle that comes out a week early comes with 4gb, but the regular launch day 3G comes with an 8Gb memory card and a psn game. Seems like its more of an incentive to wait a week and get the 3G bundle with the doubled memory than pay more for an early bundle than comes with an inferior memory card.

    • LdyVadeR

      The early relase bundle only comes with a 4gb memory. If you wait a week and save 50.00 you can have an 8gb memory card. So yes, it is beneficial to wait.