‘Prototype 2′ Teaser Trailer Instructs You to ‘Murder Your Maker’

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Murder Your Maker Teaser Trailer Prototype 2

It only took a few days, but now the speculation behind the teaser site Murder Your Maker can be put to rest.

A very brief teaser that appeared on the site shows footage that clearly resembles the scenarios depicted in 2009’s Prototype – and is therefore hinting at the unveiling of Prototype 2 at this year’s VGAs.

Many were thrown off at first — especially by the zombie-esque references. Even for a moment the teaser might have looked like it was throwing a curve-ball – introducing a bald figure with a red neck accessory (turns out it’s the protagonist’s iconic hoodie).

Luckily, in order to keep gamers from pulling out their hair as they agonized over every little detail, this footage seals the deal on Prototype 2. Check it out below:

The main, and most obvious reference to Prototype is the mass of red flesh-like structure seen rising up from the ground — a trait attributed to one Alex Mercer. On top of that, the NYZ motif references quarantine zone New York City – following the outbreak that endowed Mercer with superpowers. Many might have thought Alex would be heading to a new locale much like his parkour superhero counterpart Cole McGrath is doing in Infamous 2, but apparently this quarantine is serious business.

Despite the lack of innovation, geographically speaking, there is a lot to look forward to with Prototype 2 – as many of the original game’s faults were superseded by some clever design choices. Free-running, when done right, never gets old and throwing in awesome monster powers certainly didn’t hurt. Revisiting viral infested NYC in the persona of Alex Mercer, while not exactly the first thought on gamers’ minds when speculation began, should certainly make for a very entertaining distraction. Count us in.

Stay tuned to Game Rant for all the news regarding the official announcement of Prototype 2 at the VGAs.

Now that all signs are pointing towards Prototype 2 are you satisfied with the result of the “Murder Your Maker”  viral campaign? Would you be interested in revisiting the world of the first game?

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  • D-Pooly

    It’s official baby!! Hell yeah!!

  • http://joshi38.deviantart.com Joshi

    Can anyone tell me if the first one is any good? Steam keeps recommending it to me based on the games I play, but reading/watching the reviews, for some reason turns me off of it.

    • D-Pooly

      It’s a pretty good game. Imagine “Assassin’s Creed” except that he’s a mutant on NYC, so… basically, AC high on drugs. His powers are pretty much like “Carnage” from Spider-Man. Movements are like “Hulk: Ultimate Destruction” so… yeah… It’s a great game, but it goes to so many extremes that reactions toward it also go highly on either extremes, resulting in both GREAT and TERRIBLE reviews. =)

      • http://joshi38.deviantart.com Joshi

        Well, I did enjoy Assassins Creed (1 and 2), so perhaps I’ll give it a try.

        • http://gamerant.com Andrew Dyce

          Assassin’s Creed + Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions = Prototype.

          I loved Prototype for it’s insanely expansive and rad upgrade system. And the idea of consuming anybody to take their appearance, including soldiers to infiltrate army bases? Awesome.

    • jwalka

      at 1st the game is frustrating seeing as how you get hammered with mutants etc and have limited powers to fight them, but like almost every other game as you progress (and buy/upgrade skills) you become a powerhouse.

      imo this game is almost identical to hulk ultimate destruction (fyi i know the same guys did this) except it has guns and different characters etc.

      soi if you liked hulk, spiderman and pretty much any other super hero sandbox game, you will more then likely like this.

  • will

    yesssss ! i’v been waiting for prototype 2 for ever, love the news!

  • Sin

    Haven’t played Prototype yet, but DAMN I was hoping it was a new Resident Evil!

    • http://gamerant.com Andrew Dyce

      Would be nice, but there are definitely plenty of projects on the horizon for RE so I can rest easy. The trend is reboots these days, but I’m not sure how fans of the series would react to that, to be honest.

  • http://joshi38.deviantart.com Joshi

    Just bought it, starting download (8GB’s, may take a while).

    • http://gamerant.com Andrew Dyce

      I will still maintain to this day that it has one of the most ridiculusly over the top awesome examples of the “give all powers at the start, then take them away” intros. Let me know what ya think!

      • http://joshi38.deviantart.com Joshi

        I’ll let you know. I seem to remember Star Wars the Force Unleased doing something very similar, you start the game playing as Vader with all the awesome powers and then you play as the Apprentice with fewer power.

        They also did similar in the first Assassins Creed.

        • http://gamerant.com Andrew Dyce

          True, although that was maybe the most frutrating thing I’ve ever experienced in AC, for some reason.

  • alex von rethrix

    Cant wait for this. i loved alex’s powers. speaking of losing all ur stuff in the begining of the game, anyone remember castlevania, symphony of the night?

  • http://gamerant.com J.C. Reeves

    I haven’t played the original Prototype or Infamous and I feel like that is wrong. Hmmm. . .

  • Alex Sebenski

    Definitely is Prototype 2 and looks awesome. I liked the first one a lot. Overpowered awesome main character games are totally my thing and it looked pretty awesome. Like AC this got a little boring and repetitive eventually but it was still a lot of fun.

  • donald robbins

    I did not like the original prototype very much, but am excited to see how far they go with this. I always wanted to have a lot of fun with prototype but was never able to. maybe this will be the one.

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