First Screenshot of ‘Prince of Persia’ Reboot Leaked?

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Prince of Persia Reboot Screenshot

File this one under ‘speculation’ at this point, but it seems that an image connected to Ubisoft, and Prince of Persia in particular has arrived online to once again fuel speculation over the Prince’s return. It’s impossible to confirm that the screenshot is, in fact, showing off the studio’s current state of development on a new Prince of Persia game, but the evidence is certainly stacking up.

The first question sure to be asked: why a shot of a Middle-Eastern marketplace, and a musclebound brawler would lead anyone to believe it has anything to do with the acrobatically-inclined Prince. The screenshot comes courtesy of the official Prince of Persia forums, where it was posted with little explanation as to how it was acquired, or what it actually depicts.

Most of the compelling evidence comes from the code at the bottom of the image, naming the asset as related to ‘POP_ZERO_2′ and apparently running with DirectX 11. Those facts undeniably point to Prince of Persia,  but at this point there are far more questions than possible answers.

First off, the hero character looks as dissimilar to the Prince’s standard design as can be imagined, and the image itself is pulled from a Bink video, showing off character models that are far from polished. If the DirectX 11 tag is a hint that the game is being developed for the next generation of consoles, it’s nowhere near as promising as what we’ve seen from Watch Dogs.

Prince of Persia Reboot Screenshot Leaked

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The most compelling feature of the screenshot is the fact that the character perfectly matches the shadowy figure seen in the previously leaked trailer images. Those images appeared back before E3 2012, prompting PoP fans to expect some type of announcement at the convention. that obviously didn’t happen, but that doesn’t mean an announcement won’t be coming soon, perhaps at Gamescom later this month.

Before any fans get ahead of themselves, the screenshot should also show just how far away any potential game actually is at this point. Assassin’s Creed 3 may be pushing the envelope with its brand new AnvilNext engine, but the graphics and modelling seen in the above image aren’t going to be blowing expectations out of the water just yet.

All speculation and optimism aside, it’s entirely possible that the screenshot is related to yet another Assassin’s Creed spin-off. Then again, the ‘Judgment’ promised in the leaked trailer images could imply that the player will now be tasked with bringing punishment to the former series protagonist. That could prove an interesting twist, along with any decision to explore the shared origins of the Assassin’s Creed and Prince of Persia franchises.

Hopefully Ubisoft will be encouraged to make some sort of announcement soon and let the fans down easy, or allow them to get excited for a confirmed reboot without fear of disappointment.

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Source: PoP Forums (via NeoGAF)

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  • jwalka

    if this is true then it’s gonna be one visual treat :) i fear though that alot of kids will do the usual and stupid) ‘this looks like…’ comparison like they have with a lot of recent games (it’s been an ongoing ‘trend’ but has gotten worse this yr) and will in turn hurt sales :(

    what i hope for is that the game is as hard as the original ones, i can’t remember finishing the original xbox version of PoP b/c the platforming was very demanding of player skill and speed (that of which 12 yr old me lacked) 😛

  • Emissary of Death

    This should not happen the prince of persia series was great rebooting it would be a awful thing to do it would end up being a failure like forgotten sands and how would they out beat the original why not just make a new game leave that series alone

    • Matt

      You ever heard of periods and capitalization?

      • Emissary of Death

        Why are you worrying about periods and capitalization? I am not writing a paper I am stating a opinion. You should focus on the discussion about the game.

        Thank you and have a productive day.

        • Conner

          If you expect somebody to read something that you wrote, whether it’s a paper or not, you should probably make it readable. Proper grammar is important.

          • Emissary of Death

            Yeah but if you read what I wrote it is totally understand able there is nothing that is consider improper except the periods that are missing. Obviously you need to write proper it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that.

  • Enemy

    First-off somethings just end… let it end.

    second it kind-of looks like a “Stargate Game” screen-shot… OH GOD why can’t they finish one damn game… WHY!!!

    • Emissary of Death

      Exactly they need to finish Watch Dog and Assassin’s Creed 3 we have no time for flaws in their games when they have time to work on them instead of rebooting a series that doesn’t need rebooting

      • mike

        Are all of your punctuation keys broken? seriously, reading your posts is really hard work.

        • Emissary of Death

          Reading my post should not be difficult maybe you are not that smart. Just imagine that there are punctuation if that bothers you too much.

          Thank you and have a wonderful day.

      • jwalka

        you do know that they have individual teams for every game right ? for instance the guys working on far cry 3 are only working on that, same with the guys making ac3.

        • Emissary of Death

          I know that there individual teams, I am just over reacting that’s all I just want them to be successful. I am glad that their putting a lot of effort into these games, but I am just stating that it best leave a ended series alone.

          • George

            Ahaha, someone is learning out to write properly. Who’s a goosie goo?! Who’s a goosie gooooo?!

          • Cariannis

            Irony: George doesn’t get it. What’s up with all the grammar nazis today? Is it there time of the month? Your favorite game didn’t sell as well as you wanted it to? Here’s an idea how about getting out of your mothers basement and seeing a little sun?

          • George

            Oh come on now Cariannis don’t be that guy who uses all the unfortunate gaming stereotypes. I am 17 mate, my mum doesn’t keep me in the basement, we don’t even have one. I am also a silver league hockey player, so I get my fair share of exercise outdoors. I know no one is interested, thats just my way of simply saying ‘you’re wrong’. I made my self seem silly before, by saying ‘out’ instead of ‘how’. Just thought I would mention that before you, so you can’t use it in a reply without looking silly. I don’t understand why you’re going on about a game not selling well. Please get back to the topic of this post. Bye.

          • Emissary of Death

            George you should practice your spelling for a 17 year old your pretty bad at it especially as something simple as that sentence you mentioned.

  • ATG

    Image is small, low res + mobile version = confusion. Looks like a next-gen Assassins Creed. A rebooted Prince of Persia would be cool for people like me who have never touched the other games.