Ubisoft Teases ‘Prince of Persia’ Announcement Coming Soon

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The Prince in 'Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time'

Thanks to E3 2013, we’ve recently seen trailers for a lot of exciting new sequels from Ubisoft, including the latest in its yearly staple, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, and the co-operative stealth gameplay of Splinter Cell: Blacklist. The publisher’s E3 showing went over well with the masses, since the company has a decent track record with sequels, and quite a few of their series have actually become better with each new installment.

Yet in the mix of new IPs and regular installments, there was one once-great franchise left out in the cold: Prince of Persia. Now, it seems, the company may have actually been saving their best for last.

As fans of Beyond Good & Evil are acutely aware, Ubisoft isn’t a publisher to rush out a sequel before it’s ready. As such, when Ubisoft’s EMEA director Alain Corre was recently asked about a number of highly-anticipated follow-ups that have yet to be announced – including the next Prince of Persia game – he refused to say anything more committal than “they’re cooking.”

At the time, we estimated that Far Cry 4 would most likely be the next game announced, considering the blistering success of last year’s Far Cry 3, but that guess may turn out to have been off-target.

The Prince in 'Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands'

According to a new tease from Ubisoft’s official Prince of Persia Facebook page, fans of the series should “get ready for some news about Prince of Persia, starting next week.” Considering how iconic and influential the PoP games are within the history of platform gaming, the promise of a new addition to the series would be undoubtedly fantastic news … if that’s what’s being hinted at.

Remember to temper any excitement with a little caution; a similar situation occurred very recently, with Eidos-Montréal posting teasers about a new game in the Deus Ex series called Deus Ex: The Fall, which had many fans excitedly believing that it would be the next big chapter in the franchise. The wave of disappointment was palpable when the game was revealed to be an iOS exclusive spin-off game based on the tie-in novel for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Good news for iPad and iPhone owners, perhaps, but disappointing for PC and console players who were expecting something a little more substantial.

The lesson here is that, while the announcement of a brand new full Prince of Persia game would definitely be something to get excited for, the recent comments from Corre didn’t seem to indicate that anything along those lines was in development, and more or less every recent hint at such a project has been debunked. Don’t be too disappointed if the news is about a $6.99 iPhone game, or a re-release of one of the older games for next-gen consoles.

Are you excited to hear what Ubisoft is planning for the Prince of Persia series, or are you as cynical and jaded as we are?

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  • Alter

    another one huh …….. make something new

    • boogoo

      Ubisoft already has three new IPs coming out.

  • COREY_1993

    i personally hope its a reboot. i never really got to play the series and the only one i did play was the psp one. i dont even think there is a hd collection to get caught up.

    • TadloS

      Actually, there is hd collection for PoP trilogy but only for ps3, though.

      In any case I am excited. Hopefully it will be reboot or sequel.

  • Dopple

    I’m as cynical as you guys are about this, trust me….

  • DaRaginScotsman

    That would be great. I’ve been replaying the 2008 one lately (one of my all time favorite games) and I’d definitely be up for another.

    • doc

      I think the 2008 was really quite boring. Didn’t like the j-rpg-esque style, too repetetive and no story to speak of. Ubisoft has developed an annoying design philosophy of saturating their games with simplistic, generic tasks with tiny rewards. Almost feels like playing on a one armed bandit.

  • PatrickBateman

    ive been playing PoP since the early 90s. its prolly the first game I ever played. ill never get tired of them as long as they bring new elements to the table each time. ever reboot bring totally new elements.

  • cheeseburger

    i hope a new one comes out i really want to play the good old prince of persia again pleese pleese make a new one

  • vijay

    i have played all version of prince of persia . and now i m waiting for coming new version. i love pop game .so plz launch new version soon.

  • TJ

    I want ubisoft to continue the story of prince of Persia : the Two thrownes or Prince of Persia: Journey begins in there next game.

  • TJ

    There two games story is exciting enough to make the new sequel a big hit in the games world. I am probably waiting for them

  • A.K

    I am really waiting for pince of persia coming soon plz releaze new versin i like prince of persia it is better than assassin creed

  • subir das

    I think ubisoft u can lanch new game… prince of persia retrns… the battle of the rises king…

  • subir das

    I wnt to play new prince of persia games… its awesm u designd… bt this time its should be more realestic graphic n more thriling exprience… i got so pls make a new 1