‘Pokemon X’ and ‘Pokemon Y’ Revealed

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Nintendo has finally pulled the curtain off of the big Pokemon announcement that it has been teasing since last week, and it’s as substantial as many fans have been hoping for. 3DS owners can now expect the first pair of games to land on their handheld later this year in the form of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. These titles will kick off the sixth generation of core Pokemon adventure games, and they’ll be ditching the all too familiar 2D sprites in favour of fully 3D characters, areas, and creatures.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are the first ever installments in the immensely popular franchise to abandon the use of a color in the title, opting instead to utilize letters from the alphabet. To accompany the new method of naming games, there will also be several never before seen creatures inhabiting the new world that this sixth generation takes place in. Five (including the classic fire, water, and grass starters) have been revealed thus far, and they’ll likely be met with scrutiny by fans in the same fashion that all new Pokemon traditionally are.

Gamers can look forward to choosing from the grass-type Chespin, the fire-type Fennekin, or the water-type Froakie when they boot up their copies for the first time. Meanwhile, after glancing at the two new legendary monsters (both of which are currently without a name), it becomes obvious that each creature is shaped after the letter featured prominently at the end of each title.

While the legendaries don’t look all that intimidating, the debut trailer for Pokemon X and Y certainly does a great job highlighting the new 3D battles that can be found in the games; something that players have desired for a long time. Even the unnamed world on display during the footage helps paint the picture that this is a very different adventure than what followers of the franchise have grown accustomed to.

Another first for the series that’ll be occurring with Pokemon X and Y is that the games are scheduled to launch around the world this October. Pokemon fans across the globe have grown to expect Pocket Monster titles to be available in Japan for several months before making their way overseas, but now trainers all over the world can jump right into the action at roughly the same time.

Stay tuned to Game Rant to catch more details on the newly announced Pokemon X and Pokemon Y as soon as they’re revealed.

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  • pokaman veteran

    pokemon stopped being fun for me after gen 4. unless they add something new to the combat system, this is not worth my time.

    why not add new status effects?
    customizable passive abilities?(abilities are limited)
    new battle items?

    its been 5 generations and still only able to have 4 moves? why not have 6-8 moves but allow the player to have a pool of power points that you can spend to make certain moves stronger. like putting points into poison sting enhances damage, poison chance %, or poison DoT?

    i would like to see an expanded combat system that added more depth to the game.

    • CaptainObvious

      You do realize that this is Pokemon, and not Magic the Gathering, right?
      Pokemon was never one for doing things in a sensible, typical fashion according to what regular rpgs (and even other monster trainers) do. More than 4 moves would make everything in the game totally broken, and an expense of power points would make teaching your pokemon certain moves a moot point.
      While personally, I would love to have another game like pokepark where the combat is live instead of turn-based, they made something pretty frikking awesome here! The animations have outdone every 3D console game that they’ve released so far!
      News on any updated battle mechanics will come in time. You might be surprisingly pleased with what they released, you never know :3

      • venomjamaica

        I soooooooooooo one million percent agree with you.

      • http://nubiankt.wordpress.com/ LIZA

        I’m so tired of this excuse for the sake of “balance”. If people gave any fraction about balance, people would not play Marvel vs Capcom 2 for years on end. Pokemon is the furthest thing from balanced and limiting people to 4 moves per Pokemon is a pointless gesture of ensuring “balance”. It’s more than likely to be due to memory issues than a general dislike of giving people more options (though that could be the case seeing as Nintendo developers outside of Sakurai hate the idea of giving the players more options besides petty formula’s because they’re too lazy or more concerned about having players play games the “correct” way). Giving your Pokemon more moves beyond 4 opens up a wider field of options for attacking, defending, or whatever. It won’t hurt the games at all to make them feel fresh. That’s what GF hyped up about BW and failed to live up to that hype. Oh and if history was anything to go by, they more than likely won’t improve anything beyond some minor fixes (like physical/special split). It’s literally turned into Guilty Gear at this point.

        Also, better 3D animation than their console games? I hope that’s hyperbole due to rabid fanaticism rather than actual evidence. The 3D animation is cheap and more reminiscent of low budget Anime CG shows like SD gundam.

  • Anonymous

    I’m naming Fenneki Mozilla.

    Called it.

    • Erik

      AH!!!!! XD
      Thats genius! I hope you dont mind if i borrow that idea.

    • Bob

      I see what you did there

  • swoop1234

    October 2013? Jeeze talk about one hell of wait. This pokemon looks like craziness compared to the games that I used to play when I was a kid. It would suck to be a 10 year old, see this video, and then have to wait until next christmas to get it. lmao.

  • Arametzu

    I like what they’re trying to do. The 3D battling and graphics should spice things up. but i’m afraid that it might not be enough. It seems like they’re running out of good new pokemon to add, i mean in my opinion, the ones added in Black and White were rubbish. I also agree with pokemon veteran, that the whole battle system could use some updates. Will i get it? probably, but if this ones a dissapointment, i’m not sure i’ll be completely suprised

    • Cod is a Fish

      You know what?
      I’m freaking sick of hearing that.

      Tell me the originality in Voltorb? Chansey? Chikorita?

      Every single generation has its share of dumb looking rejects.

      Oh it’s an ice cream cone so un-original waaaah! So explain to me how the frig Dugtrio (three digletts put together!) is so much more original?

      What’s that? Spearow looks like a Sparrow?! WOW SO ******** ORIGINAL.

      Oh look, Seel and Dewgong they look so original. They don’t look like seals at all. Originality!

  • jack b

    I am kind of looking forward to this on 3ds. I don’t have that many 3ds games.

  • pokaman veteran

    i would’nt be suprised if the game sold poorly due to it being the first pokemon game on the 3DS. i admit the 3D aspect of the game will be refreshing, and the game might even be good, but alot of people dont have the 3DS(like me) and not even a new pokemon game can justify buying one( like me). although im sure there is going to be tons of people who buy a 3ds just for x/y version. just like people who bought xbox360 just for halo and people who bought nintendo wii for super smash brothers. that’s exactly what handhelds needed, reputable exclusives. so i see why its good from a buisness standpoint.

    • Choller1

      Not many people have the 3DS? Nearly 30 million units have been sold already worldwide, and with another 10 months before its release + sales for when it does release that number should rise significantly. It would be shocking if this game does sell poorly.

      • Valithin

        Many people prefer the older versions of the ds. The 3ds’s 3d also from what ive heard can cause eye problems and gives bad headaches. Never used it myself though.

        • Ana

          While I’ve also heard this is true, the level of 3D on the 3DS is available to turn down, or completely off. Eliminating it entirely. Personally, that is the only reason I would consider buying it since the 3D makes me feel nauseous.

  • Random

    I have a name for the 2 legendary Pokemons, The X: Farlex or Xarluox.
    The Y: Yandeer or Lanerdor 😐 They are not really good names…but yea

  • Random

    And I wish this new Pokemon Games, can also be on NDS :(

  • Random

    I havn’t even choose a fire type, so, The 1st gen I choose Bulbasaur, the 2nd gen I choose Chikorita, the 3rd gen I choose Mudkip, The 4th gen I choose Piplup, the 5th gen I choose Snivy, so now I’m getting the fire type :L The fire-type fox looks so cute, and I wanna see it’s evolution stats and it’s name, I think it’s evolution will also be cute!

    • http://lunaratheara.deviantart.com/ LunaratheAra

      For the first gen, I chose Charmander, for the second I chose Cyndaquil, third I chose Mudkip, the fourth I chose Piplup, the fifth I chose Snivy, and I’m gonna choose Fennekin for X! :3

  • Random

    Though the real legendary names are Xerneas and Yveltal

  • Valithin

    They are running out of ideas it feels like, the newer pokemon just seem like they are getting less and less appealing, i mean the pokemon themselves dont look good anymore. They should release a game where people can go to all the regions from the first three gens and some new areas like some islands to find rare pokemon etc…

    • Shamose

      what a novel observation. Nobody has ever said anything like this before

  • Rickkk

    Fennekin= fire fox…. VULPIX
    Froakie= blue frog…. TOXICROAK
    Chespin= Don’t have a single clue what that thing is.
    I like the visual art aspect of the 6th gen but if they keep taking these type of uncreative approach to making new pokemons, their not gonna be as successful as they hope to be.

    • Kholdstare89

      I really, really doubt it’ll matter. We all have to remember that we’re not even close to the target demographic of these games. The target group is kids who will be playing Pokemon for the first (maybe the second) time. They probably won’t notice or care at all that some Pokemon are similar to others. As for creativity, they’ve always been hit or miss. Remember Exeggcute and Voltorb?

      • Rickkk

        True trueee… but Game Freak still has to think about dedicated fans who’ve been faithful with the series.

        • Kholdstare89

          I would argue that they have. Black and White 2 were essentially a love letter to the competitive community, given how it streamlined EV training, provided a TON of new move tutors, and made a lot of old favorites great again. It’s a wonderful time to be a Pokemon fan. :)

          • Shamose

            took the words out of my mouth mate 😀

    • Random

      Oh Chespin, it looks like a grass mole 😐

      • Kholdstare89

        I think, given the name, it’s supposed to be a porcupine. Ches (Chestnut) pin (as in pins or pine at the end of porcupine). That means the evolutions should look pretty rad. :)

  • ATG

    Wow, I want a 3ds now.

  • Random

    Plz Tell me the names for the new 2 trainers, the boy and girl

    • Kholdstare89

      I don’t think they’ve announced them yet. Those usually come a month or two after the games are announced, but it’s possible we could find out soon.

    • boogoo

      It’d be cool if we could customize our trainer for a change.

  • http://nubiankt.wordpress.com/ LIZA

    I’m always amazed at how quickly people will remind others of just how awful a few pokemon were in the first few generations as if that changes the fact the new pokemon still look dreadful in comparison. Voltorb is far cooler compared to Fenniken or whatever it’s name is.

    Not to mention that making a pokemon look like a pokeball to fool you into thinking it’s an item or a normal pokeball is much more clever than half the crap they’ve been making now.

    But yes, every generation has a fair share of awful looking pokemon. Including Gen 6. As such, we can still complain because all we’ve been shown thus far were awful looking pokemon!

  • http://lunaratheara.deviantart.com/ LunaratheAra

    I am disappointed with the overall change to 3D. They should also make a version of X and Y with pixeled sprites instead of 3D. It just doesn’t seem the same in 3D.

  • Omar