Mewtwo Strikes Back in ‘Pokemon X’ and ‘Y’

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Throughout the years, there’s been no shortage of legendary Pokemon to keep trainers mystified and preoccupied with the burning desire to catch ’em all. Even the new pair of legendary beasts that are set to debut in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, Yvetal and Xerneas, have a certain allure about them, but it’s hard for any of the more recent monsters to rival the likes of the original mythical Pokemon, Mewtwo.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that longtime fans of Pokemon have a soft spot in their heart for Mewtwo, and its evident Game Freak still isn’t ready to let the rogue Team Rocket experiment go quite yet. That much became apparent when the company announced that a “new” Pokemon that allegedly shares something in common with the infamous Legendary will appear in the next set of games.

The new critter was unveiled during the latest episode of Pokemon Smash in Japan, and is scheduled to debut in the upcoming animated feature film Extreme Speed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens. Of course, it’ll eventually make its in-game debut later this October in Pokemon X and Y, but its reveal is still shrouded in mystery.

Pokemon X Y Mewtwo Form Screenshots

According to the official press release, it sounds like the Mewtwo… two (Mewthree?) is an entirely new creature, but other reports claim that it’s simply a new form for the preexisting pocket monster. Unless Team Rocket figured it would take another crack at cloning Mew, it’s a safe bet that this will simply be another version of the creature — although that’s not official yet.

Adding new forms to legendary Pokemon isn’t exactly a new thing for the series, and some won’t think too highly of adding one to a Pokemon as popular as Mewtwo, but it’s nice to see that the character is being revisited. It’s also a promising sign that Mewtwo may make his triumphant return in the next Super Smash Bros. game given his apparent rise to relevancy. Just some food for thought.

Do you think this is a new form for Mewtwo or a new genetic experiment?

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  • Kholdstare89

    If I recall correctly, in the game canon, Team Rocket had nothing to do with the creation of Mewtwo, but I could be wrong. Either way, I actually like this design after seeing the full thing.

    • marcutio

      I remembe, that mewtwo was an experiment of scientists and the the team rocket proposed it to join to improve its power and rule over the world

    • Moeru

      In the game canon, the scientist in the Pokémon Mansion somehow get a New pregnant and experiment on the baby resulting in Mewtwo.

      The funds came from the Team Rocket but everything was keep in secret in the Mansion From July to September of the same year. No one know what really happened here even Giovanni, since Mewtwo escaped killing almost everybody. that’s why the story is so shadowy.

  • FatJesus

    Mewthree be looking fly like a G6!

  • marcutio

    I suppose, just suppose, that it is a new genetic project, as well as mewtwo and genesect, or, why not a genetic link between those two.

  • PokeFanSinceRed

    This is a completely new pokemon, and has been recently discovered (according to the official Pokemon X and Y site). It says that this pokemon bears a RESEMBLANCE to Mewtwo, not that it is a new forme of it. It might be the evolution of Mew (as it is a real pokemon and not artificially created like Mewtwo) or just a completely new species. All I know is that it looks cool and I can’t wait to catch it.

  • LunoYoryiki

    ….its toes look like eggplants…. (o.o )

  • COREY_1993

    mew to is turning into mew.

  • Pootis

    I must turn my back on pokemon, what they’ve done is unacceptable. If this is the new Mew Two or a different form, I swear to god I’ll go on a f***ing rampage.

  • Poncho

    I hope Giovanni and Team Rocket are back in these games. Team Rocket were my favorite bad guys in the game.

  • Maxter

    First impression: it looks like Majin Buu of Dragonball Z.

  • Jacky

    I think this isn’t a devolution or an evolution of Mewtwo OR another experiment. I think this could be the evolution of the original Mew. This is what Mewtwo WOULD look like had his DNA not have been cloned by Team Rocket.

  • Burt

    Probably Mewtwo’s artificial brother! I hope is not a new form of Mewtwo I hope is an experiment!

  • Pheonix

    It looks to be the evolution of mew which would make sense since mewtwo was said to be fully evolved. the slight differences was because mewtwo was genetically altered therefore not quite the same as mew. Of course i’m sure game freak didn’t think of that and it’s some lame pokefreak experiment.

  • cody

    Well mewtwo was a mix of mew and human dna but this looks full pokemon.

  • Warevampire66692

    Well considering the last two games dealt with Kyrem “fusing” with Zekrom and or Reshiam because they were originally “one” pokemon it’s possible to assume that being Mewtwo was made with Mew’s Dna we might be looking at Mewthree a fusion of the two. Which would be better than just plain old Mew evolving and beats having Mewtwo evolving into that cute looking thing that is a far fetched concept from the bada**ness of what is Mewtwo.

  • boba

    WARGREYMON????? I WANT WARGREYMON, OR OR OR, AGUMON! Wait thats digimon isnt it? ah f*** it Put Wargreymon in it anyway!

  • St@rfoxx

    Looks to me to be the true evolution of MEW.

  • Rin

    With Phione, we have had a legendary breed. Perhaps this is the result of sticking Mewtwo and Mew in the darecare and producing an egg… though, if Mewtwo is a clone of Mew, that would sort of make Mew like Mewtwo’s parent and…eh… On second thought, I don’t know that I want my Pokemon games become quite so Oedipus Rex on me.

  • White Fox

    I saw on (a very legit site) that the Japanese name for this is “Éclair Form Mewtwo”
    So either they are adding it so that Mewtwo becomes this fan made “Light type” or is a French dissert.
    Wording from Serebii however stats that the guy who runs it thinks this is all just mistranslation and is going to be the fan made “Mewthree”
    I personally feel that changing an already great Pokémon in any way would ruin it, unless this makes him more like Mew (Such as the “secret” ability to learn any HM or TM)

    • White Fox

      Also mind-blowing, if this is an alteration to make Mewtwo better but is a different Pokémon and also is based on Magin Buu it would be called Mew-Z, which coincidentally fits the X/Y/Z fan theory.

  • liverlad

    It’s just mewtwo with a tail on his head instead of between his legs.