Hacker Discovers 3 Mysterious Pokemon in ‘Pokemon X’ & ‘Y’

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Three Mysterious Pokemon X and Y Pokemon Appear

Gotta Catch ‘Em All. Fans of the long running and extremely Pokémon franchise know the phrase all too well. However, in the latest iteration of Pokémon, Pokémon X and Y, it appears that catching them all will require a vigilant gamer…or a skilled hacker.

That’s because there are three Pokémon hidden with Pokémon X and Y‘s code that have not been acknowledged by either Nintendo, Game Freak, or The Pokémon Company. They were only discovered once a skilled hacker dug a little deep into the 3DS (and 2DS) exclusive’s code.

The hacker in question, Smealum, has provided quick looks at the new Pokémon – Diancie, Volcanion, and Hoopa – which appear in that order below. Moreover, Smealum has revealed the mega evolution for the dragon-type Pokémon Latios and Latias, which can be seen in the second image. As far as details, we don’t know much about these three event, or legendary, Pokémon, aside from the fact that, as Smealum explained, Diancie is a Jewel-type.

So, what are these three Pokémon and why hasn’t Game Freak shown them to us before? Well, the most likely reason is that Volcanion, Diancie, and Hoopa are “event Pokémon,” meaning they will only be available for download during a short window or after the player has fulfilled specific requirements. Releasing event Pokémon has become a fairly common practice for the Pokémon franchise, and typically players find themselves with some powerful Pokémon.

Smealum has been able to bypass the event and has all three Pokémon unlocked already, but he or she will not provide their hack online. Players that want any of the three Pokémon will have to wait until Nintendo officially unleashes them on the public.

Pokémon, for a lot of gamers, is an experience-driven game, on many levels. The franchise always posts big numbers in the NPDs, and typically helps Nintendo push more than their fair share of console units. It’s for that very reason – the overwhelming Pokémon fan base – that the save file bug in Lumiose City was such a big issue.

Of course, we’ll keep you posted when Nintendo announces a release event for these three Pokémon, or the stipulations by which players can unlock them. For now, just keep working on catching almost all of them.

What do you think of the three presumed event Pokémon? Which one are you the most intrigued by?


Source: Kotaku


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  1. there was a picture of mew from that reddit post. you missed the most important one! also your’re missing the fairy type arceus

  2. I personaly don’t think that theres a “jewel” type….fairy type is b.s enough. and why do latios’ and latias’s mega evolutions look the same? I smell fraud X)

    • Latias and Latios mixed together?

      • I remember hearing that Latios and Latias could have an egg after so long (many years, from what I heard). Maybe, instead of a Mega Evolution, it is a new child for Latios and Latias?

    • It’s a purple colour. Red + Blue = purple, so I think that’s what they did.

    • I think they meant jewel type as in what the pokémon is referred to as in the Pokédex (like how Onix is the Rock Snake type pokémon), not a type as in the move type.

    • I do not believe it a fraud, it may have been a perspective thing but the “mega latios” has twin spikes on the back of its wings while the “mega latias” has no spikes and a more square design to the wing. Also Volcanion interests me most

  3. These are obviously “Event Pokemon” similar to when Meloetta, Keldeo and Genesect were already ‘discovered’ in game when Black and White were released.

    It would be great if Volcanion is the rival to the Muskedeer trio… (Coballion, Virizion and that last one I forgot), and it is rumored his typing is Water Fire. Now how is that possible haha

    • Well ever heard of a Steam Engine? Uses fire to boil water to produce energy and Volcanion looks like an engine.

      • I assume that the “ion” in Volcanion’s name would indicate that it is not Water/Fire, but in fact typed as Fire/Electric.
        This could be it. The fire/electric type.

    • Maybe Diancie is linked to the Anistar city sundial though, look at them both, the crystals look the same and someone in the pokecenter says maybe it was created by a legendary pokemon.

  4. Possible Pokemon Z exclusive Pokemon?

  5. I am slightly upset when things like this always have “hackers” behind it. I work hard for my pokemon and love the surprises. Almost as bad when back in the day kids used Game shark for everything :/ makes us fanatics look pathetic.

  6. Are we all ignoring the fact that there is a Pokeball design for Vivillon?

  7. I feel like dinacle should have been the evolution to carbink. I mean c’mon! Both of them have a Jewel-y look to them. I think that when the hacker said “Jewel type” they meant that that was its classification (like how Pikachu is the “mouse pokemon”). Gamefreak probably just left out dinacle because carbink’s stats are already good enough (have you seen its defense and special defense stats?). They already left out pokemon sprites being able to follow you around in B&W at the last second, so it was still in the game’s code. The same thing might have happened with dinacle. Also, I know that Vivillon’s appearance changes based on which country it was caught in (which country your 3DS or 2DS is set to). As for the others, I have no clue. Maybe they are upcoming event Pokemon! :)

      1- Carbink stats are only good defensive wise. Everything else about it sucks.
      2- Why would Game Freak leave a fully functional Pokemon instead of just removing it?
      3- If it was really because Carbink’s stats are good enough then why not make it a separate Pokemon.
      4- Just because Pokemon look alike it doesn’t mean they are related. Case and point Lovedisc and Alomomola.
      5- If it was it’s evolution they could change the stats. It wouldn’t be the first time a Pokemon gets a lower defense after it evolves.
      6- Explain Shaymin, Arceus, Meloeta, Keldeo, and Genosect.

      • Why did Nintendo leave missingno. in Pokemon red & blue?

  8. In my last post, dinacle should be diancie (sorry, I’m not good with names)

  9. Hackers are at it once again

  10. Oh please. If you didn’t want to ruin this so called surprise. Why click here? I find this to further stimulate my anticipation. I don’t blame this hacker. He got me psyched up if there really is these event pokemon. If you didn’t want to know about it don’t even click here. This also may not be true so quit your whining guys.

  11. I hope to catch diancie because it looks a lot like diantha and if it really is a jewel type that will be even more exciting. Then again people online are saying that it is a rock and fairy, hoopa is a ghost and psychic, and volcanion is a fire and water. I can’t wait to see and get diancie!

  12. I think diancie is just a evolution of carbink, hoopa is a pokemon that will be just like the mew of this generation and I am really exited about volcanion as Its a water fire type.

  13. In the picture is that the floette that AZ has and does any body know about the pokeball pattern vivillon has???????

  14. Hey i want to know if when you get pokemon (Y) do you really get charmander as a starter , plz contact me when you get a chance

    • You get to choose one of the Kanto starters soon after choosing from the regular starters.

    • You get it at Lumiose city sycamore gives one of the starters

    • You get it at Lumiose city sycamore gives one of the starters.

    • You get them at Lumiose city by professor Sycamore

  15. whoah!!That volcanion guy is awesome!!!Just the right pokemon for me!I cant wait for him to come out.

  16. People seem to think that the 3 new pokemon are the legendary trio, but seriously look back at the other games. All the legendary trios have a consistent “look”. Just look at Mespirit, Uxie and Azelf they look very similar then look at the legendary bird and dogs they all look the same! In my opinion I think they might be legendary but not the legendary trio, but if they are I’ll be kinda dissapointed.

    • I hope that they are awesome, but not a trio. Also I think that an event unlocks Carbinks evolution, or maybe a new update.

  17. I named my charzard vilcanio. Cuz of my old charzard I had in pokemon blue. Yep I’m old school player.

  18. Thanks smealum for ruining the game for some player. I hope you are banned from Pokemon you coward.

    • No one held a gun to your head and forced you to look at this article. You didn’t have to click the link and read about this. Don’t blame the hacker, blame yourself for making the decision to be on this webpage.

  19. You can’t ban someone who is a hacker…just…duh! But this makes me anticipate the catch because let’s face it…post game is so boring

  20. How to get Mystery code?

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